Class Of 99; Wear Sunscreen

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The Death Twitch : Holy freaking good god I remember when this was a popular track on the local FM. Couldn't believe this spoken song was big on radio yet it was way better than most of the BS out at that time.  I do vividly remember being a 19 year old at the time and thinking 'This sounds like important advice I may want to keep in mind.' 

Jarrod Thorson : Funny how 16 years later I remember hearing this song on the radio and now its true life.

Davis Fountain : this is so true.. graduated in 1999.. Ugh.. I feel old

KiloFeenix : i've always loved this song i was spose to graduate in 04 and this song came out in 99 its 2016 and still holds so much meaning. i listen to this song at least once a year to instill a sense of being and meaning in my life, it tells me that you cant accomplish everything you hope to but you can at least do one thing in your life that matters.

Ruth Marland : Well I'm 51 years young and I can't Recall this as the younger adults have. Yes all of this is true. Life is hard however worth living, never forget to laugh or dance, although I do. Perfect words to refresh my Outlook. Thanks to my 33 year young son who sent me the lunk. I love you, Kristopher. MoM

Cozumel Girl : It makes me sad people worry about skin color while watching this. If you look carefully everyone has color. We all have more in common than not. I vaguely remember hearing this as a minor hit in California a loooong time ago and just randomly found it on the radio the other day. Had to share it with wife/kids. Great perspective. Cheers, bill

Joel T : Chris Rock said it better "to the GED class of 1999. no matter what a stripper tells you, there is no sex in the champagne room!"

Tim Gavord : I remember this years ago. it's so great. I'm 48 and it's so true.

Zara Swan : I have listened to this track every five years for 20 years and it just gets better with age lol zx

Trevor Quinlan : I graduated from high school in 99! Good times!

TorchwoodUK : this song is good, but I am slimmer now at 29 than I was at 18

Last Boy Scout : when i first heard this song in 99' ( I was 17 ) I liked it. I'm 30 now...I love it.

Angel rose : I was 17 when this came out. I wish I had listened to the part about keeping good friends even though your life is in different stages.... This song is so bittersweet it makes me teary-eyed

Killing DeadThings : One of my all time fav's. Found this by random memory prompting me to search for it. Didn't even know the name. Thanks for this. Sweet compilation btw.

Dave Ewing : I don't know about fabulous, but....I looked far better than I thought! btw...I'm an interesting 40 year old according to this! lol

Patrick Grier : I was the class of 1999. Best ERA ever!!!

Kim Jakob Toft : if u follow this u will have bliss an joy through our life i promise. you are strong. if it doesnt work give it time

Clinton Murphy : This is for all of us class of 1999! We all have wives/husbands/significant others and kids now... (or not). BUT WE ARE THE BEST! GO CLASS OF 99!

Maor Malik : so genius

lee Lewis : I love this song, I think it had the best lyrics ever wrote, and it's all true to life, take the advice as much as you can recycle and use it in your lives take care all who hear and read it.

Charly Mende : Man, you could be a guru! This is awesome, hilrariously funny and wiser than most of what is around anywhere. Thank you! Stay happy! :-)

Dan Conner : Nostalgia hurts more than love sometimes.

Jill Wright : I graduated in 99 and I remember the first time I heard this song. I thought it was really cool and I could even relate to it then. Here I am 20 years later listening to this song and relating to it now more than ever. I still love this song as much as I did 20 years ago, but truly understand it now. I am now 37 years old and I have twins who will be graduating this year. I play this song for them and tell them that one day they will truly understand the words... gosh I feel old!!

Audie Lockhart : of all the advise I've got this is the best 

James Sroczynski : Graduated 1996, excellent song

billy bob : I remember hearing this when I was 10. now I'm 29 and realize how true all of this is. makes me kind of sad in a way realizing how much time has passed. remembering being a kid thinking the whole time how much better 14 year Olds had it when I was 10. and how much better 19 year Olds had it when I was 15.

zachariah dane : One of my favourite raps of all time. I remember hearing this in the car on the radio when I was 11 or 12. I took most of it to heart, but missed a few crucial bits of wisdom. C'est le vivre.

Renuka Arumugam : Simply love this song- keeps me moving forward with no worries.

Sherron Brown : This is beautiful... It saddens me that there are no people of color!  The advice is ageless and timeless, and it goes across culture boundaries as well... It would be nice if non-white people were also reflected in this video.  Everyone wants to see themselves as a part of something that feels so good!!!!

Nero0 : I have always followed that first advice; tiny anecdote: I'm a pale Nord and I went to Indonesia (mostly Bali) for three weeks, came back with no suntan. Kids sun screen SPF 50+ ftw :D

jimmykicker7775 : Powerful

Grover Bennington : 52 I still don't know what I want to be...

r harraway : As good as the 10 commandment!

Grover Bennington : At 52..these words ring so well...listen carefully .

Kristin : They played this at graduation. This song was dedicated to my graduating class

sarah coz : This takes me back to my twelve year old self nostalgic

Ancelmo Andrello : Listening in 2018. So beautiful and truthful.

Paul Segar : life coach

Al DarkWolf : I left high school in 2011 and ever since I heard this song I've loved this song

Gabriel Ruiz : love this!

Seth Allen : I remember the first time I heard this on the radio I thought it was a commercial. Good song, words to live for.

Joegirl : Listening to this song so many years later. It has taken on a new meaning. ♥️

jake sims : life is how WE make it and how we allow others to see us 

john lauby : I put it on multiple times daily when kiteboarding anywhere.  LiG.

jemielnic : 'you are not as fat as you imagine' : ) I guess it was different time. Apart from that everything still spot on : )

acodjoe23 : what is the name of the track playing in the background?

aj palkow : The first time I heard this I was 25 years old and driving in a rental car in Sydney Australia when it came on the radio- it brought tears to my eyes- Sixteen years later at age 41 it still does~ 

d1xx : Thats awesome thank you! ill share this

Paula Sells Jamaica : The best song ever made!!!

Kitty Purrs : it is wonderful.