The Untold Story of EMMETT LUIS TILL (Documentary 2005) by Keith Beauchamp

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medscommajay : This breaks my heart. Today, so many people like to act like this was a million years ago. My mom was alive back then, my grandmother who raised me while my mom was at work was alive back then... Im a puerto rican kid, never had to hear stories like this from them, but still, feeling the racial tension in todays America, this hits home. I wish we could all be united. That no story like Emmett's will ever be told again. But being a person who appears white, who has a ton of black friends, being from The Bronx, NY, I see the way me and my black friends are treated, I can see that this change is still not upon us. I can only hope, that by the time my grandchildren are my age, we can all consider each other equal, consider each other friends, consider each other fellow Americans.

Sita Rules17 : She's now with her son in heaven God bless them❤

Yirmayahu Yisrael : But yet today so many black men go grab these women... I'm cool. Never have never will

Water Sniper : The fact that whistling, looking or mistakenly brushing up against a white fleamale was a crime is astounding.

Albertina Campbell : The woman who lied on Emmett should be jailed I don't care if she is old, she is alive.

Timeless_Allure . : Im so ready for this to hit the big screen...I know Taraji will do amazing producing this film as well as portraying the amazing Mamie Till

AllthewayNatural : If they got Bill Cosby at almost 90 years old, get these fools.

Kiks Levi : “If you can’t open the box then I can”. Mamie Till The strength of a mother. 🙏🏾

lang 1007 : he was really handsome and had amazing eyes

druggedflowers : Wow the mother at the end saying god had chosen him for this particular mission was incredible, she had no choice but to see the beauty and forgiveness in this horror.

Itsmy Ownvevo : this makes me sad to know African American went through so much like segregation, slavery, and the prosecution of young black men

loretta908 : All this and it turns out the woman lied!

Lee Lee Rocks : You have to be an evil evil person to kill and torture a human being like that. I couldn't do an animal like that.

Brandi Nicks : I'm lost...when was America EVER great??... tsk, I'll wait!

The1&OnlyKiaFOH Plus Kate : We as BLACK WOMEN are so STRONG💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💯✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽🙏

Sage Careless Whisperer : I remember the day Mamie Till died. I believe the story was about 6-8 pages, maybe more? It was 2003 and I was only 12 1/2. But her death made the front pages of the paper. Everyone was talking about it. RIP Mamie. You may not have seen justice but you gained your truth from over a million people in the world, including me.

kush King : And you just had a white woman lie on a 9 year old black kid in New York saying he grabbed her butt, video footage showed she was lying the boys backpack brushed against her when he was trying to get by with his mother and little sister, THIS IS 2018 SMH, Im thoroughly convenised that white people are trying to start a race war but this time we not going to be victims

Luwam Alem : My GOD!! She literally has to be one of the strongest women ever; the fact that she can just talk about her son's murder & have no tears left to cry is crazy to me! The story of Emmet (AKA Bobo) is the one of sadest story I've ever heard!! RACISM still exists TODAY & that's the part that kills me the most 😢😢😡

NzuriMoja : White devil lied about the whole thing.....this is what we face even today. Lying white folk conjuring up stories to hide their evil ways. She needs be locked up along with everyone else that was apart of it. I don't care how old these people are right now. They deserve jail for what they did to this poor child. How do you think Rosewood started?! One white woman lies about being rapped by a black man and whole community of black people are massacred because a lie.

Wiz Tahlifa : I was born and raised in Mississippi when I learned about this in school I felt shame and horror I told my parent i couldnt live there any more I left 2002 and never returned

GENESSI : And a courtroom being filled with white people, white jury it was hard to believe a black person would get justice. We didn’t have anyone defending us, and we didn’t have the rights to defend ourselves. We weren’t protected by the police. But it took strength to still have hope and still fight for justice knowing that we would never have that.

Water Sniper : I still cannot believe I'm seeing black men walking around with these white devils in 2019, unbelievable.

LoveMEsumLISSA : As strange as it may sound I believe that Mamie Till won in the end. She did not get justice for her son BUT she did the only thing that she could do which was expose these wicked individuals to the world. She would not let them silently bury his body or hide it. She wanted the world to see this injustice. Knowing that she did ALL that she could do I believe is why she seemed so strong and peaceful afterward.

Shardean From The Wire : For everyone asking why Moses allowed Emmett to be dragged out the house without a fight, think about the time period. Moses and his family would of been murdered just like Emmett for trying to stop them. Black folks had no choice but comply back then in most cases!

J'LaNise XOXO : Awwwww he was such a beeeeeautiful baby...So sad and so sorry about what happend to you Mr. Till. May you continue to rest in the loving arms of the lord. 🙏🏽

FelicityGemini : all emmett TIll did was reestablish how the whites think in this world: he was suppose to be buried NEVER to be seen or heard from again, so whites can continue acting like they never did anything horrible and grotesque in their lives. every time i see these stories of young black men in jim crow getting lynched and murdered reminds me of treyvon's death in the new millennium, as like Till's murderers and zimmerman. they got away with murder.. .seems like amerikkka hasn't changed one bit... they put on a lovely face of equality but the truth is, if you dont look like them the secret hate start building, then the bodies start piling up

Elizabeth Wilmot : What a beautiful child. What a beautiful mother. What a national tragedy. I am teaching my students about the Jim Crow era. May we all learn this ugly truth so that the scourge of racism can be erased from society.

Luvkid Nash : Am I the only one who was upset about the injustice and abuse of blacks. This Video had me crying like a baby. So Sad

Keyda Richardson : And they wanna say black people are prone to violence. This shows which race is more violence

MirandaDoll951 : My heart is hurting so much watching this as a mother I can't fathom the pain . Especially knowing he could of been saved numerous of times ,no one did anything

GENESSI : God bless her. She’s so strong.

Taji Nelson : She is with emmit rejoicing in heaven god bless the both of them 🙏

Winner 2016 : The mother is so strong. God bless that family

• spacexghost : My heart aches. I remember talking to my father about the world and how I wanted everyone to be equal and get along and then he told me about emitt till and showed me the pictures too and told me “the world will never be that way. It wasn’t back then and it’s not now” although we have came a long way in society,we’re still not quite there yet. It’s very hard to forget the past. We must honor it,learn from it,and try to make the present better for us and those after us so we don’t have to experience anymore emitt tills,Trayvon martins,etc. RIP beautiful boy and may you receive the justice you deserve.

White Emerald_ : I never heard of this young man before. His story is upsetting and scary. He didn't deserve to die. Rest in peace.

WilsonEatsASMR : WOW, this was one powerful video!

C Me : Mississippi hasn't changed. Still the most racist state in the union.

The Thoughts of Dani P. : These devils are going to be in for a rude awakening when they depart this world.

Cynthia Wilson : This is just horrible and heartbreaking. Then to know, that the woman lied on that child. Bill and OJ go to to jail but this woman has never suffered the consequences of her actions. In 2018, we are still punished unfairly. Our black men gravitate to white women as though they are the final trophy of success. It is a slap in our faces, as black women. I do not believe that ALL white people are this way. However, I stay on high alert and always will.

Royals Dreams : Im only at 15 minutes and im beyond pissed off. So many questions. As adults why was he not forced on tge train and sent back to chicago. Yet alone how did his family let these white men walk into there house and take him without a fight

Mary's Channel : Mamie Til is the epitome of strength. This historic tragedy makes me sad and furious at the same time.

ralexa_1 : My heart wrenched when she described what her son looked like before. How can people be so cruel to someone disgusts me. I wish someone would of warned Emmett!

The Horse Chronicles : These were more than just racist pigs . these ppl were absolute demons. I'm not ashamed to be the 'color' i am ..but stories like these make me ashamed of what our species are capable of ..regardless of 'race'

Harrison Stapleton : OMG I WISH THERE WAS NEVER RACISM😥😭😭😭

eviltreemonster : I think now I understand Black Lives Matter.

Sage Careless Whisperer : They truly hated this kid! They mutilated his body, eyes, penis, and teeth. I could see if they just shot him. Nothing but monsters. Also notice the way Juanita Milam looked when the verdict was reached...she didn't look happy at all.

Susanne Hand : I cannot believe what I just watched, absolutely disgusting killing a human being like the way they did. I'm a white person and I looked at this video it actually made me ashamed to know white people done this and not only that who gave them the right to say that only white people should live on this earth and have rights, it doesn't say that in a bible. we all have rights and a right to live on this earth weather were black, white, yellow, purple we should all live together on this earth and love one another. it saddens me that a mother had to lose her son in such brutality and not only that known that these two disgusting poor excuses for men had kill Emmett and they all knew they done it but the still got away with it. I really hope that if they are dead now I hope the devil👺👹 has them because they don't derserve to live in peace, they deserve to be tortured the same way they done to EMMETT LOUIS TILL 😢😢😢💔💔💔. I am sending my sympathy and condolences to the TILL FAMILY and r.I.p MAMIE MAE TILL you are with your son Emmett now and may God wrap his arms around you both.. xxx xxx ❤❤❤❤❤... God bless all of the TILL FAMILY.. May God bless you all and protect you's... ❤❤❤... 😇

Barbie Love : I Really DO HATE THIS WORLD.... Meaning the People’s In It...

kennisha : The spitting image of Emmet Till and Tamir Rice is so chilling and heart breaking.. goes to show that nothing has changed in this country 😔💔

Perushion Rushion : In every Elementary School junior high school and high school and even College Emmett Till story and so many others need to be told about how they treated us