(John Mayer) Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - Sungha Jung

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Sungha http://www.sunghajung.com aranged and played "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer. Tuning : Standard #SunghaJung #JohnMayer #SlowDancingInABuringRoom #fingerstyle #guitar #fingerstyleguitar #acoustic #solo #cover #guitarcover #electricguitar #electric #존메이어 #핑거스타일 #기타 #정성하 #커버 #편곡 #일렉 #일렉기타

Comments from Youtube

zendyk : This is brilliant, Sungha. Been listening for 12 years now and I'm never disappointed in your music. I look forward to another vocal cover. Please never stop playing. I'm such a big fan from the U.S. Got to see you play live a few years ago. It's one of the best memories of my life! And I'm almost 60.

uh jeff : The original was hard enough.

Shteph L : YESSS!! You did end up covering this song!! And it was played beautifully

The Guy : john mayer should see this

Malcolm Bartlett : I liked the video before it even started

Is Ortega : OMG I love John Mayer ❤️ Genial! 🇨🇴🇨🇴

Emanuel Santos : Tienes un gran talento. Saludos desde México 👁💓

Krystal Ah : Yass! Go Sunghaa Love John Love this cover He grew so fast :0 Keep going ❣️

Sehuns Left Buttcheek : The day this man dies.. let’s praise the heck out of him. This guy is living right now and is considered a legend already. Appreciate everyone while they still live ❤️❤️❤️ love everyone even if they hate you.. Porque el amor nunca falla. 💜💜

Yih Jie Lee : Been watching since you were a small boy! Glad to have seen you grow your talent till now!!

8PM : Damn John should see this! Btw more electric guitar please, this one is gorgeous😍

Hunter Widdoes : You managed to pull every important note of both the guitar and vocals into one beautiful arrangement. Extremely well done!

Eke C : More eletric guitar 🎸 please 😍

Syncopation The 21st : I love to work with fingerstyle guitar but the way you play is awesome since I'm the lead guitar i try out your songs sometime

Styx : Its so cool how he does fingerstyle on electric 🔥 🔥 🔥

Orville Almazan : Who else imagine you're stargazing and this is your background music?

Renan Rodrigues : Toca Muito !! 👏👌

Josh Spencer : Beautiful PRS

Mhanka Ovung : *i have waited for a long time for this* 😭😭

Stone Muzza : This is amazing love your work

RRMB : Now i want to see you try neon by John Mayer

david suryadi : AMAZING.. 👏👏👏 collaboration with Mateus Asato will be perfect.. 😊😊😊

set chito : I waited for you to upload to Youtube from when you played this on your live stream🤩 I am also happy because I love it💕

Jessica Leann : One of my favorite John Mayer songs 😊 I love your cover, so beautifully done 💖

Ezi S : I wonder why every guitar player makes cover to this song last time, this cover is really good, but if you (someone) know about russian guitarist- Eiro Nareth , watch his cover and you'll receive full acoustic power )))


Olivier Langlet : Humbuckers instead of single coils ? 2/10 Just kidding, amazing work sir.

mapabu : I'm so stressed and this is like a chilling, raining morning. Thank you, and greetings from Colombia.

Zird Bird : Amazing cover, Sungha, I feel like you should try playing on Gretsch guitars. I think you would sound amazing on one

Fabrício Magaiver : O melhor ! John Mayer 👏❤ 🇧🇷🌎

ebenita haezeria : missing you so muchhh😭💙 hope you're doing just fine, happy and healthy wherever you are💙💕

Kayla Negron : Them finger slaps kick brosky awesome suace 😂😍🔥🔥🔥💗💞

Subhan's Vault : I have literally been watching you grow up on youtube I feel so happy and proud for you

Samadhi Dias : i was waiting for this long time+JOHN MAYER!!!

BeeSquared : Love hearing your sound intertwine with this JM classic. Much love my man!

aznkumiko : It is so fascinating to hear Sungha Jung's style on a John Mayer's song ! Never expected that combination

valentine : That is one sexy looking electric guitar. Great upload as always!

byAlexiithonatzu : This is the first time i like the original version the most from all the covers you`ve made, You are still a god tho!

rubythedogproductions : yo this is awesome if you could do Joji's Slow dancing in the Dark at some point I think you could make that amazing

Sam Lovely : One of my all time favorites. Thank you for this. I subbed.

Daniel Horton : Absolutely stunning guitar. Love the finish and headstock. PRS all the way.

Armaan Kapur : Super tough to play the rhythm and lead at the same time. Insane🙌🏼

Josh Martinez : Love this! This is probably my favorite song from John Mayer. Well played, nice tone and what a gorgeous guitar 👌😎

michael ammitzboll : Beautiful... and I love the new PRS also!

AshRoughRock91 : I've been waiting this song for sooooo long. Thanks for the brilliant magical piece of art Mr SunghaJung. (Y)

robertto313 : you english is very well , felicidades bro :D y muy buena canción

Hashem Amer : A John Mayer's song on a PRS. Perfect Combination <3

MrAnimationwiz : the tone on that guitar was amazing

I don't care, I'm playing widow : Funny cause i was just listening to bartholomew's accoustic cover of this and it WAS AMAZING can you do an accoustic one ?