We Need To Stop The Ace Family

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ImAllexx : 60,000 likes and I'll start my family vlogging channel!

Sandra Toro : Wait did he really buy that for her to eat? Omg that is actually horrible, and that’s not even his kid “That’s your little secret” WHAT A CREEP

Agentpkelly : The Ace Family? Nah fam it’s the Disgrace Family


Kenta Jin : They about to claim this vid too

Gwen G : He took her into Spencer’s in the first place which is definitely not for children her age. He wanted her to do something like this.

kremit the frog : They are not aces at making good content

Sabah M : Hey Alex before you get a ton of hate, the girl in the lollipop vid is actually Catherine's SISTER, which means they did it to someone else's kid... and then Catherine gave the go ahead. How grim.

DogGirl5551 : *Austin literally blocked me after I commented on his Instagram that he was disgusting because of what he did*

Sajou San : "She told me if I didn't buy it for her she was gonna steal it, so, better buying than stealing, right?" 1. She is a child. *Your* child. You have absolute parental authority over her. Tell her no. Contrary to popular belief, telling your kid no isn't abuse! She'll be okay! 2. Take her by the hand/pick her up and walk away. She's literally the weight of a bowling ball. 3. If you really want to get her a lollipop, take her to a candy shop in the mall. Go to a Cracker Barrel, *not into a Spencer's and get her a dick-shaped lolli* 4. She threatens to steal it if you don't buy it for her... so... your method of teaching her that stealing is wrong is by.... buying her the thing she threatened to steal.... thus having you do exactly what she wanted you to do.... yep. 10/10 parenting skills. She definitely won't grow up with manipulative skills with that mindset! "Oh if I just threaten to steal it they'll buy it for me!!" 5. She can't even *reach* the damn lolli from where she is! The only way she'd be able to even get it is if she happened to find something to stand on or find someone dumb enough to actually get it for her. And even then she probably wouldn't get that far in the first place. If I told my parents, even at the age of 19, that I was gonna steal the item I wanted if they didn't buy it for me, my ass would be nonexistent. Fellas, don't be like Austin. Tell your kids no. *And don't take them to an adult shop like Spencer's*

anzizes - : hey dad by the way, receipts came out and it turns out they paid a fake police company to be there, and the same cop showed up in their videos twice

Anne-Marine Comarmond : I could never get bored of your content

Fairytalesim : I'm so glad I wasn't born in a family who vlogs with their small children...

Ayla Burrell. : i love how many ace family fans are attacking alex. insanity and pure ignorance

Belle ‘ : Catherine the plastic ex escort and Austin the Narcissistic Creep 😂

Jasmine Mo : I'm happier being a product of a divorced family than that "perfect" family

YoU gOt No JaMs : I just noticed the annoying orange in the background

Jaemins rap in we go up : Saw someone wearing your merch in primark yesterday, felt a weird sense of pride😂

Lalisa_lolo Pineapple : “IT’s OuR litTle SeCRet” WTFFFFFFFFFF

Alana Brant : That isn't even his child it's his wife's sister which makes it even worse

Zakariya Khelfa : Alex is the hottest boy alive

Mikella Crutcher : This is why I hate/do not agree with family vlog channels. They are showcasing their childrens entire lives and they don’t even get a say in it. The parents might think it’s fun and games now but wait until the children grow up and see that they never had a private life their entire childhood!!!!

Lazy.Ass.Ninjas : The Ace family makes me want to commit sewer side.

louisferrer1490 : I saw this video the 2nd time and didn't understand that they actually claimed atozy's video... Because it would never cross my mind that millionaire people would do something so petty

Joshua Monotonic : Can we as a Community just adopt that poor kid? I mean we are honestly less disturbing than her Family. ._.

Scrubby : will you sign my forehead

Radian : *Guess they didn't pull their ace card*


Ange : 2:00 I was just about to comment that. “She said she’d steal it if I didn’t buy it.” “Are you making me buy it?” How about be a parent.

Summer Lock : All the triggered ace family fans in the comments make this video ten times better

Ever Viayra : I can't sleep bc of that one -furry- wearing your merch

Kayleigh O'Shea : am i the only one that hates 99.99% of family vloggers like stop we don’t care.

Seth Jackson : anyone who constantly documents and shares with the internet their private family life is never gonna be completely right in the head

TeaTime : it isn't even his daughter, that is not elle it is Catherines sister

XxALEX daBEASTxX : The NONCE family

BTS BEING BTS : I'm kinda new to the channel, but love the videos so far!^^

NickelCrack : Daddy o five 2.0?

L Bo : I love how he said "if I didn't buy it, she is going to steal it" *yet she couldn't even reach it, so he had to of gotten it down and handed it to her* smh

angelaisacliche : The thing that needs to stop is people watching their videos in the first place. Supply and demand. Also, why was the kid in the adult shop in the first place?

David Woutersen : If they claim this video Alex, dispute it. For them to actually win in a claim, they need to actually sue you.. & they wouldn't stand a chance if that sick-o had the balls to even go that far.

Fabulous Potato : That’s how family works

Angelica Nunez : Inappropriate on so many levels!! I’ve been in the field of child welfare for over 20 years and Austin and Catherine are equally responsible for their poor judgement. Besides the ACE family being a family channel this brings their poor moral character into light. I would NOT consider this an isolated incident because they had time to review and edit before they decided to post this video. I can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors! I always viewed Austin as a bit immature and definitely did not expect this from Catherine. I have since unsubscribed to their channel. I do not want my children being exposed to irresponsible actions. I hope one day Austin and Catherine take responsibility for this video if not, we may see the demise of the ace family sooner than later.

V_youtube : Alex looks good in this video. Well rested, generally happy. Nice

Itachi Nara : Oh I'mma just delete this and it's gonna be ok, I most definitely won't get called out The internet: *Stoopid, I won't let you get the chance*

SL Clower : what’s more disturbing, is she isn’t even HIS child, he’s doing this to someone else’s daughter (Catherine’s sister). “that’ll be your secret”, is the scariest thing that came out of his mouth in this video as well.

It’s Noah : C o c k P o p

~•Craig Tucker•~ : Yeah they are the PeRfEcT FaMiLy we love people who lie about their house getting broke into

Kayleigh O'Shea : i didn’t see a problem until he bought it for her that’s just weird ..

Mxia : Ok at this rate we basically need to stop everyone on youtube lmao

dragonball slayer326 : I feel like the ace familys youngest fans are gonna dislike this video