Funny Judge Judy ending

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Selina Perie : Lol the last guy was done with life

Belleamaro : Did he just say "They're straight, we hate em?" 😂😂😂

Nick Fassl : This was a fake episode. I read the whole thing about them planning it

EunHae Mochi : "He's not a bad friend... usually" LOL

Schiavoni85 : Euthanize this group immediately!! Thank you judge

THE Z GOOZER : How do these people know that this case is fake

cajayson8301 : "I feel like my whole life is ridiculous" JJ one liner ever

TheGoldenoreos : Gregg rules ok

TigressRebug : Might be fake, But funny as hell.

David Keller : I wanna know what kind of drugs they are on. Lmao

SECRETSOFWAR9 : what episode is this?

Corrible Hunt : I'm torn between finding the full episode, or ending it all right now

Disconn3cted : "they're straight, we hate em" okay, I don't care whether they are faking this or not. That was an epic one liner.

Xavier Rose : This complaint was fake, and a waste of time and money. It's also a crime, hope they got time for wasting the courts time.

mike856ms : Wait......these people get to vote. Scary

xUzi786 : LOOOL

TheNoisePolluter : I feel like I'm gonna need a couple aspirin from trying to figure out what I just heard.

networkguy : I'd smash Kate real good.

Mana Amin : n April 2013, former litigants from a 2010 airing of the show revealed they conspired together in fabricating a lawsuit in which the logical outcome would be to grant payment to the plaintiff. The operation, devised by musicians Kate Levitt and Jonathan Coward, was successful: Sheindlin awarded the plaintiff (Levitt) $1,000. The litigants involved also walked away with an appearance fee of $250 each and an all expense paid vacation to Hollywood, California. In reality, all the litigants in question—plaintiffs and defendants alike—were friends who split the earnings up among each other. It was also reported that the show's producers were in on the sham and knew of the contrivance all along but went along with it. The lawsuit was over the fictitious death of a cat as a result of a television crushing it.[65][66]

Female Dude : he said it was a MERCY KILLING Hahahaha idiot admitted it

Goatvarro : holy douchebags

Mario1611 : They're straight we hate them?! Wow. Imagine if someone said "They're gay we hate them" on TV....

aprimitivesoul : How is this funny?

Abena Walker : They admitted it was fake. Planned the whole thing.

Home Town Honey : This is WHY I never did drugs!!!

TreyParkersBitch : Ok mama

Pierre Marais : hilarious

Dan Richards : This looks fake 😄


AnnoyedCatEmoji : lmaoo

TheKnuckle44 : God damn the way she bites her lip

SyriaInMyHeart : damn that chick is cute af

Nikki Thompson : lmao they was a mess

Elizabeth Lambert : Wtf

mel vaughn : Ok, him being an artist has literally no bearing on what kind of moral fiber the guy has. I'm an artist and I've never acted like any of the weirdos in that segment.

Tina Tova : Hoax case! Judy is fake too! Nothing legal about this show!

Tina Tova : Nothing more than an arbitration. *To the guy who removed his comment on this show being real and legal* Nope!

Maurice X. Taalman : Judge Judy only decides cases outside...

O Bee Z : It's really ridiculous obviously :)

A Lost Cause 3621 : No. That guy or Jacksepticeye cannot be his voice.

Keia Love-Black : This is fake... the guy admitted it years later that they were all in on it just to get money. They’re all sick to think this was funny tho.

James mincham : Haha LOL, I thought they where my best friends obviously not.

A P : these people actually faked their case to get on tv. the producers admitted they duped them.

desi noel : they scammed JJ. II would be funny if it was a true tho

Mike Hentges : Millinialls gota love em! God help our country!