Tiny Kitten is Angry

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Comments from Youtube

xKarma _ : “If you’re not going to feed me then you leave me no other choice.” *bites fingers*

Content Aware Scale : I am a simple man I see kitten I click video Kitten meows I like video

SorrowCat : He protecc He attacc He meow bacc... But also, He want a snacc

Amethyst : *Kitten:* "Mew!" Hear me ROAR pathetic humon! *Human:* "Awwwwwwww! Too Cute!" 😻

xxwolfpackforlovexx : :0 Tiny pawsss with tiny clawssss Tiny eaaarssss Tiny taaaaiiiil Tiny bodyyyy BIG eyes :00000

William Baker : Played this on my bluetooth speaker and my cat ran around the house growing meowing trying to find the kitten.

Undercover werewolf : Those tiny lil squeaks are melting my heart😿

Blue Hedgehog gamer 1234 : This kitten grew up to become Lord Beerus

DJ Stark : Translated: Hooman, I’ve already taken my nap, now I’m hungry, feed me!

Juantote uwu : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He cute as facc

Don't look at my profile picture as it's very ugly : YOU LIAR, THIS KITTY TOO CUTE TO BE ANGRY!!! Lol.

Alison Clifford : That’s not an angry kitten, it’s begging for affection.

NuvMonkey : I just see a tiny kitten being cute... I don't mind the clickbait tho 😆

Zachary Wilson : This is the kind of quality content I come onto YouTube to see.

niggette : He protec He attac But most importantly Baby need *snacc*

707 uWu : Top ten anime battles

Nala Saiyan : Kitten: Human slave you will obey me. Fear me!!!

Anonymous 0057 : That's not anger, he just wants to play

Crystal Roderick : How can anyone add rude comments about such an adorable kitty?

Lara : **INHALES** 'squeak'

redemption101caleb : “I am not cute, I am the night!”

Inky Daisy : It's too adorable, I can't! I'm crying with joy!🥰🥰

Jasper Cremers : And this is why kittens arw cuter then puppies YEAH I SAID IT COME AT MEH


BraydoBoss : My favorite fight scene in Black Panther

Catloverandemojilover!! : Me when my mom says “no we’re not getting McDonalds today”

Dead Caliph : This kitten can dismantle the Roman Empire in half

andruto : The kitten thinks he's/she's fighting the ultimate boss

ToodyProCafé : Hooman,you shall die here

read more : *If that's what it looks like when its angry, i would fear it when its happy.*

Chris Swifte : Top ten most dangerous creatures when angered

Dante's Disco Inferno : Oh dear, he's so ferocious. I'm quaking in my bed watching this rn.

Cupid's Arrow : God, I just want one to stay like that forever :')

TheEeyoraus : I do "Lovethycat" (pun intended) Because they're are so freaking cute! 😻

Animation DramaNation : This is fake it's obvious the kitten was a paid actor.

gem stone the Griffen : Human: awwww so cute Cat: feed meh!!!! Edit: my heart is melting of cuteness

: ÜBER : : "Meow" -Kitten

Dr taco 019 : I wonder if this kitten is from the angry British guy on Xbox

NytemareQueen : I see from the fading scratches on your hand you've been doing this for a while :)

Mya Rose : “I will slaughter your family, human.” Human: “Aweee! It’s so cute when it’s all riled up!”

Riki The Heropon : Something this cute should be illegal.

T-Series Is Gay : Blue eyed black cats are the second best behind my green eyed cat.

Crystal the wolf : I always love that one stage in a puppies' or kittens' life where they have derpy eyes XD it's just adding more cuteness to the cuteness factor!!!!

Kevin McDougall : Tiny kitten is probably *hungry...*

sophie QWQ : Owner: ~Gives cat attention~ Cat: .... Owner: stops petting cat for split second Cat: *SQUEHHH*


Sailor Frost : R.I.P. Sailor Frost Died of cuteness while watching a Tsundere kitten

Witt Wittwer : The tiny kitten is not angry; it merely wants attention.

Spicy Cat : He’s like a spoilt demanding Disney villain.