How To Not Drive Your Car

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Angela Mitchel : 3:46 WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT BUS

quantomic1106 : In Soviet Russia, brakes are optional.

Adam Baxter : I'm always surprised at how fast the people on bikes get up right after getting it hard

Jack Jones : 12:22 that guy's dead.. there's no way you could survive that R.I.P

Julian Mierzejewski : What a surprise that almost all of these clips are from Slavic countries

Neo Machine : Folks, there is this thing called peripheral vision. Use it.

Thuglife1wife : Learned 2 things Turns out russians cant drive Turns out russians listen to terrible music

Raezer : 10:25 That's fatal. It has to be a miracle for the guy to get sandwiched like that and not die.

paperbag : 4:47 Nice bass drop lol

kdavis508 : This video needs to be renamed, "14 minutes and 30 secs of reasons to ride public transportation."

Ahmed Elzoghbi : It is sad when you realize that you've watched the last moments in many people's life. Please Drive Safely

Alexander Poirier : I seriously hope nobody was killed at the 10:30 mark when that semi-trailer crushed those two cars. :/

HicalebiH * : “How to not drive your car” *By not driving at all*

samsam farhan : 5:10 where the heck did that car Came from 😱

SirJason49 : am i a bad person if i thought this was funny?

Steve Rivera : so the moral of the story is Russians drive like shit?

vanesca A : Accidents are things that can happen, But come on These people drive like babies They give the wrong people drive license!

CORNY CORNSTAR : I didn't think blind people could drive

CerpinTxt87 : 2:00 "Hey stop careening out of control I'M DRIVING HERE!"

Keziah Chebe : 12:25 OML! >.< where is that idiot speeding to?! he obviously doesn't know how to drive! -____-

Class A Living : 2:04 windows XP error?

Lance Gordon : Meanwhile in russia.....

Revenge120 : Grand Theft Auto VI

Blu Rox22 Js5 : It seems to me that whites are bad drivers not asians

Mr Gasmaster : I know that the U.S. has bad drivers, but the middle east countrys are horrible.

Candice Juull : 11:32 that laugh of karma! (OMG thanks for the likes :D)

Mohammed Naqbi : 3:46 was just, interesting

plaarwnleelrl : 13:26 If more people drove like this guy recording did, there would not be half as many accidents.

Mariano Di Santo : 4:00 very afraid!!!!

Valmer Livesmatter : To the idiots who lose control howwwwwww 4:35 the hulk taking down thanos.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh power

bmo : 3:22 Horse had the right of way.

President ThugLife : Russian drivers are idiots XD

CadeNextGen Mason390 : 5:48 that guy is 110% dead

Dimitrije P. : 10:20, basically saying: no matter how careful u are, there are always dumbasses around you to screw it up

Byruox Urptexy : Why do russians even paint lanes and put traiffic signals on thier roads???.lol..its like the demolition derby out there in putin land

WesleyAPEX : @6:57 why would you even go that fast on such an awful destroyed road?

Lee Birch : I learned that Russian/Eastern European people can't drive

iconic : You came for 4:34

Bordy6014 : 1:37 if that was me then, i would beat up that jerky face...

Gamercat : 13:09 Lol big tubs.

Iambic Pentameter : Lesson learned: Never drive in Russia.

pLANerr TAI : Дебилы соединяются с дебилами... как обычно... один не пропустил, другой вместо Ухода сигналит как баран, ну и аналогичные темы Д+Д = дтп... идиоты ей богу...

J-Legendz : HOW HAS NOBODY SAID SOMETHING ABOUT THE TITLE. ******how NOT TO drive your car. There much better :)


Łasica : Best on YouTube

RemRem : 3:59 I have alot of questions...

Cry Chan : Most of the crashes I saw were the *TOTALY* the person driving the car who got into the reck's fault because they drive perfectly fine then just start going out of control out of *NOWHERE!* I mean.. i understand if they had a heart attack, seizure, stroke, or anything like that but they really looked like they didn't have any of those they were just drunk or It just happened out of nowhere!

Robert Martin : How to drive your car(:

kk : How to get Driving License in Mother Russia 1. Go Shop 2. Buy 2 Bottle of vodka 3. Go Driving School 4 Give them to the teacher 5 You are good to go and drive your car with licence!

patatakap : Do these car accidents just happen everyday or every week in Russia? Good Lord. O_O;