How To Not Drive Your Car

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Angela Mitchel : 3:46 WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT BUS

Jerome Productions : 4:01 Um.

Subscribe Official : gf: hey baby come here bus driver: i'm at work gf: i'm home alone :( 3:46

SigmaTV : 12:24 I don't speak Russian, but I am sure he said "He is dead"

Rebecca Michaelson : 🤦 It's so depressing to think we live in a world with people this stupid

Ahmed Elzoghbi : It is sad when you realize that you've watched the last moments in many people's life. Please Drive Safely

Lucius Janovich : 10:27 R.I.P. THAT GUY OR GIRL DIED by that semi thats upsetting reminds me of the film Premonition :'(


U EAT DA PEE PEE : 11:31 this is my favorite one for some reason

Fredrik Nydahl : 3:23 video suddenly turned into "How Not To Be a Horse"

Neo Machine : Folks, there is this thing called peripheral vision. Use it.

Ryan NatoOo0oR : 2:11 me driving a car in gta v XD

Nando VD : 12:24 - That is some serious air

YoutubeHub : 5:27 skills

Jason Roberts : I like to watch this while driving

Class A Living : 2:04 windows XP error?

Lhia Gonzalez : 13:11 ok I understand if you passing by but TO GO BACK INFRONT OF THE CAR! LIKE TF IS WRONG WITH U?!?!!!

WelfareChrist : so many of these looked like they were people driving too fast then spinning out on bald ass tires.

Rick B. : Russians...gotta love 'em...just not behind the wheel....

Jocelyn Ramirez : I like how everyone is talking about 3:45, but I have just as many questions for 4:01

Maarten van Rossem Lezingen : Some of these look kinda lethal.

Jeremy Morris : They should play this in driver's Ed

Chris Robinson : That crash at 4:35 seems like it defied the law of physics, a tiny car causes a BIG truck to flip over!

Jenn K. : Why is there a man just standing in the street staring down cars at 4:00?

Ajv : 13:35 who else realizes that the guy is wearing a mask

Piano Roots Music : 12:24 hoooooly shit

Alec Oram : If it were up to me: 1st offence - license suspension & mandatory driving/safety lessons. commercial drivers (semis, dump trucks, bus/taxi drivers) are immediately banned from driving as a profession. 2nd offence - permanent ban on operating a motor vehicle. no third chance, no buyout If you are a danger to other people, you don't deserve the privilege of driving. Take a bus or walk.

Jiří Vágner : 2:03 Lol that Windows error timing. 2:57 Who put that wire there??? 3:45 I guess that bus was fed up of waiting... WHY DON´T JUST PEOPLE SLOW DOWN AND/OR LOOK BEFORE TURNING?!!??

Sean L : Sooka Blyad! There. All the Russian language you really need to learn.

alfo149 : vehicle magic trick: 3:45 the traffic light is red and at 3:52 it's green! The world is such a beautiful and impatient place.

bmo : 3:22 Horse had the right of way.

Aurang : 13:10 is just funny plain and simple.

Minesonic : 4:50 Right on time for the drop!

robbymanable : 5:15 dude, cop car, literally right there

GAMING GAßĒ YT : 3:47 I think the bus had a mind of its own...

WesleyAPEX : @6:57 why would you even go that fast on such an awful destroyed road?

Kodenn Duska : 6:08 Yo what song is that? Sounds fire🔥

Aeyen The Lobster : GTA in a nutshell

Iustin Mitrasca : 12:24 OMG WTF was that?!?!?!?! That biker is, very probably, dead :(😥😥😥😢😢😢😭😭😭😞😔

Rower86 : 13:11 im sorry but that made my nose a shotgun of snot

Robot Bjorn : @13:03 Did they live??

SMT 1228 : 10:27 if the person survived that that person is a God

klausleitzke1 : Whats the song on 5:11? D: pretty good!!

Ali official : 3:00

Heeeeeeerm : I didn't know Russian before I watched this. Now I C Y K A

Iambic Pentameter : Lesson learned: Never drive in Russia.

Ryanmaster309 : least angry person ever 13:18

Harry Stormer : 2:35 it's hammond's BMW 4 seater convertible

David Robert O'Connor : 12:29 - Shadow truck driving car

Michael S : Most of those were in Russia or in Eastern Europe... horrible drivers.