Cloud Chambers - Objectivity #167
Cloud Chambers Objectivity 167

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Brady and Keith look at the history of cloud chambers. More links below ↓↓↓ Featuring Keith Moore from The Royal Society speaking with Brady. Objectivity on Patreon: Subscribe to Objectivity: Films by James Hennessy and Brady Haran More cloud chambers on Periodic Videos: Royal Society website: The Royal Society's own YouTube channel: Facebook: Twitter: Patron thank you page: Objectivity T-Shirts:


RealSpaceModels : Today's Objectivity should be sponsored by Fracture so Brady and Keith can get those nice images on their walls.

Leander : I wish I could listen to keith talk about random stuff all day

Ducksauce : Cloud chambers should be the first science projects kids do in school. If this was the case there would be no lack of interest in stem. They are mind blowing to adults and just plain magic to kids.

EatenByAGrue : I'm surprised that they didn't have an actual cloud chamber for you to look at. still, those were some stunning pictures.

sky bro : Keith has the most healing voice.

TheyCallMeNewb : How does one in a relevant European nation, have 'von' appended to their name?

David Scott : You should do a segment on this with your physics channel.

Jan : I can't believe I missed this channel for so long. :)

P anon F. : There are few things I enjoy more than watching Objectivity while having lunch.

Lucid Moses : Keith! Glad your back.

Charles Cox : Have you done a video on Rev Dr Nevil Maskelyne, weight of the earth, and the Mason-Dixon Line?

lzeph : Cloud chamber photos as art -- YES!

social3ngin33rin : There's hope, I thought all famous scientists had good writing and drawings

Atlas WalkedAway : One of my very favorite objects. An interface that turns the abstract concept of a series of force and particle interactions essentially directly into a graph.

B : you two just made my afternoon. such a good channel we learned how bad sellotape was in the episode problems with paper :)

riverbender : I really wish you kept your linen gloves on at all times. Love the video!

jelletje8 : Brady can you share the high-res jpg

Keith Becker : I'm totally with Keith on which picture to have blown on up my wall.

Metalkatt : They remind me of agar plates growing sweeps of bacterial lines.

Dave Sisson : Years ago I interviewed the head of Australia's Antarctic programme in the 1940s and 1950s. One of the first things they did after the war was to build a Cosmic Ray observation hut at Mt Hotham ski resort before moving the equipment to Antarctica in the early 50s. I've always wondered why they installed CosRay equipment at a ski resort, was it that the high altitude and low temperature made observations better or were they just using the harsh climate as preparation for doing the job in Antarctica?

fhlbadenhorst : It's a lovely film, thank you.

Alonso Castro : I like all the cool things Brady features in these videos, plus I like Brady's cool watches which are not even featured!

MichaelKingsfordGray : Hose clamps, nails, wooden brackets (Blackett's Brackets?), no doubt sealing wax and string. That makes me feel so much better about my experiments in Dad's shed when I was 9. Still no Nobel prize, though...

oldcowbb : winning nobel price is just "not bad" for keith

Supahfly uk : This channel is amazing always something special to see

William Sims : If a city has a sizable cloud chamber in any museum, it's always top of my list for a visit. Best meditation device ever. I really, really want to own one!

Carter Cole : one of my favorite experiments

RMoribayashi : The back pages of science and DIY elacronics magazines in the 1960's often advertised home cloud chamber kits. I never found out if they were worth the money since they were mixed in with so many other products of dubious reputation.

PinkChucky15 : Hmm interesting, cloud chambers are awesome :-)

Devsack : I just made a cloud chamber today at school. The teachers gave me an old piece of plutonium as a source!

Guillermo Rocamora Perez : Wow... are those big white lines on the modern cloud chamber alpha particles?? Such a high concentration of Radon if so. I can see maybe 1 or 2 every few seconds in the cloud chamber from my University.

Ducksauce : Thunderfoot should do a cloud chamber and record it with his phantom slomo cams.

Karl Kastor : I've seen a great cloud chamber at DESY in Hamburg, Germany. They are so cool to look at. You can actually build a simpler cloud chamber yourself. All you need is an aquarium, alcohol, sponges and cooling IIRC. Look up a tutorial, if you want to build this.

Rohit Yadav : Great!!

chaoslab : How awesome looking. Some look like fractals and some look like strange attractors. (Programmed a hybrid IFS / Strange Attractor generator a while back).

Marconius : The Royal Society really should sell some stuff like these as posters or t-shirts or something.

Ree Zo : Uuuuhhh keith.. Yumm 😙

Philip B : I can park myself before a cloud chamber for a 'zone-out/reconnect' session. Some track, however, look weird. Some few tacks go in different - even pretty much opposite - directions. OK so far. Some curve - that directly messes with our sense of remoteness from high-energy weirdness.

Juanjo Quispe : First

JPaul C : I want a USB cloud chamber.

blindbrick blindbrick : Onley con artists should be compared  to Jackson Pollock, not Nobel laureates.