John Cena Explains Why No One Can See Him | John Cena Loves the Internet | Cricket Wireless

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Praneesh A.K : I bet They Laughed their Heads off doing this with serious faces...

Ahmed Ayub : What if John Cena would go invisible and beat Roman reigns????

Leviathan Prototype : #seejohncena

Pikachu loves Digimon : don't worry John, Chuck Norris can see everyone. including you.

Faijan Shaikh : I love cena please cena reply

Sad Cena : This is the burden God has put upon me. This is my punishment for my sins. I'm not sure if i can continue like this anymore. There is no God if I exist, all that remains is the void. There is no heaven nor hell, just emptiness.

THE NOTORIOUS : this was actually soo funny😂😂

Max Gladwell : Cena is the man

Javier Ivan Reyes : This is fucking beautiful

Gemmy Saur : This... Just... The budget used to animate the John Cena we saw there is just bonkers. Kudos to Cricket Wireless for doing such a video. #seejohncena

Anjushree Verma : John Cena is such a lovely and charismatic human being. Making jokes and laughing on your own self is not easy, especially when you're as famous as him but he still does it every time. His sense of humour is so good and he proves it time and again ❤

loukas skywalker : ho ever comented did you like i liked too

A hardcore souls player : Are you kidding right now. This is just stuipid.

djvic2005 boyy : #seejohncena

Javier Aguilar : Knock knock( deep breath out)whosss there not John cena i cant see you lol

uvuvwevwevwe onentennevwe : That's not true cause I see cena in the ring when I goes to wrestlemania 29😏

Galix-y Animations : #seejohncena

Mario Paz : That is so fake

davie bidos : haven't seen the full video yet but I'm already laughin at the thumbnail saying (coping with invisibility) XD

Something Something : Why are they simply filming a green wall at 2:10? I don't get it

MCS N : John cena I am Redwan and I am you biggest fan and please reply I will be waiting I will be very much happy please reply

Smappy Boy : I see you, John

forgotten toothpick : xD 10/10 he's done it again

RanA B : 2:19 please make this a meme

Matt Guzek : I love you you john cent

CarmelBear QJ : #seejohncena btw I'm going to no mercy

Justin Rosado : I bet john cena would beat roman reings at no mercy

Jake Paul : I hope you feel better john cena thank you for everything 👌🏻💪🏻👋😔

Nabil Al akel : @ I could see john cena and i love him

Diwansh Singla : Very funny john cena is best

SuperCsubi - A Dühöngő Űrmedve : "I can't see you. Diagnosis: nothing!" My favourite part.

Illasera : 1:10 - A black guy enters the room, cena : You are looking at nothing.

MasterFhyl : I hate Cena so much... But these videos are so great

Erik Bakker : "It's a high technology project, with [...] science."

AToxicFear : What's that song a 0:17??

Vhacks : I’ll be honest with y’all I still can’t see him

Jason Jëager : Is this Joke?

Pink N Purple : #SeeJohnCena

decoy boy Gaming 2009 : #seejohncena

Unai Alberdi : XDDDDFDFFFD

Arda Yildirim : I Love cena

Cecilia Diaz : #see John cena

MasonProGamer 13 : #SeeJohnCena

Steve-o Moreno : We Cena uff

Valentino Di Petta : Fake

Liam Svensson : #SEEJOHNCENA

Caitlyn Pritchard : fraaaame by frame

Hashi Hersi : #seejohncena

Ili loly : #SeeJohnCena

DDG's Buffys : Genius😂