RIP Vine (my favorites)

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Trent Welch : I miss vine!

Railynn's Doll Channel : IM A GIRAFFE

Kaitlyn Nicole : “they. are. my. c r o c s.”

Harmeniegh Scrabble : 3:08 don't worry I won't forget *LASAGNA*

Jasey Gray : 1:44 kills me everytime

Mr ice wolf : 0:02 dats my mixtape

VexingCord90 : Does anyone know what the vine on 12:07 is called

CA 2026Pangelinan : The first one was SO FUNNY 😂

ItzAndrejGuyz : at 3:30 im dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Diane Sturgill : 12:09 song pls

pyrrhichos : go back to sleep and starve

Sophia Ferguson : 5:26 tho


SantiAdler 22 CR : 7:10 John lennon

Swag Llama : Welcome to the comment section, where it is said that all the words said in the video can be found

Jesus_luvs_u : 3:55 "Way to go Carol" 😂😂

Mr Dii Ogo TM : I sometimes like my own comment...

Pink Fluffy Unicorn : Me when my mom says "put it back" 11:43😂

JJVSTHEWORLD 101 : 11:19😂😂😂😂

Nick Allbee : The best by far is 12:51

Rumbling Clouds : 8:30 WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

AMGames YT : 2:12 😂😂😂

Lauren Aguilar : So here’s my number so fuck me jerry

Jimin Senpai : Anybody know the song at 9:48 plz! TELL ME

AD rian : 0:30 did he tried to hit the umbrella with another one to stop it?

Madz : This is legit my favourite vine compilation ever! Also I thanks so much for the little message saying that the next vine will be loud 👌🏻

Ash Wolf : 11:44 thoose group of teens back away slowly xD

Caden Brown : "BITCH" "Im washing me in my clothes"

Poopy Pants : 6:55 Proof that aliens are real.

Derrick Howell : *BLADES ARE FOR SKATIN'* ya dingus

Caitlyn Stele : 11:35

Kaitthegreat06 Kk : 2:44 I was dying

XyloWolf ROBLOX and more : OMG that’s a talent 5:52


Eleanor Henderson : FRESHAVACADOOO 😂😂😂😂

RainbowPanda 456 : That Shakira one...I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Chance Thomas : 5:33 song plz

Barney TheSavageDino : 7:03 killed me! #YouNeedJesus

MSP Randomness : Oml 6:57

Savitar. loki09 : This video never gets old!😂😂😂

Andreina Concepcion : 9:24 will forever be my favorite vine

Stuntify : Holy fuck it’s that nigga from bugs life what’s brackin bro how you livin 😂😂

JoJoGamer : 2 bros sitting in a hot tub 5feet apart cause their not gay

AlbertG Media : 0:49

Aphmau Leiken : Hey, I'm doing just fine I lied I'm dying inside.

Giulia ! : 7:17 damn skillz

Rowe Co Films : Does anybody know what that music from 12:17 is called?

Georgia Searle : 3:07 *i heard twenty one pilots and screamed*

itsixra : 4:20

Lammert Miedema : You need jesus