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Comments from Youtube

IanK avanagh : You can see why it takes forever to get anything built nowadays!!!

Geno Smith : Wonder what OSHA would think of some of these videos..oh boy...

Tristyn Russelo : I think the biggest idiots are the ones recording in vertical video.


Colorado Cyber : The 1/3 viewing screen with the obnoxious side panels earned a thumbs down. Would give more, but only can give one.

Vlad Watkins : 1:35 that would literally be me recording my friend, or him doing it to me. That was us everyday in High School.

Wolfgang Weinmann : Over 1.5 Mio clicks after one and a half week for this poor stuff.... unbelievable

dan nichol : This is just footage from on the tool's very original lol

Tommy 23 : Good, i'm Italian👍

bobby gates : these workers may be stupid but at least they get the job done (eventually)

Maurice Raffin : A se niveau la connerie devrait payer patente

Salim insaf : Bon année 2019 être optimiste vivre l'instant et souhaite le bien pour l'autre

Michael Stevens : Sacking time wasters is very satisfying,they really ask for it.

gaz : Now you know why houses in the uk are terrible, built by half wit milenials

le bourreau : Des sacrés crétins..drôle d'humour.

Hemare Pontos : 1min58 comment ils se tape des barre les Enfoirés 😂😂😂

Alexsandr A : КОГДА ТЫ ТУПОЙ НА РАБОТЕ, дома умнее не станешь. Чучело.

RaPpeT _s : 外国人が投稿してるの?w 何で外国人が多いんだよ、w

Derrick Lawwill : This is so funny

mark hughes : @0:50 I remember doing this when I was 18-19 years old. Ah yes, they were the goodyears…..

ʀᴏxʏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴɪᴍᴀᴛᴏʀ : 4:16 *When someone is having more fun than you*

DIGETA : Il s'est fait piraté ce n'est pas lui ! Il me l'a dit sur Instagram

No Name available : They all got fired after these vidois were made

Stuart Hammett : I don't know who insulated that floor at 2:48 but it needs to be done again. And who ever did it should not be on a building site.

eddie s : what amazes me is that they still be working after the bosses see this and mean while others are being put out of work for far less!

Pip Pipster : Ah, the endless opportunities for male bonding on a building site.

Sludge : This is the *BEST* of?

greenmanofkent : The usual stream of useless ads with some recycled garbage between. Added to that, a totally irrelevant clickbait thumbnail. Move along folks - nothing to see here.

JASON CHRISTIAN : 😲😲dammmmm🤣🤣

Tom Alexander : The pigeon was great

Robert Pendergast : 4:36 had that textbook peoples elbow

Jerry Nunya : Happy new year! 2019 baby!

Frett Walker : Just drones never make Craftsmen out of them

Budowa Domu Grzegorz : Niezłe :) pomysły ludzkie nie znają granic Pozdro

Nicolaj J : that is how you get fired fastest way, from a top boss position point of view.

reus 00 : 10:04 song??

Mohammedsaid360 : First! I just wanted to tell you that your channel is the best!

Akash Barik : Not a good collection

AtGame7 : video formatting sucks

trent ryan : Its a vertical film compilation

Gordon Aitchison : If I was their employer I'd sack them and take the ruined materials out of their wages.

Gunnar Marr : I did that tire thing as a kid at my grandpa's house only problem was I rolled backwards and actually roll over top of his Mercedes and crashed into his garage he was pissed but thoroughly happy and had a good laugh watching me the whole time

Bekki Bostock : What was the song at 2:21? Sounds awesome :3

Adam Albright : I wonder if the same person recorded all these videos because the laugh is almost exactly the same every video.

Raymond Tilley : You are all FIRED!

Marcelo marques : Estupidez e idiotice no trabalho ao mesmo tempo kkkkk😅👌

Drago Musevini : Vertical filming should be prosecuteable under federal law.

Luiz Soares : Deixa o palavrão rolar pra que por esta porra deste bip na frente , é crente vai pra igreja pôrra

DANILO BRONDO : i did not believe there were so many idiots in the world