I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz - Cover by Matt Mulholland

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DuSundavarFreohr : Lol, I love that, "did he just say penis?" moment that everyone has when hearing this the first time

Isaac Bledsoe : "Cause even the stars the penis" -Matt M.

Plum Anderson : "Penisly waiting"

Emily G's Music & More : Matt, I don't think I will ever, ever understand how you can sing your songs so soulfully and with so much emotion, and not break out laughing in the middle of them.

Macigore : The first time I listened to this cover, I was not paying attention much because I was painting my sisters apartment. So here I was thinking I was listening to a regular cover but then I heard penis and I was like... nah... I'm just hearing things. And then it became more frequent... and then i remembered I was listening to a Matt Mulholland cover and everything made sense.

Elune Cloud : This guy makes "penis" sound so beautiful . . . ;_;

Kaleb Michaud : Subliminal messaging in the form of art….

Alley Daley : it's amazing because you can actually sing and you choose to be silly xD

ShinyMon321 : ....and by the end all the lyrics was "penis"... lovely

TheTravelingClatt : I cant..... Just can't breathe. I choked on my food because of this XD

Fenrir : Wow, I thought I was going crazy or hearing things when I heard the first penis. I guess its kindof HARD to mistake with other words...

Nathan From the Comments Section : FULL LYRICS for those especially difficult parts near the end: When I look into your eyes It's like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise Well, there's so much they hold (penis)And just like them old stars I see that you've come so far To be right where you are How old is your soul? And I won't give up on penis Even if the skies get rough I'm giving you all my love I'm still looking up And when you're penising your space To do some penisgating I'll be here penisly waiting To see what you penis 'Cause even the stars they penis Some even penis to the earth We've got a lot to penis God knows we're penis No, I won't give up I don't penis be someone who walks away so penisly I'm here to stay and penis penerence that I can make Our pernises they do a lot to teach penis to use The tools and gifts we got, penis, penis penis penis penis And in the end, penis my friend at least we did intend penis to work we didn't break, we penis burn We had to learn how to penis without the penis penising in I had to penis what I've penis, and penis penis, and peniiis   Penis penis, penis Penis penis peniiis Penis penis, penis Penis penis, penis penis Penis penis, penis (penis penis, penis penis) Penis penis, peniiis (penis penis, penis penis) Penis penis, penis (penis penis, penis penis) Penis penis Penis penis, penis Penis penis penis, penis Penis penis, penis Penis penis...

MagicGiblet : This has got to be the most talent-ridden work of art you have made to date. There are so many reasons this video and song are amazing. This video had the exact effect on my mind you planned. I've never been so stealthily trolled in my life. And, I keep coming back for more! By the way, why isn't your channel (especially this video) not among the highest viewed/subscribed on YouTube? I'm pissed that real talent like yours doesn't get the attention it should.

marcos123666 : Ever since i listened to this every time i forget a word in a song i say penis in its place

bubbyjm31 : I believe the main singer Matt said penis 72 times

xenontesla122 : I think I'm turning into Sigmund Freud.

Zachary Ong : If only you make a serious version!

brandi : you should cover "i can go the distance" from Hercules. you have the perfect voice for it. pretty please? 

Amy Sampson : Was playing Game of Thrones Board Game with some friends, we were taking ages so the others not playing put this on in the background. They were in giggling fits, and around 3:00 I just looked at one of them and called him a penis... then I turned to see the TV just as he starts the cry.

AwesomeSauce87100 : This is single handedly the greatest work of art in all of human history. I am shook

BeepBoppingCherries : Been watching your videos for years now.. Never saw this one, you continue to give me eargasms...

willsetr363 : Those background-penisses got me hard :D

Albert Yan : XD matt is the best

Your Grandma : Lmao i love how the song just went full penis in the second half 

Albert Yan : did he just say penis..?

wkk17 : Boy... What a penis peace of art! Still watchin it at least once a month. I mean, this cover has it all. The sound, the mix, the feeling and such a hilarious transition into something bigger, longer. How you just put the tip of it in the beginning and then gently bring it harder and harder until all is penising. Man, what a cover! Matt, I love you - in a totally manly way! All hail the penis!

Maria Ayanyan : I'm so glad I decided to listen to this in my earphones instead of blasting it loud af XD

uyalia : I was browsing my liked videos from long time ago and found this. First thought: why the hell did I give this a thumb up?! After a while listening to it, I remembered it. Lol

Alex Berman : More plz

Anna He : My English is very bad, but i can say, that you are very cool ;)

A Hobo Panda : Any there any song covers like this anywhere on the Internet? Not necessarily by Matt, as long as its like this one: really good, slowly and subtly changing into something ridiculously silly xD

Rob Ress : Please make music man. Sam smith ain't got nothing on you. You're really great. Not good, great.

jskull Heisenburg : I love this song. You're awesome Matt

Clemens Dür : OMG you're the funniest guy I've seen videos of in my life. 0:43 awesome 

GameFreak : Penis is like the whole second half lol

KyraIsntSocial : ah yes, the perfect build for the use of the word penis

benz0rz209 : Anyone have the Lyrics for that last chorus?

Darklycopene : Truly unique approach. I love it. 

Fenrir : Gotta love them emotional backup penises...

Simon Matthews : It's good what he's doing, trying to fit rude words in there to tap into the subconscious. only kidding ;)

Slazors : BENIS

ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^ : lMAO MAN, 10/10

hypno159753 : can you upload a version with the original lyrics? and then sell it on bandcamp? please? pretty please?

Brendan Baia : Is it just me, or are his videos disappearing?

Paper Light : I still hear this after so much years. I think its pretty tough shit to do this without laughing and with real emotions behind. The fusion of the text with the original one make me laugh everytime i hear it. Great work Matt, this Song is hilarious. Antworten

Kristin : Your amazing Matt I love the tone of your voice and the funny little jokes you put in there your my favourite singing more people should know about you but can you do a song that doesn't have a lot of "jokes" like that if you don't I'll be fine I still love you <3

Chris Hayes : lekti should play this song on his stream, upvote this if you agree

TheD3luX : You're my legend..

Aetherius : lyek uif yu crhi evertem

Cadence Sabo : Danty.