The Untold Story of EMMETT LUIS TILL (Documentary 2005) by Keith Beauchamp

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Like the page "Mamie Till Mobley Foundation" on Facebook: Never-before-seen testimony is included in this documentary on Emmett Louis Till, who, in 1955, was brutally murdered after he whistled at a white woman. Simple yet riveting, The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till articulates the madness of racism in the South of the 1950s. Combining archival photos and footage with deeply felt interviews, this documentary tells the harrowing story of what happened when a mischievous 14 year old black boy from Chicago, visiting his relatives in Mississippi, whistled at a white woman in the street. The lynching that followed was so gruesome that a media circus surrounded the trial--and what stunned the nation was not only the crime, but the blithe unconcern the citizens of a small Mississippi town felt toward the brutal murder of a black teenager. The interviews suspensefully unveil the story, moving from the viewpoint of Till's mother to the perspective of his Southern cousins to actual film of Till's uncle, who had the astonishing courage to accuse the two killers in court. Till's mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, addressed the entire country in news footage, begging that something be done so that her son did not die in vain. The awkward, un-media-savvy quality of the 1950s interviews may seem to come from another world, but the harsh truth of what happened sprang all too clearly from America's still unresolved racial conflicts. A passionate, compelling documentary.


Albertina Campbell : The woman who lied on Emmett should be jailed I don't care if she is old, she is alive.

AllthewayNatural : If they got Bill Cosby at almost 90 years old, get these fools.

Kiks Levi : “If you can’t open the box then I can”. Mamie Till The strength of a mother. 🙏🏾

kush King : And you just had a white woman lie on a 9 year old black kid in New York saying he grabbed her butt, video footage showed she was lying the boys backpack brushed against her when he was trying to get by with his mother and little sister, THIS IS 2018 SMH, Im thoroughly convenised that white people are trying to start a race war but this time we not going to be victims

C Me : Mississippi hasn't changed. Still the most racist state in the union.

Brandi Nicks : I'm lost...when was America EVER great??... tsk, I'll wait!

LoveMEsumLISSA : As strange as it may sound I believe that Mamie Till won in the end. She did not get justice for her son BUT she did the only thing that she could do which was expose these wicked individuals to the world. She would not let them silently bury his body or hide it. She wanted the world to see this injustice. Knowing that she did ALL that she could do I believe is why she seemed so strong and peaceful afterward.

J'LaNise XOXO : Awwwww he was such a beeeeeautiful baby...So sad and so sorry about what happend to you Mr. Till. May you continue to rest in the loving arms of the lord. 🙏🏽

gemini _flower : i wish i can go back in time , and shoot those 2 men in the head...this story makes me so angry

Water Sniper : The fact that whistling, looking or mistakenly brushing up against a white fleamale was a crime is astounding.

Shardean From The Wire : For everyone asking why Moses allowed Emmett to be dragged out the house without a fight, think about the time period. Moses and his family would of been murdered just like Emmett for trying to stop them. Black folks had no choice but comply back then in most cases!

Taji Nelson : She is with emmit rejoicing in heaven god bless the both of them 🙏

The Thoughts of Dani P. : These devils are going to be in for a rude awakening when they depart this world.

LA L. : Gosh he got killed and tortured for just being a kid.

Amber l : He was just a young and naive kid. He wasn't from the south. He didn't realize how bad things could get for him.

AndIAm Trena : Funny how even back then whites tried to demonize organizations like the NAACP. Now we see today they try to demonize Black Lives Matters. Anyone that unites us and attempts to fight racism is suddenly evil. But they stood together and acquitted these so called men who were the epitome of evil. Today they’re still legally able to kill. RIP Trayvon, Jordan, Tamar, those unnamed and Emmitt. 🙏🏾

Honest Audrey : You'd never catch me allowing someone to take my family, CHILD nontheless, out of our home. You'd kill me first.

Jade Carter : No mother should have to experience this pain

Winner 2016 : The mother is so strong. God bless that family

Water Sniper : I still cannot believe I'm seeing black men walking around with these white devils in 2019, unbelievable.

Barbie Love : I Really DO HATE THIS WORLD.... Meaning the People’s In It...

joanna luv4 melanin : Why aren't these type of storie embedded in our minds?. Not for negative things, but to come together and unite. Smh.

Sita Rules17 : She's now with her son in heaven God bless them❤

Susanne Hand : I cannot believe what I just watched, absolutely disgusting killing a human being like the way they did. I'm a white person and I looked at this video it actually made me ashamed to know white people done this and not only that who gave them the right to say that only white people should live on this earth and have rights, it doesn't say that in a bible. we all have rights and a right to live on this earth weather were black, white, yellow, purple we should all live together on this earth and love one another. it saddens me that a mother had to lose her son in such brutality and not only that known that these two disgusting poor excuses for men had kill Emmett and they all knew they done it but the still got away with it. I really hope that if they are dead now I hope the devil👺👹 has them because they don't derserve to live in peace, they deserve to be tortured the same way they done to EMMETT LOUIS TILL 😢😢😢💔💔💔. I am sending my sympathy and condolences to the TILL FAMILY and r.I.p MAMIE MAE TILL you are with your son Emmett now and may God wrap his arms around you both.. xxx xxx ❤❤❤❤❤... God bless all of the TILL FAMILY.. May God bless you all and protect you's... ❤❤❤... 😇

Diajay Welcome : He was so handsome God bless his soul

C Me : This was America not long ago. Stay woke.

Queen J : Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord 🙏🏾

Don’t Touch My Chipotle : He would be turning 77 if he was alive. R.I.P Emmett

Cynthia Wilson : This is just horrible and heartbreaking. Then to know, that the woman lied on that child. Bill and OJ go to to jail but this woman has never suffered the consequences of her actions. In 2018, we are still punished unfairly. Our black men gravitate to white women as though they are the final trophy of success. It is a slap in our faces, as black women. I do not believe that ALL white people are this way. However, I stay on high alert and always will.

White Emerald_ : I never heard of this young man before. His story is upsetting and scary. He didn't deserve to die. Rest in peace.

Perushion Rushion : In every Elementary School junior high school and high school and even College Emmett Till story and so many others need to be told about how they treated us

Glo Goddess : she’s a hero he’s a hero I’m still crying 😢. People need to wake up thank you Mamie for showing Emmit he’s still in my heart like my kids you’re a wonderful person for this♥️

MMAFighter38 : It kills me knowing he never received any justice.

natalya Banks : and it’s just tragic how she confessed years later that he didn’t do anything , at all . he lost his life for no reason .

Amber l : That's really eerie and ironic that when she said, "I might never see you again" before he left, she never saw him alive again.

Mark Waits : Surely these 2 men (animals) are burning in Hell! Forever in torment! Eternal justice...

Keyda Richardson : And they wanna say black people are prone to violence. This shows which race is more violence

Tre Sully : Which also makes me side eye these black men who put white women above black women

L Lugz : They will rot in hell for what they did to that teenager. God is a just God that will avenge his people.

Chandice Jamison : Everytime I Watch This I Cry. I Think If I Was Living In Those Days I Would Have Been Dead Too Because I Wouldn't Stand For It...They Can Do Everything To Hurt Us But, We Can't Fight Back SMDH I Would Had To Killed A Couple Of Them 🍘's And Took Them Down With Me I'm Sorry For How I Phrased it But, Hey It Is What It Is He Was Too Young To Die.. Carolyn Bryant Need To Feel The Wrath Too She Ain't Innocent I Wish I Can Get My Hands On Her And Show Her How Emmett Felt RIP Emmett Till

tarsha sutton : She was so STRONG! Lord, I don’t think I could live after seeing my precious son like that

Ashley Garrett : That kiss was just so disgusting between the Bryant's when they were asked how they felt after they got not guilty. What a shame. God will make sure that there will be justice for this sweet boy and his family. I can promise you that. That awful disgusting kiss though, just made me nauseating sick!!

Susan Boudreaux : Carolyn Bryant was one ugly woman inside and out.

jarjar jarbor : God's not sleeping... for what that little boy had to endure. What his poor mother had to endure. What us at black people have to STILL endure :(( I'm literally in uncontrollable tears. I hope all those involved with this poor innocent boys murder... rott in enternal hell

Aisha Johnson : God remembers everything.

Felicia Docgrand : He was a beautiful baby

NAE Says : i can't fathom having strangers walk into my house and walk away with a child let alone someone else's child. Lord it was a different time then and history is repeating itself.

Gayle Williams : The uncle sounds as if he was reading what happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This makes you have a special kind of hate for racist wypipo...

Madison Green : But let a black man do that to a white child