Rude AMPM Gas Station Attendant Gets Mad

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GTAG UPOS : i like how you kept it pg too funny ima use that goat sack

duhh saint : "PUUUNK." *drops phone with pure rage* I'm dying dude.

Wubcake : Sounds like grown up Kevin from Ed Edd n Eddy.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : This man's insults make him sound somewhere between 5 and 35



duhh saint : This video is amazing.

Chad Dad : thank u for keeping this video child friendly

Palmdale Monty : The submitter has an IQ of 39.

Douglas Berry : Wow. Apparently Scott Ruen is still stuck with the mindset of a particular immature high school sophomore. I did like how he ran like a coward when the clerk made the slightest threatening move.

Janson Cruz : "PUUNK" *Clerk drops phone in anger and hastily begins to chase the smack talker, not before shining a flashlight on his crotch*

DT Is Great : Thanks Cr1tikal

Quentin Martone : I can't believe people actually watch this video and think "Wow, Scott is a real hero for sticking up to that guy." Some people are pathetic.

Powdered Toastman : Does Scott Ruen still live like hes in high school? "you're a rotten jerk face!!" Oh wait, thats even more juvenile than high school. Seriously dude, i know you're trying to act like a tough guy here, but you just come off as a giant baby. Especially when you pussed out and hid behind the glass.

YungTony : at 0:34 you can see an innocent man that had absolutely no idea he was about to be the medium for the second cold war

Senator Ben Carson : Wow YouTube’s new terms and conditions really hit this channel hard

ToastytheG : everybody talking trash about the uploader when he's playing 5d chess lmfao

Klerik AU : Guy was a really poopy butt head for sure.

Yandere_ Kun : Scott Ruen my night : Lol bro whatever you do don't ever take this video down XD. This is possibly the funniest argument I've ever seen! A classic.

Johnny Chimpo : Scott understands this is a christian website and refrains from cursing the unpleasant attendant. Great job, Scott! You've got a like from me :)

Andrew I : I like how he sticks his tongue out at 0:59

Socratic Method Man : Legalize Meth

Rodney Brown : I'm pretty sure the joke was not swearing. I'm fairly certain this wasn't serious lol. Hopefully....



Kylee Marie : I'm dying 😂😂😂😂

Iciee : The indian LMAO

no no : great comedy duo tbh

JohnCenaWWESeahawks : 297 ampm clerks disliked this

Steve Joe : Hahaha

Mario Brotha : Why does he speak of himself in 3rd person in the description of the video?

Axify : Calls him a punk but backs up instantly 😂

Ice_wallow_kum Plays : WOW this video has been up since 2013 and he has not been embarrassed enough to take it down yet... Impressive.

Dingus McDermitt : hahaha how many beers in?

lokirocks25 : Bye bye, buddy

keifus1 : Give em Hell Ruen~

Pollix780 : Those insults were amazing, love it! LMAO


zarco00 0 : He scott ruined this guy

Joe Miller : This is my favorite video on the Internet

Ryan Mountain : i eat your moms sak for breakfast

Ronald Martinez : Now I wanna know why on earth would you call an ampm anyways? Are you having packages delivered there were you ordering cookies in bulk?

POTATOGOD. exe : What the hell is a goatsack lmfao 😂

Toky G : Lol punk

SixesNSevensS : You guys are all fucking retarded. The stupid, lame insults was a play on the Indian guy, because he doesn't really know what he is saying. He thinks that these are normal, bad things that people normally say. Hence, why this was a funny video. You fucking dead weight chode posters.

Jonathan Rosario : What is with the Disney insults???? So weak.  And leaving whenever the employee got close.

Masterfiend : im actually amazed so many people are upset about this when he was clearly trolling. Does anyone think the uploader was actually trying to pick a fight? it was funny, chill

Jesse Darty : im just glad he didnt say something really really mean like "Doo doo head" or "Poopy face" or "Booger brain", cause then the clerk would have walked all the way to the door and the guy would have had to run away but tripped over his untied shoelaces cause his velcros were dirty and he would have gotten a boo boo and had to call his mom.