"Hookers and Cocaine" with My Lottery Winnings

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Eccentricka1 : At least he was honest.

Shane Pettit : I hope he wins

MEplaysGames : 0:36 Look at that grin... he knows exactly what he did

Jat Tan : 0:36 troll face

Turd Furgeson : Someone give that man a blunt and some gold fronts.

TDcraz5 : Boy, Colin Kaepernick sure did take a turn for the worse!

Andrew Zeffiro : She just laughs it off, that lady in the yellow coat be like "sign me up!"

cool dude : she seems tittilated and aroused, actually.


noonzzzy : this man is a saint

RP Ufholz : At least he has a plan.

Patrick The Apostate : No woman that's the EXACT answer we were looking for!

MrQ000000 : 0:36 That bastard knew what he was doing!

cee : WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? Regis Philman: speaking lottery if you won all that money what would you do with it? guy: cocaine and hookers "FINAL ANSWER" Regis Philman: YOU JUST WON YOURSELF 500 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Gazu : I would treat all of my friends to ice cream and hookers

X acot : he's cute doe.

Hiyo Ryan : My imgur fellows.

Nori Kastrati : This man is going to win a golden globe before leo

mixterz : I'll tell you what I'd do if I won 500 million. two chicks at the same time.

Elefterios Makis : sounds like he was about to say "I'm just playing" before she pulled the mic away

Michael H : Honesty is a virtue.

Mistress Mi'chelle : the reporters ovaries exploded at the end

David Mendoza : I love that smile when he turns around after the reporter started walking off. Had me dying

Flores Gump : What did she expect lol

Trevor Philips : SCOOTER BROTHER

Totoro : Nothing wrong with putting your money into local businesses.

gelo. hilfigerrr : nigga kept it real 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Will Chase : Fuck, 600 million take over the Juarez cartel bro!

vaiouser : "hehehehe...thats probably not the answer we were looking for....heheheh.....*serious face* can i join?"

cdude100 : this guy is a fucking celebrity

Cole Stuart : This dude freakin rocks.

ShawnTJ : Fuckin Colin Kapernick smh

Danny G : Man: "Bunch a hookers and cocaine" News Lady: *N-N-NANI?*

Zaphael : The "Fuck her right in the pussy" guy would be proud.

Mr Harmon201 : Press 8 for a bunch of hookers and cocaine!!!

Matt Smith : Do you know your chances of winning? "Slim to none...." Perfect timing. The odds, It's one out of 92,000,000! "I knew it."

chicken nuggets : 0:32

R. Cid : ayyye!!!

MㄊႺイÇ : Did anybody catch that he was going to say something else I wonder what he was going to say?? 🍻🍷🔫 😜 Lots of weed 👙

kee Barr : The lottery is rigged. A white boy or a group of white people in an office pool is going to win that money. And it's thug I going to be Wednesday. There's no way whites will let blacks people win that much money.

D O M - B : Didn't even have to think about his answer😂, and his facial expression doesn't even change when he says it and then just goes back to his numbers😂, absolute hero

HorribleDeplorableHarry : lmfao. awesome

thatsmygorilla : Love that cheeky look back after

Jonathan S : was that B Real?

TOPGUN : Lol that's a clasic you don't want to hear the answer dont ask the question well done brother.

Rebel Captain : Turns out he is married...with two kids. Fucking legend

Yoda : Pretty sure he was just joking. Lol

KNK Productions & Studios : I legit, hope he wins

Mari huanna : Ow bitch get out the way

Flesh N Bone : He's definitely a Legend