Dog Chest Slap while Cruising For Coyotes

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Luis Escalante III : I bet they're gonna square up once the car stops.

Joel Amossen : Dog is like " u wot m8?? "

Sean Tan : *Stares Motherfuckerly*

RoyalCaoCao : The dog looks like Samuel L Jackson

the super doge : 0:05 why the f did you do that

It's Eliners : this is still the best video I've ever seen

Tony32 : Every married guy has seen that look.

admarvelwarlock : Why just 7 secs , Why my Lord ! WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And SONG name please !

jane the cat : 0:05 I can't stop laughing at the way the dog turned at his owner😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the dog was like Samuel Jackson *Do That Again, Do That Again, I Dare You, I Double Dare You MotherFucker, Slap My Chest One More God Damn Time*

Melvorgazh : Hey! I had seen a pic of that video a few times with some funny captions. But that video must be famous by now. Surprised there are "only" 12 000 views. Are ye the original uploader?

ZsoR Gaming : That dog looks like he wants to kill him

shishtar schnapped : Reported to PETA and several other organizations. My lawyer will see you tomorrow evening.

pastelheartzz : WHAT IS THE REMIX CALLED OF THE SONG!?!?!?

heeseok moon : Free replay button 00:00

danielslota85 : anyone knows title of a tune playing in this priceless video?

Keiko FX Designs : lol

1295malina : Music ? anyone ?

SilentShadow497 : Lol he’s like: bîtch da fuq?

Weds Addams : For anyone interested in the song it's called: Don't leave me this way by Thelma Houston

Nightcore_Shadow : Wow this is the funniest video I have ever seen if only it was a bit longer.

The Real Master Cheif : song name please

osiris constantinos : "How do you dare?!"..."You`re dead!"

Mitch K : Rey, Shaggy? You better stop this car. "Why's that, Scoob?" Re need to have rey little chat.

Jawuan Hart : Dog looked at him like "REALLY NGUH...."

Bartōlōme De Avīla : Consider it a mercy for the children watching that the video cut off when it did. otherwise they'd be scarred for life.

Harzburgitic : I have to watch this everyday.

rannierunsfast : Lol they look like such bros.

The Truth : I wonder if this dog is a racist hater like Samuel L Jackson as well.

Gary Richey : That's the best! He's like do it again! Do it again! Lol

hdb80 : Every time I see this I gut laugh.

Drawingle : Dog: rebel..

wietse sinnaeve : First off, he looks like Samuel L Jackson. Second off: he looks like he's thinking: you have 2 seconds to apologize. 1. 2.

I Dunno : Everything about this video is awesome

Arelys Rivers-Rodriguez : my boxer gives me that face all the time

maya summers : That dog did *NOT* want to be touched. He straight up looked at him like, "bruh...we aint friends."

jack lajoie : he was never seen again

Pecas01 Katy TX : 😂🤣😂🤣

Nameless : Who is the owner of that Vine account?

achmedlolol : I can't believe you done this....

JT : Its the slow head turn that gets me

Neko Senpai : Looks like he wants to beat his ass XD

Msp Queen2 : damm

DodgeGritty : Hilarious!

Frank Pansino : Is this your video? If so, I would like permission to post it! Do you have an email I can contact you on?

CosmicFist : Put an afro on him, and he can be in pulp fiction 2.

Wolf Doggie : whys the dog so serious

Maciek Glog : Never gets old 😂😂👌

Maxx 0978 : Dogs mind: Slap me one more time and u will see what u get!!

Infamous mann : that dogs facial expression. 😂😂

whatever happens : LMAO!Lol I Love it!