Homo Ludens or: Kojima's Evolution of Mankind (Death Stranding) | Monsters of the Week

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Scix : One thing's for sure: no matter what, if Death Stranding is even remotely successful, it will breed numerous clones by people who don't quite understand it.

Michael Snow : This is a great video. It reminded me that in Twin Peaks the way to access the supernatural "Black Lodge" is through a weird black substance that looks and smells like "burnt engine oil."

Bschneidez : You forgot to account for the schwarzschild radius (as present on the "dog tags" around Norman Reedus' neck). The two trailers are set in different dimensions; since one is slightly longer than the other, you need to adjust for the fact that time moves differently in each. Additionally, there is a lot more evidence that ludens is connected to the game ("ensure lock is tight"). Aside from that though, I think you are spot on. I particularly love the idea that our universe is connected as well, which would be a very Kojima thing to do.

Nero Nyte : Norman Reedus was talking in an interview and said when he spoke to Kojima he asked "And they'll be playing as me?" And Kojima said "No, they'll be you"

Mikhail Alexandrovich : Kojima is the only modern artist that I don't find pretentious and ordinary.

Mars : you know its a good day when ragnarrox uploads. love your videos a lot

Grim1952 : We're not going to play the game, the game will play US... like a damn fiddle

David Massa : the scar on del toros head is the same as mantis too.

BloodEnthused : i just hope Kojima wont disappoint us, by making you, me and every fan he has overthink about death stranding

John Malkovich : Kojima is the Kubrick of video games, and Death Stranding will be his "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Felipe Díaz Bo : Mind fucking blown. Amazing quality videos as expected from you Ragnar. It's brilliant! I hope this game is unlike anything we've seen before.

dra6o0n : Kojima is actually onto something. Humanity is not evolving, humanity is 'degenerating' in a sense. (Real world) All the technology that comes out of war, is used to further create weapons of war. Humans still hasn't advanced much in terms of space traveling, and economically and geologically, it feels like 'time' is running out for the current 'world' as we perceive it.

N. V. : I wonder if Hideo Kojima sees videos like these and says to himself "what are these people talking about?! it's just video game!" lol

Ryan Roberts : Lmao, Kojima is probably watching this stressing that ragnarox figured most of this out already

Ed Kage : So kojima is making a game where characters are fully aware they're in a game and will use that against you?

Elias Andersson : Psycho Mantis has the same scars on his head as Guillermo del Toro?!

Jingz : Wow.... Sometimes, Youtube Recommendation done it right. This video worth every minute.

Ramiz S : I heard (from a leak of an insider) Kojima was inspired by Strugatsky's novel "Waves extinguish the Wind". The humanity discovers a new kind of people called "Homo Ludens" who developed a third limbic system in their brain, therefore becoming highly intellectual and open-minded in everything. The story is also about difference of perception and fear of Homo Sapiens towards Homo Ludens

Grandmaster Kush : It's been so long ragnar, finally got my dose of extremely high quality content.

Rowan Wallace : 9:50 "mads mikkelsen's gorgeous face" I COLLAPSED

Demon Snake : I have a feeling Death Stranding will be as revolutionary as mgs 1 . Can't wait

Cynder : Just this theory alone changed my perspective on life, thank you.

Khalid Alamin : the fact that you havent over a million subs is above me... a hidden gem you are sir

Angela Chase : I mean, I was already here because Mads fucking Mikkelsen, but I didn't realise this was a game. This looks fucking cool, though!

IcarusAblaze : in the game bravely default, the final boss refets to the players as gods, and wants to break through the 4th wall and live among the gods.

Mark : This is interesting. I had assumed that Homo Ludens would be related to Nietzsche's idea of the Last Man/Untermensch but this idea seems even better.

Nikita Paklin : I was really surprised to see a footage from a game Tension (or The Void or whatever, in russian it's called Turgor anyway) in your vid (3:55). I thought nobody knows Ice Pick Lodge outside of Russia.

Man Bung : My mind wasn't just blown, it was erased

medryx : Always enjoy your videos, this one was a good one! Some very interesting points :) Just one thing I wanted to mention, when you noted that Guillermo del Toro isn't credited and that's because he /is/ in the game, I just wanted to point out that at the playstation experience panel discussion (around the 11 min mark), Kojima mentions that del Toro was just 3d scanned, but another actor actually does and will do the motion capture/acting for the character in game. I thought this was the reason why he wasn't credited as an actor for the trailer. I definitely could be wrong though!

FOX HOUND : Yay, missed your video's dude, also happy new year Ragnar !!!

Alexander : why don't you ever make videos!? You gotta cool voice and a badass point of view.

Ed Garazaky : When you have finals but ragnar made a new video and it's about death stranding

Gabe Scharf : Those skeleton faced soldiers were actually just skeletons, check out their hands.


Bschneidez : Been waiting for you to do one on ludens! Super stoked for this; thanks RagnarRox!

Micheal Jackson's Aborted Son : I don't believe I could be the only one to notice the stitches on Del Toro's forehead

Athraxas : I really enjoy your videos on Death Stranding! Keep them coming! :)

miloandot : New 8 minute trailer. Awaiting your breakdown because all it does is raise 1,000 more questions.

Dorelaxen : The soldiers that Mikkelsen commands actually look to me to be dead, and since Kojima has stated that the whole game is going to center around death, this might be true. They are using what appear to be M-1 Garands, as opposed to Mikkelsen's AR-15, and wear uniforms that look more WWII or Korean War era, so possibly resurrected soldiers from that era? I have no idea what any of that means, though. Everything seems to have umbilical cords, even the (WWII era, mind) planes, and the tanks seem to have viscera either covering them or coming directly out of them. Shits if I know what it all means, but man, I haven't actually been looking forward to a game in many years, and this has me very intrigued, if for no other reason to find out what the HELL is going on.

St0RM33 : What are you Phythonselkan now? :p

Red Leader : YESS!!!!! I've been waiting for this ever since the trailer came out!! WOOH!!

Oog Oog : Bro. I love your videos. I watched your Death Stranding and was amazed by the great analysis.

verifeli : "It's just like dark souls", says every game journalist ever.

Potato: Übergang : DIS GUN BE GUD!!! Maybe the failing of Silent Hills was the best that ever happened to us.

Armazillo : I love your mind, Ragnar. It's been too long.

Kóta Sváfamundr : If even a quarter of this turns out to be true, Kojima will truly be a living God.

viva0la0tom1 : Please! A follow up video with this new trailer... please 🤯


backonthedrums23 : I think what Kojima is hinting at was that the characters in the game are aware they are in a game and using this to sort of hold a mirror up to how our culture/civilization itself is a type of game. The oil seems to be the symbol that represents this infection of our human nature and natural environment by this type of existence. Pretty sure the place they are is some type of parallel/astral plane where the rules of the game control that place and the people in it. The characters being aware of this will definitely make for a lot of interesting moments between the player and game when having to make a life or death decision

MadDemon64 : When I saw the trailers I came to he conclusion that the skeleton soldiers are meant to be a representation of how everyone is a tool in war and how even in death they cannot escape being used to further war. As for the oil, well, I think it is meant to show that oil controls us, figuratively in the real world (i.e., nations declaring war on other nations to seize control of their oil) and apparently literally in the world of Death Stranding.