Seattle is Dying
Seattle is Dying

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KOMO's Eric Johnson explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in "Seattle is Dying." Read more or watch at


Catherine : Good ole Seattle... as a friend who lives there described, “Berkeley without the brains” 😂😂😂

greenspiraldragon : When the mental institutions were shut down these people were all put out on the street. Solving and reducing homelessness starts with treating the underlying causes.

Chris G : Forget a zombie apocalypse. This is it.

BIgBass255 : Why isn't this on the national news everyday? This changes my mind about cops, for the most part they show a lot restraint.

Jordan Rivas : This is the kind of journalism that should win a Pulitzer. This is what the first amendment was built to protect. In a world of fake news, this is true journalism.

George Lewis : Where do the City Council Members live? Put a homeless camp filled with drug addicts in their neighborhood and things would change!

Termike S : I live in the San Francisco South Bay Area and this crap is everywhere. The bleeding heart voters call it a “homeless” problem. This is what their “utopia” looks like.

simon nomis : all the west coast is getting trashed like this.

David Ortega : California is dying too san diego, Los angeles, san francisco , turlock, modesto, sacramento, homelessness id rampant

Zigfeld Sprints : Seattle isn't dying, it's committing suicide.

Tom Butthurt : It's amazing how much important news is never on the national news channels

Kevin Kjer : Keep voting the same way with your Head up your>>>>> Seattle. We're doing the same with our schools. Same mindset.

Mexico City : 6:45 Starbucks cup probably voted for that useless mayor.

dream team : Depopulation, all done by design! Keep voting for the same people! You will continue to get the same results!

sdlausen : If people hate it, why do you KEEP VOTING THESE PEOPLE IN OFFICE? It's your own damn fault.

Jason Paul : Hats off to Rhode Island - I hope Seattle can be restored

TINGLEMAN 63 : I'm a heroin addict that took 4 years klean this past March 9th.. It was jail and treatment and of course my will to change my life that got me to where i am today.. The problem in Seattle is a drug problem.. The rest is the trickle down effect..

Justin Chaney : We need to start getting vicious in response to the demented maniacs who are assaulting our quality of life. Addicts don’t respond to coddling. Trust me, I was addicted to heroin.

Misha Skyhawk : An excellent documentary - I hope it is up for an award :

ZEUKI1 : So this is why my taxes are so high. But they have no problem passing new laws turning law abiding citizens into criminals. What a joke.

Derp! : Police Officer: " *Travis do you wanna smoke or a candy bar?* " Travis: " *Both!* " (Proceeds to throw trash can at the floor)

Marty4650 : There is absolutely nothing compassionate in Seattle's failure to enforce their own laws. All they are doing is enabling and encouraging criminal activity, and they aren't helping any of those homeless drug addicts, or any of the taxpayers either. This is a problem created by the Seattle voters who keep electing those useless politicians.. The solution is really very simple. Just elect politicians who will enforce the laws. But it will probably never happen because the voters out there think they are being nice to the homeless drug users, even though they are just dooming them to a short and unhappy life, and reducing the quality of life and safety for everyone else. This problem can never be solved until the voters come out of their "woke fog" and decide to really help these people, rather than ignoring them. I actually find it hard to believe this is actually happening, when so many of those voters are well educated. But I suppose they are smart about some things, and very stupid about some others. I know it could never happen here in North Carolina, because we have more respect for each other here. You people in Seattle might have better coffee shops, but we have a way better quality of life and a real sense of community here. At least the people in Seattle can take comfort in the fact that things are even worse in San Francisco.

SCAR TV : The business owner shall leave. Don't be ashamed to leave as well. No shame in self/family preservation. But wherever you move, NEVER forget why you moved and stop it before it happens there too.

Hersson Preciado : Replace Seattle with San Francisco and Los Angeles...same stories.

Trenton M : Seattle; where plastic straws are banned but not needles

Jennifer Dunlop : This is what happens when you keep electing the same ppl and same party and yet expecting a different outcome..wake up. Sad af

James McClane : I can't figure out just how you people don't realize it's the clowns you keep voting in office that's your problem, yet you do nothing to fix it.

machaf : THIS IS LIBERALISM FOLKS. Do you want to see what socialism leads to?... Shame on DURKAN and INSLEE and ALL SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL.

R & J Restoration Station : It’s ALL part of the big (((MASTER PLAN)))

IFCSAT : This is what happens when a city is directed and becomes a safe haven for SJW's and Leftists.

Larry Maxwell : Seattle did it to themselves! Sick basturds!

Kelly Hryniuk : “You think it’s funny, the way we’re living?” Damn I wish I could say that to my chief smh

PB&J Racing : Seattle: The next Detroit...

Billy Engerson : Well..when you trade with made in communist China..this is what ye get!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie Jones : As the 5th generation of my family to reside in the state of Washington I am sickened, saddened and heartbroken by this. I commend KOMO news for having the courage to bring this to light.

American Logistician : Fix: start by saying truth without fear of reprisals, stigma, emotional abuse

Robert J Lopez : I was going to go there for a trip no thank you , guess Shasta Lake is as beautiful as it gets.

India Burke : The first thing the USA needs to do is to stop and prevent further flow of stable people onto streets Stop Developers from throwing people out and flipping increasing rents Stabilize any children with their parents who are struggling to live out of their vehicles and go to school or carry a job Etc etc Then deal with those who have long been on the streets. The arrogance of some who forget the many retail stores , manufacturers , social services , all kinds of philanthropy lost during the Maddoff scheme followed by the Banking crash etc etc...we are responsable for allowing the "greed is good syndrome" that provide our current catastriphe of a Fraud President We are responsible for allowing Corporate raiding, Mergers and Aquisitions which sold off and broke every substantial reliabke American Company sold to China And then the hoarding of cash ...that some people ignore what displaced and disenfranchised millions across the globe in places where drugs and homelessness was unheard of. The massacres of cultures for the mining of the metals used in electronic devices tossed into the sea after use.. Share the burden of guilt or be ready to face the condemnation of your children and grandchildren. Take responsibility and turn this around. Really, nobody will escaoe behind gates or bands of Police so it is better not to believe that this blught will not hit your family particulatly with 1.7 BILLION Red Chinese willing to move you over so as to pretend they too are livin the good life your life, your identity, your house, your job your country Take hold of this situation by appreciating what was built out of a wilderness with only their ethics and their dreams that since 1984 about has been robbed by a very few over the many who worked darn hard to have made that "Maga" Trump keeps calling. We can go to the moon , we can have a Steve Jobs and many others at least we should stop hoping somebody else will fix what we did or alliwed to be done to us as a people

Joel N. Reagor : If Travis did that here, he'd be eating sidewalk, then heading to jail for a long time.

Caféaulait : Hats off to KOMO News! I wish this type of journalism was more common nowadays!

Ian Clancy : Seattle needs to institute Broken Windows Policing and elect a mayor in the mold of a Rudy Giuliani if they want to reclaim their city and community. It worked in New York City in 80’s and 90’s. Unfortunately many Seattle residents and city council members are just compounding the problem and making it worse.

Jimmy B : This is a health crisis on the horizon. This is the beginning of a new Black Plague if they don’t get it under control

corvuslight : So many good intentions paving so many roads all leading to the same place.

Ron Smith : Hilarious elected officials banned tasers good luck

Fat Jesus and The Zodiac Killer : This is what happens when a society depends on a government to think for them.

pixie_the_rabbit : Suffering, starving, eating from the garbage can... It is NOT because we are not compassionate. It is because way back in the 1970s, we bleeding hearts were duped into demanding that the mentally ill being held against their will be released from state hospitals. I was thrilled when "Alvin" was released from his state hospital, because he didn't want to be there. He was housed in a lovely environment and provided food, clothing, and everything he needed. He refused his meds. And they couldn't force him to take them. Did I mention that a year later, he froze to death in a cardboard box next to the river--a schizophrenic, who died a homeless man in pain, eating from garbage cans.

Lyn Travis : This should be named "Seattle is dead".


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