Rude AMPM Gas Station Attendant Gets Mad

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Wubcake : Sounds like grown up Kevin from Ed Edd n Eddy.


GTAG UPOS : i like how you kept it pg too funny ima use that goat sack

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : This man's insults make him sound somewhere between 5 and 35

Quentin Martone : I can't believe people actually watch this video and think "Wow, Scott is a real hero for sticking up to that guy." Some people are pathetic.

duhh saint : "PUUUNK." *drops phone with pure rage* I'm dying dude.

Senator Ben Carson : Wow YouTube’s new terms and conditions really hit this channel hard

DT Is Great : Thanks Cr1tikal

Janson Cruz : "PUUNK" *Clerk drops phone in anger and hastily begins to chase the smack talker, not before shining a flashlight on his crotch*



Chad Dad : thank u for keeping this video child friendly

Palmdale Monty : The submitter has an IQ of 39.

YungTony : at 0:34 you can see an innocent man that had absolutely no idea he was about to be the medium for the second cold war

Klerik AU : Guy was a really poopy butt head for sure.

duhh saint : This video is amazing.

Douglas Berry : Wow. Apparently Scott Ruen is still stuck with the mindset of a particular immature high school sophomore. I did like how he ran like a coward when the clerk made the slightest threatening move.

Johnny Chimpo : Scott understands this is a christian website and refrains from cursing the unpleasant attendant. Great job, Scott! You've got a like from me :) : Lol bro whatever you do don't ever take this video down XD. This is possibly the funniest argument I've ever seen! A classic.

Powdered Toastman : Does Scott Ruen still live like hes in high school? "you're a rotten jerk face!!" Oh wait, thats even more juvenile than high school. Seriously dude, i know you're trying to act like a tough guy here, but you just come off as a giant baby. Especially when you pussed out and hid behind the glass.

Andrew I : I like how he sticks his tongue out at 0:59

Rodney Brown : I'm pretty sure the joke was not swearing. I'm fairly certain this wasn't serious lol. Hopefully....

Socratic Method Man : Legalize Meth


ToastytheG : everybody talking trash about the uploader when he's playing 5d chess lmfao


Yandere_ Kun : Scott Ruen my night

Lord Squid : moisture squad where you at?

Coolguy556 : Scott is doing the world a favor for the sake of the hot weiners

no no : great comedy duo tbh

Joe Miller : This is my favorite video on the Internet

Ronald Martinez : Now I wanna know why on earth would you call an ampm anyways? Are you having packages delivered there were you ordering cookies in bulk?

Fungicopia : I laughed so godamn hard. He rolled up in there, so matter of factly, but then the store clerk was tellin him to suck it. Instant rivals for life

Kylee Marie : I'm dying 😂😂😂😂

Marky Mark and The Spergy Bunch : this is literally the funniest video I've ever seen

POTATOGOD. exe : What the hell is a goatsack lmfao 😂

rene lemos : hahaha how many beers in?

Z - : I applaud the way both of these gentlemen handled themselves in what could have turned into a really nasty confrontation.

The Jew Crew : G O A T S A C K

Digitaldude23 : Congratulations on absolutely annihilating that gas station employee in a true battle of wits.

traffic king : Lmao bruh. This video needs millions of more views to hilarious

Christopher Tiihonen : Bye bye BUDDY

Ice_wallow_kum Plays : WOW this video has been up since 2013 and he has not been embarrassed enough to take it down yet... Impressive.

Axify : Calls him a punk but backs up instantly 😂

lokirocks25 : Bye bye, buddy

Mario Brotha : Why does he speak of himself in 3rd person in the description of the video?

CJGamr01 : This Ruened me XD

Walter Hunt : Well played, Scott Ruen. Well played.

Iciee : The indian LMAO

Kylee Marie : This is too damn funny 😂