Only Lads Will Get This - Victorious Sponge

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Toaster4231 : Livejasmin is almost more annoying than Mike Chang

Anthony Smark : british humor.. about a 1 out of 10 on the funny scale

meth0d : 2:26 i seriously thought i was the only one

streetdance2k10 : live jasmin takes the piss, most annoying pop-up on the face of the freakin earth, am i right?

Patrick Owers : 1:49 DON'T BLOW OUR COVER

FullOfFail : Usually when I watch these about men videos there's so many things I never do, but this one was extremely accurate. Really captured the essence of what men are like.

Naude : I can relate myself in this video so hard it's just funny to watch, except for the shaving part....I don't grow any facialk hair yet.

wehaveme : WHAT IN GODS NAME IS REMOVE BROWSING HISTORY?????????? Incognito ftw.

Anthony Lynch : I don't clear my history, because I'm an adult. If you don't like it don't look it up XD

HumansAreApes DealWithIt : My life be like

ChaplainHaladriel : Fuck Live Jasmine! ! Bahahaha brilliant!

michael jordan : 1:20 i do all the f'n time, then I look in a real mirror.. wa waa

Nissartsoft : 1:50 who never done that seriously XD

MrWowh : Backroom casting couch. Not a bad choice.

Young Me : Lads will love my channel. I'm funnier than these guys.

T Jay : Literally everyone does the scratch n sniff. Don't even lie

Di Lung Move it Ya Fool! : How, do they know my life!

Killjoy Gamer : One does not simply avoid LiveJasmin.

Thomasio : learn this : Shift+Ctrl+N

Lvnz : Masturbating with hand sanitizer... ouch.

albie baggins : 1:27 so not just me?

donezo : I completely misread the title, I thought it said "only Ladies will get this" so for the first half of the video I was like goddamn this is spot on.. I thought it was guys doing female stuff..............

RebenDigita1 : Looking in the car window lmao so true

Thatguy1705 : 1:30 glad I'm not the only one.

Nuggets : 1:12 'i tapped it', i've said that too many times... accurate

Dave Pls : The "live jasmine" one got me

pejamin1 : lols at live jasmine.

monkeyside : this is very accurate, except real men do not drink foster piss.

rick roller : Lads dont drink fosters

TheBearorist : omg those last ones

Chiplinked : This is scary accurate yo

Lucas Turner : This filmed in Lincoln?

Ronnie Swoleman : >Southend-on-Sea detected.

Mathero11 : 0:04 Horrible explicit Porn 

ilikepoopitsgood : The ball/ass itch and sniff is spot on m8 haha

Daryl Bonser : What an awful bunch of middle class, narcissistic, stereotype enhancing drivel, Brought to you with product placement from apple...for all your overhyped, overpriced electronic wanking. 

godihateyoupeople : Haha LAD banter, cheeky lad nandos betting fosters hahaha cheeky lads Banter lad cheeky lad banter

Thomas Owusu-Abayie : if your an alpha male then you understand that this is spot on!

Oisin Molloy : What bunch of lads right hear before us

Lee Fraser : Your mother's discharge is funnier than this

Zyronix : I can relate in many of those things you guys did in this video, but pissing, while the toilet seat is down is just disgusting lol

Phillip Loco : HAHAHA the Lads are brilliant.

Marmite Moringa : are they in Birmingham in this vid??

RIO AND DEMI BRIGGS AND START : im a girl and i get this i do the same apart from the penis related ones😅

Axel PerezSoto : Live Jazmin always in the way!!

Bartek : there is an incognito mode in chrome... u know...

jeylful : Haha...

Spaven Shella : we are the true lads

ماجد الشمري : thats exactly me lol

Ryan Armstrong : "Only Uni Lads Will Get This"