Manolo in Australia Episode 1
Manolo in Australia

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Your favorite Adult Convention Comedian is now in Australia on a mission. Follow Manolo along with his friends in this life changing journey.


Sol_Protege : He's like a Puerto Rican H3H3

Porn The Game OFFICIAL : Manolo is truly one of a kind! Big up to all the Cabrones!

marclivis2 : Instantly subscribed. You're hilarious

911s73targa : Ozzieman has competition.

Angel Lacomba : Te amo <3

Silenced Lemon : Omfg this is hilarious I haven't stopped laughing

J D : Manolo, I don't know if you've seen the recent reddit post about you on /r/videos (I can link it if you'd like) but I you have a great sense of humor and ability to edit, I've only recently discovered your channel and I think you're great. I mean discovery in the most serious of ways; never stop making videos and please never stop trying to make people laugh, you're good at it and it's a gift too easily squandered. I'm very excited to see you grow as you make videos.

Shaneen Child : Señollll you're amazing

Mike J : Amazing but pls censor pornthegame because YouTube are full of sensitive nits who are gonna take this vid down

Cahnis : I laughed throughout the whole thing,great job holy shit.

NasT : 10/10 enjoy your sub lad, looking forward to more.

Miguel Caban : Diache cabron, ese dip sabe a mierda, literal

Justas Gedvilas : INB4 Manolo get's picked up by HBO

Silent Storm : uh i wouldnt eat vegemite on anything but toast or a plain biscuit(savory) and this is coming from an australian :D

Henry 'Zombie' JamesPB : Soy el primero en comentar, y el ultimo en chichar!

Pun2989 : As a Australian, i must know how this series ends! your giving me the biggest blue balls, where's the rest of the series?

Ignyte : This is too good, mate. Great work!

Teppei Iron : Bellaco

Laura Nahomi : I need more, thank you.

Evan Hart : So unfunny. Stop trying so hard

Harry Burrows : I hope the Manolo Show goes viral

Triliflops : Is his accent for real?

Martynas J : AMAZING! When is the next episode?

xdeadmeatx : This is hilarious.

Logamus Prime : My brother from another Puerto Rican mother. My dude. You are hilarious. Wish you the best of success.

ajnode : As an Aussie, it's strange to see how badly people take Vegemite. I think it's more a psychological thing... I literally smother my toast with the stuff - like a ridiculous amount. And it tastes awesome.

Tania Rodriguez : Cabronnnn! Yo quiero Vegemite. Btw the pig with no face is my distant cousin 😂😂😂😂

Rivera Alanís : Lmao you guys <3

Debbie Ortiz : EPIC!!!!!! <3 YAS!!

Osvaldo Otero : Hahahahahahahahaha me acabe de cagar debla risa mano the foking best

Mr Jelle2503 : Yo bro where can i buy your merch? I never bought merch in 20 years of internet but you are the first channel i wanna support this way

Bronson : Ah, cabrón!

Plexiate : This is gold.

Gambitz : For science!

tigercake558 : *moans in fat* got me hahaha

Drakeo : Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Espero que estes bien por alla,nolo!

ACIDIC VAGINA : Este cabron😂😂😂

serge jacinto : ¡Carbrón! ¿Que no tienen pavos en Puerto Rico? ¿Cómo es que reconoces el sabor de semen malo? ¡Casi me cagué de la risa!

Morgan Rintoul-Heaton : you are so funny

koila maoh : Love this cabrone. Found him on reddit.

naniekso : Where is 2????!!!!

Manuel Sorrentini : Cabron donde esta el próximo

Nixx : Manolo cabronnnn mas videos como este 😂😂😂

Jesus Christ : haaaaayyyyy cabron

Christian Large : Manolo the fucking duroooo!!! Hahaha mi canal favorito

Bulmer : what