Surface Pro 2017 (5) Unboxing: Initial Thoughts/Impressions Surface Pro 4.5?

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So first of shout out to UrAvgConsumer and Microsoft for sending this out to me! The model being reviewed is the Intel Core i5/8GB of RAM/256 GB of Solid State Storage. For a more detailed review later be sure to subscribe and comment below what questions you have about the surface pro 2017 model. To purchase this model or any others here is a link to the cheapest models I could find on amazon, also shopping through this link for anything helps support the channel so BIG shout out to my subscribers who take the time to do that! Link: For business inquiries contact me at: NO OTHER EMAILS ARE VALID and as always Thanks for Watching! 😋 For all you music heads out there Music by: LAKEYINSPIRED - Chill Day Check out his SoundCloud! - -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Headphone Battle!: "VERSUS: Budget Headphone Edition - Best Headphones Under 40 Bucks? Edifier w806bt vs Photive BTH3" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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diszysoldr : These new visuals are dope bruh

All About Everything : Hey Dop, glad to see you back! I currently have the Surface Pro 4 which I use for a lot of my research/script writing, but it does struggle a little when running programs such as Inkscape (which, to be fair, can be a little heavy), so I'm curious to see how the new model runs. Keep up the good work!

Mildly Entertaining : I would like to know the processor performance. Looks great for writing on the go. I agree that Keyboard should be included. Great video I look forward to your next.

turkeypaz : Glad to see you back man!!! Good video :) Regards from the rumboyz!

HappyCord : You deserve more subs and likes

Jan Doperoy : How much altogether for everything?

Em. erse : Nice shots 👍

We Suck At Cooking : Solid review, Dop. Keep it up!

Travis McP : Looking forward to your full review. Awesome hook up from some major names!

Achilles : Definitely deserve more subscribers, good job man!

BigTubbey * : Where did u get the wallpaper from I'ma fan of my hero

Luke Chudoba : How do you blur the background so nicely?

Aydrien X'O : Nice