Eminem Hates On Sways Album

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Dankageddon : PART TWO - https://youtu.be/OT3Ggq86xXk

Hulkster : This is gold.

Erik Casey : "wow, you threw me off with that" This is incredible.

Rolando Gutierrez : This is good😂 Sway's expressions matches it and everything

Random Clips : I know its fake, but LOL . Good job

Bradster X : 0:59 he sounds like the "I don't know guy" meme

lowkitz : This is as good as Awfully Hot Coffee pot meme video

Death4Justice : Bruh hilarious

ItsRaiden : Dankageddon omg i love you bahhaah

eXtotheZee : brilliant :D

red w0lf : Hilarious

Rico Roman : This is amazing

Bigi I : Good job 😂😂😂😂😂

The52Xmaster : MORE

Lonav Ojha : I love you

Kurokishi AMV : nice editing

Krazee2XXL : lmao

BRANDON MEADE : hahaha ROFL LMFAO (milk shooting out of my nose and mouth)

sgt pep : whats the song at the end

Kalindu Gorokgodage : Their expressions are on point too

MiakoKoneo : Funny

Jordan Dowd : This is fake. I've seen the actual video. This was edited to match the title

Taff Vaughn : Truly sad, click bait Dumbass.