"Hookers and Cocaine" with My Lottery Winnings

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MrQ000000 : 0:36 That bastard knew what he was doing!

Chris Hippo : This guy's my hero.

Evan Oswald : this is older than the internet

skatinghorse : I think Ophelia wants to party with that guy

Aaron : She is so adorable about it.

Hope Hurteau : gambling is just ignorance based on superstition. go invest your money instead

Adrian Ventosa : she was so nice

Options Specialist : People who've done hookers and blow, appreciate the good taste in this gentleman.

X Mess : Hawt daddi

TOP GUN : Lol that's a clasic you don't want to hear the answer dont ask the question well done brother.

Tomáš Paták : He sounds so much like Remi Malek

TheRathos : rekt

Daniel :3 : what do you want for chrismas? 0:32

Gigante : Punchline spoiled in title.

DomProductions : haha honesty is key

Rebel Captain : Turns out he is married...with two kids. Fucking legend

E Middlebrooks : Hilarious

Tom Dockery : I'd buy up all of the land around Obama's house and make a Canadian football field size lot filled with Confederate statues. I could have said lawn jockeys but that would be racist.

iesdi : holy shit, she's cute as fuck ;D

Woodsman : I would go to Las Vegas and get hookers and blow with instructions to drop me off at the emergency when I become unconscious.

ajdoman317 : Thou asks and thou shall receive.

Charles Garrett : Dad?

KNK Productions & Studios : I legit, hope he wins

icyweiner11 : Dog they had mad chemistry 😂😂 even on tv

Yolo swagger 99 : Oh Savage

Frank Conquest Jr : Vegas, hookers, cocaine

Trevor Philips : SCOOTER BROTHER

Cotton Mouth : What if the moneys not really there and "they" announce it is just to get tons of ppl to come play and then boom, theres the $$

Harry Parsons : lmfao. awesome

-WOLF - : One like = one hooker and small bag cocaine go tored him

Emily Meatball : She's lowkey adorable as fuck

Mistress Mi'chelle : the reporters ovaries exploded at the end

Yuki _ : he actually does go to say im kidding but she pulls it away

Anonymous MRX : My men.!!! 😎😎😎

Matt Skonberg : I'd say the same thing if I had a fucking camera in my face!

12 Gauge : yEEE BOIIIII

Kenan Bajric : U can see him smile when she turns back.

Carlos Deloera : 0:36 "just playing" he turned around and smiled

MEplaysGames : 0:36 Look at that grin... he knows exactly what he did

Ok Joseph : She is super cute

Marcus Di Maria : He was trying to say he is joking but she walked away

Jack Ryder Tinney : true pimp

Samuel : He meant to say doing lines of coke off of hookers.

Travis Brooks : solardo

The Incredibox Guy : bunch of hookers and cocaine ^_^

David Lopez : my hero

Triple GamerZ : the best meme everrrrr

rick fernandes : Reminds me of Bachelor Party we'll get chicks and guns and fire trucks and drugs and hookers and booze!

jvolstad : I wonder if the reporter is for sale?

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