Boom is bringing back commercial supersonic flight

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Commercial travelers haven't had a supersonic option since the Concorde stopped flying in 2003, ending 3.5 hour trips from New York to Paris. Boom thinks it can make supersonic passenger jet flight cost-effective for any airliner, across more routes. Read more: TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. Subscribe to TechCrunch today:

Comments from Youtube

Anas Takiyudin : 1:45 "Synthetic Vision" fancy word for camera & LCD display

Mark Jennings : Not sure about the name BOOM!! LOL

Xenormous : Nice but terrible name choice for a plane x)

Marquis Charlemagne : "boom"? why are names getting overly simplified? where have the elegant names of premium services like concorde gone? :D

Gavin Li1117 : 4:21 isn't that the TU-144 NOT the Concorde?

Marvincent Acuña : They showed a Tu-144 landing after the Concorde landing.

MrSkyl1ne : talking about Concorde and showing images of the Tupolev.... amateurs

Martin Lovasz : A great name for the company would be... CRASH: Concorde Replacement Aircraft Super Homage

KEEPMOVN : i smell terorrist jokes

Rowan Gontier : Ambitious and inspiring. Wonder why there haven't been more attempts.

Clifford Proctor : Great  idea but the biggest challenge is going to be the carrying of luggage, Hand luggage only? the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle with  fuel, and equipment is going to be interesting. But great job and wish this project the very best.

Jayden Jones : I can't wait for this thing

NICHOLAS LANDOLINA : The reason it ran overseas from US to the UK is because people in the US didnt want supersonic booms over top of their housr

MS_ B : Is a good effort and I sincerely hope they succeed but naming it BOOM sound like a kid's toy.

Sacto1654 : I think what they're trying to build is essentially taking advantage of the latest knowledge in engine technology and aerodynamic design. During the 1990's, studies with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using supercomputers showed that by carefully shaping the entire plane, you can mitigate the pressure wave buildup at supersonic speeds that causes the sonic boom in the first place. It may be now possible to fly at Mach 1.6 at 57,000 to 60,000 feet altitude with a sonic boom so low that it would be quieter than the rumble of a passing train at 1.5 km away, which may open the possibility of overland supersonic flights. Secondly, engine technology for supersonic flight have tremendously advanced since the 1960's Olympus 593 used on the Concorde. Using variable-cycle engines and engine technology developed originally for today's high-bypass modern jet engines, we can have a engine that in one mode will be as quiet as a high-bypass engine on takeoff and cycle to a different mode for supersonic flight with far more fuel efficiency than the Olympus 593. Note that I mentioned Mach 1.6. I believe a future supersonic civilian jet will be limited to Mach 1.6 top speed, for a number of reasons. First, it would allow the new jet engines to run with very little amount of reheat (afterburner) mode, which substantially cuts fuel consumption and engine noise, which mean allow transoceanic flights as far as Los Angeles to Beijing even with the majority of the flight at supersonic speeds. Secondly, structural heating would be far lower than on the Concorde, which means less need for expensive titanium and/or stainless structural parts and more use of composite materials, which would substantially cut the structural weight of the plane, also cutting fuel consumption. Finally, with only Mach 1.6 top speed, even with the carefully-shaped airplane design, the pressure wave buildup will be substantially lower than on the Concorde flying at Mach 2.0, making it possible to effectively eliminate the dreaded sonic boom.

Burns1993Joe : Concorde was 50 years ahead of you guys so don't slate it!

KAMOME : A long flight is terrible. If this plane makes a 14hrs flight to 7hrs, I'll buy the ticket even if it costs twice as much as conventional one.

Wunder Spieler : when it flies it does boom

ßaron : Still slower than the Concorde... It's insane what these guys were able to do in the 60's.

Ryan Blower : i love how they used the Tupolev Tu-144 and called it the Concorde, these two planes are nothing alike.

StackableGold : I want to fly this in fsx.

Jebediah Kerman : What a beautiful aircraft. Simply astonishing can't wait to see those in the Sky soon. I shall build this in KSP.

badlandskid : Fly it to Brazil and call it Boom Boom Airlines

Sean Place : NY to London. Sub-sonic: $650 , 7 hours Super-sonic: $5,000, 3.5 hours That's still ridiculously expensive. But then again, the first many years of passenger aircraft also had extremely high prices. I hope Boom can pull it off, but I doubt we'll ever see a significant fleet of super-sonic passenger aircraft. They just burn too much fuel and need a lot of maintenance, especially to the paint.

Hdtomo : The sonic aircraft was banned in America AND THE WORLD BANNED IT BECAUSE OF SONIC ENGINES!!!!!!

MFD Dharma : i like how 99.9% of the comments are making fun of the aircraft manufacturers name. *wheezes seductively*

JensJugs : Watch out for Airbus, designing Concorde 2.

Unreal Gaming : They should come up with a better name than BOOM!!!

Reflections Observer : Likely it will still be affordable by small portion of population due to cost.

Jayyy Jay : i wouldn't sit in or on anything thats called Boom 😎

adamklam1 : "we have amazing innovations in technology that allows us to use synthetic vision"--- you mean u put a camera on the bottom... right?

Fermain Jackson : a bunch of politicians are gonna be in charge to ruin supersonic flight's project. there's a lot of idiots complaining already about that....

Zach Nehez : Why not use a scramjet!

akm saifullah : I don't know if it is a coincidence but I swear on my sister that I have drawn a same design plane! Like if you belive me!

jkidkiloveu bleh : We just need Elon musk to make one.....

a : engines from a cruise missle - engine werent designed to last more than a few hours

Ghost Reportin' : I think polar, hawaiian, and atlantic flights would be feasible and practical

MOMO : Other than Crash, Boom is literally the last name you want to call an airplane

J Nix : And it's called boom? No thanks 😎

Craig Duncan : Believe it when I see it in the air carrying passengers. Everyone (as in top governments) all attempted to do what later transpired to be only achieved by Britain & France. Not an easy task. USSR ultimately failed. US failed also. I believe several private companies also tried. Only Concorde flew- I rest my case.

J : Stands in same place as infamous Hyperloop. Allota hype for nuthin

Chand 9999 : good job... waiting... Mey God bless you...

Razor ejice : Such a bad name for the company... **insert terrorist/911 joke here**

Caleb W.J : $5000, wow, and I thought 2000 was expensive.

Mahesa Suwongso : 4:27 XD better engines,better airframe,better material Me:what about better expensive material and better pilot. LOL XD

bnelson313 : I look forward to the next generation of supersonic air travel.

Benny Heflinger : Will these new S/S/T's fit within the noise and sonic air pressure regulations put forward by William Shurcliff and his boys back in the 1950s ?

john bolton : left out the word SONIC in the company name......HAHAHAHAHAAA

Andrew Wells : I really wish them all success.