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Simon Thomas : Extra building costs......wasted materials.......construction delays.......? Wonder why.

greenmanofkent : The usual stream of useless ads with some recycled garbage between. Added to that, a totally irrelevant clickbait thumbnail. Move along folks - nothing to see here.

Tristyn Russelo : I think the biggest idiots are the ones recording in vertical video.

Jerry Nunya : Happy new year! 2019 baby!

le bourreau : Des sacrés crétins..drôle d'humour.

Geno Smith : Wonder what OSHA would think of some of these videos..oh boy...

IanK avanagh : You can see why it takes forever to get anything built nowadays!!!

Ulysses S. Grant : Ont atteint des niveaux effrayant

Hold True : @1:08 used to do that as a kid 😂

Franco Lucien : None of these were funny... stupid yes, but I can't complain because the video never really promised funny. Most of these idiots ought to be fired for wasting time, resources, and most importantly, ignoring safety by acting recklessly. No company wants to pay worker's comp or unnecessary repair to equipment and property. And furthermore, that's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back, but I'm glad I only watched halfway through.

gaz : Now you know why houses in the uk are terrible, built by half wit milenials

Laser Guy : if I see vertical video I usually just click it off and watch another vid. This channel seems to be ALL vert. video so I will unsubscibe

Salim insaf : Bon année 2019 être optimiste vivre l'instant et souhaite le bien pour l'autre

Drago Musevini : Vertical filming should be prosecuteable under federal law.

TriggeredGaming : 2:20 what a savage, one of my favorite compilation channels

Stuart Hammett : I don't know who insulated that floor at 2:48 but it needs to be done again. And who ever did it should not be on a building site.

Павел Анфёров : ЧИСТО ТУПЫЕ АМЕРИКАНСКИЕ ПРИКОЛЫ. ДИЗ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barry rudge : Some of these are very laddish and funny but a good many that took place on building sites particularly with plant and machinery were down right dangerous and deserved instantly dismissal. The stupid waste of materials in some were another issue.

Elder1 : 3 minutes in and bored already. Not worth wasting your time on.... oh and please, please everyone use your phone in landscape mode - you will find it’s much easier and you’ll miss much less of the action.

Budowa Domu Grzegorz : Niezłe :) pomysły ludzkie nie znają granic Pozdro

Gunnar Marr : I did that tire thing as a kid at my grandpa's house only problem was I rolled backwards and actually roll over top of his Mercedes and crashed into his garage he was pissed but thoroughly happy and had a good laugh watching me the whole time

Василий Пидунов : А ты не тупой? Хаха

Mohammedsaid360 : First! I just wanted to tell you that your channel is the best!

Bass DyZ : J fait pareil en cap 😂

Matteo Grimaldi : Che stupidi ahahahaa😂😂😂

Nicolaj J : that is how you get fired fastest way, from a top boss position point of view.

JASON CHRISTIAN : 😲😲dammmmm🤣🤣

Keith B : Yep millennials are a waste of a pay check

arrifq : finally i can improve my skill after watching this "how to become idiot" tutorial.

Андрей Леонтьев : Кстати кто заметил что почти все были с России лайк

Peter Dudas : ok, I'm done, I cant watch this crap, every single video is VERTICAL, might as well wrap my mouth around the barrel of a shotgun and pull the trigger with my toe, our world is screwed, not a single person even knows how to record a video... how can we expect to survive??

molon labe : 7:44 Had the same thing happen at our old place. Some idiot wasn’t paying attention before we moved in and put a drawer in the kitchen that couldn’t be opened unless the door to the dishwasher was down.

Marc Os : Werbung zum Start, knapp über 10 Minuten gezogen um den Zuschauer als Freiwild mit noch mehr Werbung zuscheißen zu können. Wird immer schlimmer hier, Immer mehr Videos wie dieses die sich krampfhaft auf 10+ Minuten ziehen und dann durch Werbung an vorderster Front für das TV-Programm der Medienanstalten kämpfen. YouTuber rotten durch ihre Gier sich selber aus.

Gamzat Abdurashidov : На 6:08 просто сел аккумулятором вот и выкручивает как может,никогда не сталкивались?нет?

Spectrum Prisma : Kein ABO von mir! Vertikales Video-Format ist das Letzte was meine Augen sehen möchten.

Marco Romero : El nombre del vídeo esta en español y los comentarios son en ingles que esta pasando MUNDO DESCONOCIDO XD

Um Shush : Der Titel des Videos verrät die Dummheit des Uploaders.

Иван Головин : Тупой смех, за кадром

Alexsandr A : КОГДА ТЫ ТУПОЙ НА РАБОТЕ, дома умнее не станешь. Чучело.

Taragnat Elise : On comprend pourquoi la construction prend tant de temps et coûte si cher : on fait mumuse au lieu de bosser et on gache le matériel.

demonik chamkało : To są dopiero mózgi a później pretensje do garbatego że ma krzywe dzieci i panuje bez robocie jak taki nawet do biedronki na kasę się nie nadaje

Alain Brochard : à 0:36, con comme un gilet jaune qui s'en prend aux journalistes .....

steclov : чот не смог досмотреть дерьмовую подборку

Winslow Wilson : You ruined your video with all the loud beeping. I don't care if a person is swearing in the clip. It doesn't have to be a loud beep when they do it. Make it less noisy. I had to turn the sound down to get rid of the irritation of the noise and then can't hear the other things going on. Learn some editing skills about audio and think about making your video more pleasant for the viewer.

Marcos boa Roberto : Der olk tedy huk body frendy

DIGETA : Il s'est fait piraté ce n'est pas lui ! Il me l'a dit sur Instagram

Robert Pendergast : 4:36 had that textbook peoples elbow

nyaaa nyaa : 3:15 im crying :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Wolfgang Weinmann : Over 1.5 Mio clicks after one and a half week for this poor stuff.... unbelievable

Yury Boston : Одни строители,