How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster

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Don't subscribe please : SpaceX : **lost million dollars** Elon : gonna make memes about it

Dear Leader : Elon Musk is just playing Kerbal Space Program in real life

Septiyanto Nugroho : After all this montages of "exploding" rockets, now you can land 3 booster in a single mission,, what a masterpiece of engineering by SpaceX

Goblin Slayer : Just so you know, Elon Musk edited this video himself. Most of it.

C2L Redstone : At least they admit to their mistakes (cough, Apple).

Madhavan Rajagopalan : Rocket: Prepares to land Launch pad: *oogway's voice* My time has come

B Lou’s Lighter : Thanks for posting this I was just about to land my orbital rocket booster like that

Mehmet Özkan : Never give up. Until successful.

ItsRaulArzate : They tip over ever so gracefully and then immediately explode. Does anyone else find this comical? Lmao

Form Coin : Respect for them memeing them selfes when loosing out on hundreds of millions lmao, if my phone smashed I cry

gaming station : elon musk. savior of our world. we will do anything possible to help save our planet and also to make us a multiplanetary species.

King_Bucket : SpaceX just landed all 3 boosters.

Sean Cunningham : Eddison said "I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won't work"

The Way Of The Geek : 1:06 *- Like me falling after my leg sleeps by sitting too much time in the toilet..*

Matthew Aden : The best part is when the rocket tips over ever so slowly... And then just explodes. Like, wtf? I would be super nervous being the crew that takes it off the drone ship.

Atreyu Principalh : Mr Musk is the The Tony Stark of Our time.. God bless this innovative Gent!! !! very proud Sir!100%

Lapo mouni : I hope you get the trash out of the ocean!

Nate : When these become widely available as the world's fastest transportation, this video should play to all of the passengers before launch.

Laurie Johnson : Just saw your first triple booster landing, huge congrats, let out a *roar* when you did so!

Aeredhael Redfalen : "Rapid unscheduled disassembly." Heh, engineering euphemisms make me giggle.

EnterpriseKnight : kerbal space program never felt this real.

Lonely Cactus : the failed land landings are basically *this is fine, still fine, i'm sti- THIS IS NOT GOOD*

billyyank : And now, for something completely different.

it's me : ok, I will try my best no to land my rocket like that.

Abhishek Bansal : So it'll explode if anything goes wrong? "We ain't goin empty handed.... Gotta treat my eyes to some fireworks." - Mission Control

I am Nobody : SpaceX is just very expensive KSP Simulator

Mastacheifa 118 : Come on guys, its **only** rocket science...

RBabik Ii : Space x is like.... explosions bro. Compilations bro. Youtube bro. Winning bro.

Abhi Choudhary : Well done , great job best of luck for future.....❤spaceX🔥🔥🔥

Damien Nk : What does "Entropy... is such a lonely word" mean ?

CasMullac : If we find intelligent extraterrestrial life, we will be seen as the Orks of space. MOR BOOM, MOR DAKKA, TRY AGEN, SEND MOR!

1.5x playback everything - thank me later : Never forget the little maneuvering engine that tried. RIP 2015

Z E R O © : Ahh.. moon lander already had done vertical landing and take off...and on the moon...and 50 years ago..and with people in it. 🤣😂

Obi wan Kenobi : Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery, hmm... but weakness, folly, failure also. Yes failure, most of all. The greatest teacher failure is.

Captn RAMBO : "WOW, congrats on your triumph with success landing those rockets, those years were amazing keeping hope till it’s the right temperature" Captn RAMBO


Will R : When people ask what Kerbal Space Program is like

FBI : I think you messed up the staging... *KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM*

Ineffable Films : April 19th 2019 all three land perfectly for the first time ever... lol just watched it live

Joppikense : Video: "The course of true love never did run smooth" (1:18) Me: *laughs

g g : There just noobs they just started playing this game

Jimmy Jango : At least SpaceX can make some money back from ad revenue

marc atkinson : So what's your point?, that things go wrong during complicated engineering development?.... Wow...who knew?

Jam Bun : If you make it into a meme, people won’t worry about the explosion

MysticBlast3r26 : SpaceX makes fun of their own failures Physics: *am i a joke to you?*

crazy freak : No.. this is the best reocket porn on internet😍

classicMaxReviews : It is always good to see a company that has a sense of humour. So much can be learned from failure, and even more can be laugh at.

penguin44ca : Um, yeah I wouldn't be standing next to flaming rocket debris, but thats just me.

Austin S. : Edited by the man himself Elon Musk