The 24 Hour Comic Challenge!

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STIMULUS : Download the comic here Although you're technically allowed to do a bunch of single panel pages like I did, it's not ideal. Next time I'll stay awake for the whole 24 hours and make a much more detailed comic!

ABicycleRide : This video was way too short for satisfying me! Another way to put it would be that it was the perfect length and left me really wanting more instead of bored. But frankly, I would have loved watching a LOT more footage. Next time you do it, you should get someone dedicated to just filming you. I arrived on your channel because I was trying very hard to find videos of the 24-hour comic challenge as well as actual examples of the resulting comics (they're hard to come by!!) Did your friend finally finish his own 1-million-hour comic? Is it available on the internet somewhere too? It was a real pleasure reading yours. To be frank I was really surprised by the quality of the both the drawing and the story. To my personal taste, yours was much better than Mccloud's 24-hour comic original. Coming up with stories is my handicap so you have all my respect for transforming "a man has sex with aliens" into a rather interesting and intelligent storyline! The process you went through seems like magic to me, you should make a video about "how" you did that. Anyway, congratulations for brilliantly succeeding at this tough challenge (and with beers!!)

Marsh Makes Comics : Haha that was great! I just actually finished a 1 hour comic challenge which was crazy and even worse drawings than this LOL nice work! Oh yeah and I failed LOL

MGrandArt : This is great! Good stuff

Luca v2 : Great video. Loved it!

Lil Snikrz : You were really drunk

DREW 445 : 1:10 you also took a few hits off a pipe i see XD

Maz Ashayeri : The comic was interesting and funny. Before I read the comic I was wondering why you drew his spaceship similar to a flying penis. Well now I know ha ha...Amazing that you pulled it off in 24 hours.

FormallyIntroduced : Ok. This is silly. But what is the brand of that timer in the background?

Dan Mac : I'm not really a comic person but it seems pretty good for being done in 15 hours. I actually liked the art style better than your friend's. I think it sort of matches the silly story it tells and the dick ship and censored page were great

Needs More Subs : Slamming out pages like a champ!

King Wasabi : I love your voice!

Chaotic : Nice art styles.

Ocsir B : Good job for 24 hour but it looks more like a comic strip than a comic. Most comics average like 5 - 9 panels per page. These challenges are great practice but are really hard to crank out a fully rendered comic that will be used as part of a series. In 24 hours you can generated the mockup for a comic maybe even a satire comic. But to do idea, concept, thumbnail/roughs, pencils, ink and color plus lettering in one day is impossible. Especially if you are also applying a style to your comic as well. Thanks for sharing though.

GS H : always loved this comic

Ryan Alley : Yo I dig the video. Nice balance of showing the process, a few light comments, and then reflection.

Mirza Angon : is that your artwork in the background?

IamJan : You had me at "names buck, you know why I'm here". Nice work man. Made my day.

Ase AlDenmogd : I am not artist by any means but I actually did a comic as in bored matter so from 7 am-11am I did pretty good like I want 7 pages so its very confusing for me how you had all this time amd didn't finsh faster or make it longer I think I should take the chance to do this

oki ART : amazing('Д')!! 凄いなぁ(*´ω`*)

bwdrolet : A better name for the competition would be the Buzzfeed artist challenge.