How To Not Drive Your Car

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Angela Mitchel : 3:46 WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT BUS

OldAgitator : How To Drive in Russia. Step One: Tape gas pedal to floor.

Dylan Cunningham : After this vieeo, I'm not ever driving in a country with a Cyrillic alphabet

SigmaTV : 12:24 I don't speak Russian, but I am sure he said "He is dead"

Subscribe Official : gf: hey baby come here bus driver: i'm at work gf: i'm home alone :( 3:46

Ahmed Elzoghbi : It is sad when you realize that you've watched the last moments in many people's life. Please Drive Safely

Fredrik Nydahl : 3:23 video suddenly turned into "How Not To Be a Horse"

Rebecca Michaelson : 🤦 It's so depressing to think we live in a world with people this stupid


Hadden Wolf : Some say at the crash @ 9:45 the man still had his hand out his window when paramedics arrived

Class A Living : 2:04 windows XP error?

FaZe Jasur : 13:11 is that Kim Jon un

Nando VD : 12:24 - That is some serious air

Jason Roberts : I like to watch this while driving

Lucius Janovich : 10:27 R.I.P. THAT GUY OR GIRL DIED by that semi thats upsetting reminds me of the film Premonition :'(

Neo Machine : Folks, there is this thing called peripheral vision. Use it.

U EAT DA PEE PEE : 11:31 this is my favorite one for some reason

WelfareChrist : so many of these looked like they were people driving too fast then spinning out on bald ass tires.

Alec Oram : If it were up to me: 1st offence - license suspension & mandatory driving/safety lessons. commercial drivers (semis, dump trucks, bus/taxi drivers) are immediately banned from driving as a profession. 2nd offence - permanent ban on operating a motor vehicle. no third chance, no buyout If you are a danger to other people, you don't deserve the privilege of driving. Take a bus or walk.

Lhia Gonzalez : 13:11 ok I understand if you passing by but TO GO BACK INFRONT OF THE CAR! LIKE TF IS WRONG WITH U?!?!!!

Piano Roots Music : 12:24 hoooooly shit

Chris Robinson : That crash at 4:35 seems like it defied the law of physics, a tiny car causes a BIG truck to flip over!

Rick B. : Russians...gotta love 'em...just not behind the wheel....

Sean L : Sooka Blyad! There. All the Russian language you really need to learn.

Jeremy Morris : They should play this in driver's Ed

bmo : 3:22 Horse had the right of way.

PALESTINEGAMER : 2:11 me driving a car in gta v XD

Minesonic : 4:50 Right on time for the drop!

AjvCoolGamer : 13:35 who else realizes that the guy is wearing a mask

alfo149 : vehicle magic trick: 3:45 the traffic light is red and at 3:52 it's green! The world is such a beautiful and impatient place.

Candice Juull : 11:32 that laugh of karma! (OMG thanks for the likes :D)

Michael S : Most of those were in Russia or in Eastern Europe... horrible drivers.

Toby dog : Oh also btw. Now I’m going to go on a “reflecting streak” Hmmm so what should I talk about? Well, at first hm? Yeah, so I guess yesterday was a good wake up call and tbh I feel like it has helped me A LOT. I NEED A LOT more of that. Practice, Practice, Practice. Just exposure therapy and stuff. Trial and Error and etc....... Just all of that haha. Pretty much EXPOSURE THERAPY. Oh and btw (I know that the ONLY person that is truly on my side is the ENTP. ) So do things that benefit me lol, and I’ll entertain you in return for it. Win-Win for all of us. LOL.

Zach Vega : Russia looks like such a shitty and depressing place to live

YoutubeHub : 5:27 skills

Steve Rivera : so the moral of the story is Russians drive like shit?

MaximovInk : Что то больно много славян..

StudiousCrib 277 : 12:23 when bae says she home alone but you just had shots

Harry Stormer : 2:35 it's hammond's BMW 4 seater convertible

Donovan Shroulote Jr : Yeah look twice before u cross works while u drive ladies.and.gentlefish

WesleyAPEX : @6:57 why would you even go that fast on such an awful destroyed road?

Black _kitty Kat : *when the car gets in a crash then you get involved with it* WHY THATS NO FAIR i NOT A IDIOT WHY DO I HAVE TO BE INVOLVED

Nunyo Bisnus : Russia keeps this channel alive

Heeeeeeerm : I didn't know Russian before I watched this. Now I C Y K A

Syrtech : 4:35 damn I felt that one

Iambic Pentameter : Lesson learned: Never drive in Russia.

Gunner : Cars are brutal than us humans

EBugatti13 Builders : Deja vu

Ryanmaster309 : least angry person ever 13:18

Alonso Martinez : Name of the song ? Minute 3:55? Pleasee..... I think,iss electronic genere...