Manolo in Australia Episode 1

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Cahnis : I laughed throughout the whole thing,great job holy shit.

Porn The Game OFFICIAL : Manolo is truly one of a kind! Big up to all the Cabrones!

Sol_Protege : He's like a Puerto Rican H3H3

Justas Gedvilas : INB4 Manolo get's picked up by HBO

Justin Diaz : My ribs hurt. From all the laughing. I think I broke one. Ahh well small price to pay.

Will Steelsmith : Omfg this is hilarious I haven't stopped laughing

911s73targa : Ozzieman has competition.

Bronson : Ah, cabrón!

Angel Lacomba : Te amo <3

Osvaldo Otero : Hahahahahahahahaha me acabe de cagar debla risa mano the foking best

xdeadmeatx : This is hilarious.

Jesus Christ : haaaaayyyyy cabron

Luca Wolf : Porn: The Game! ...Where everyone gets fok'd! ... lol

Evan Hart : So unfunny. Stop trying so hard

Plexiate : This is gold.

Logamus Prime : My brother from another Puerto Rican mother. My dude. You are hilarious. Wish you the best of success.

J D : Manolo, I don't know if you've seen the recent reddit post about you on /r/videos (I can link it if you'd like) but I you have a great sense of humor and ability to edit, I've only recently discovered your channel and I think you're great. I mean discovery in the most serious of ways; never stop making videos and please never stop trying to make people laugh, you're good at it and it's a gift too easily squandered. I'm very excited to see you grow as you make videos.

Daniel Sánchez : Vaya caca

Triliflops : Is his accent for real?

Udin Udin : Amazing but pls censor pornthegame because YouTube are full of sensitive nits who are gonna take this vid down

Bulmer : what

Miguel Caban : Diache cabron, ese dip sabe a mierda, literal

Henry 'Zombie' JamesPB : Soy el primero en comentar, y el ultimo en chichar!

Christian Large : Manolo the fucking duroooo!!! Hahaha mi canal favorito

tigercake558 : *moans in fat* got me hahaha

Primate : I subbed because of the intermittent sound of the turtle cumming

Rivera Alanís : Lmao you guys <3

Laura Nahomi : I need more, thank you.

Shaneen Child : Señollll you're amazing

marclivis2 : Instantly subscribed. You're hilarious

Manuel Sorrentini : Cabron donde esta el próximo

Teppei Iron : Bellaco

serge jacinto : ¡Carbrón! ¿Que no tienen pavos en Puerto Rico? ¿Cómo es que reconoces el sabor de semen malo? ¡Casi me cagué de la risa!

Tania Rodriguez : Cabronnnn! Yo quiero Vegemite. Btw the pig with no face is my distant cousin 😂😂😂😂

Alekszinho : bejemite is a bonch ob elthy chet

Martynas J : AMAZING! When is the next episode?

oldbroken1 : This guy sure knows his semen !

Silent Storm : uh i wouldnt eat vegemite on anything but toast or a plain biscuit(savory) and this is coming from an australian :D

Gambitz : For science!

ChillNewRap : 10/10 enjoy your sub lad, looking forward to more.

ajnode : As an Aussie, it's strange to see how badly people take Vegemite. I think it's more a psychological thing... I literally smother my toast with the stuff - like a ridiculous amount. And it tastes awesome.

Harry Burrows : I hope the Manolo Show goes viral

Harry Burrows : This is the funniest shit ever

jigglymabob : “More chinese than australian” how do you know which chinese arent australian? Surely you know that australians arent just white people right?? The true owners of the land are the aboriginals too.

Ignyte : This is too good, mate. Great work!

Drakeo : Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Espero que estes bien por alla,nolo!

Debbi Chan : EPIC!!!!!! <3 YAS!!