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JordiTK : This is quality news

A.K. : Damn. These reporters have no chill

Adam Cheek : *BUT NOW, HE'S DEAD*

Boobr : This is the hard-hitting journalism I wanted.

Questions Answers : But now he's dead... Steal as much TVs as possible and then you die?? This is pure gold, that is never been told... Or sold!!

ZeLilHuntsman : Why did he look so excited about his brother breaking into his home and robbing him?

MrTame : Let me just hop on this train now before it heads out to popularity

Sash13 : but now he's dead!

Polokus : I hope this will become a meme. SO i can say that i knew this video before it was popular and brag with my friends about it. I don't have frineds unfortuanatly. but who needs friends when you got so many videos to watch on youtube

Zenny : if all news was like this i don't think any news channel would have problems with ratings

DavidtheWavid : That went from 0 to 100 to about 87 billion.

Clay-Media : what episode of Cory in the house is this?

EpicMovieAddict : How many TVs did he steal?

halburd1 : now thats what i call cause and effect!

Mr. Noir : "My brother used to break into our house ans steal the tv." *But now he's dead.*

Lex Derp : "My brother used to break into the house and steal the TV" Me: What did this happen a lot? Did he put the TV back just so he could st- *_"And now, he's dead"_* Me:


The Real Ig : BUT NOW, HE'S DEAD.

LL VG : I know I am like a bigillion years late, but did yall notice that the category is gaming?

Nick Thompson : Sad, his brother thought it was funny apparently. They should leave a tv out on the anniversary and let someone steal it in honor.

Adam Cheek : Also commenting to show I saw this video before it became a meme

BraganzaHQ : B U T T N O W H E S *D E D*

Yung Swisha : This mans voice is golden.

Succ Lord : I'm commenting so I can say I was here before this blew up

Eric Holm : Denk mamery

HEDDLU : But now he's dead

Succ Lord : I felll

Doodle Poodles : Too soon...

pricek1992 : he ded

The Mighty Spitball : Savage

omgitzernesto : but now he ded

Shashank Kumar : nice one

Brunsauce : ok

JustAFailure YT : Who came from lazer beams channel

S W E E T V I B E S B A B Y : Why did he sound so happy about his brother stealing his tv? Lol 😂😂

Julia J. : Poor brother-

Squid-force : I guess he won't be stealing any more TV'.s

BillTheMiner : Who from Lazar BEam?

Killer Queen : IM DYING!!!! XD

Caleb Shockency : Real news

Damian Segura : But now he's dead

M : 2 finna funny

Saleen S7 : Ohh.

danny - yos17 : But now he's dead

Fortnite God : 😂😂😂

AndrewBrewer917 : Category: Gaming Yup, that makes sense

Ex0tic Br4d : *SAVAGE LEVEL 9001*

Jason Miller : Dank memes

xoan cabado : Lmao, i want this news in my country

Aleksa Katsiashvili : This is quality meme over here, i litterally laughed so hard