Diabetics Are Hacking Their Own Insulin Pumps

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JohntechFL : $150 DIY, $7000 to do it by big Pharma. This highlights everything wrong with US medical care.

Timmy Joe PC Tech : Why the FKKKKK is something that actually costs 150 dollars + a smart phone being sold for $7000. I'm sure an Iphone has more tech in it than this thing and it's only a grand, plus you can buy it on contract and pay monthly. THE UNITED STATES MEDICAL SYSTEM RAPES PEOPLE IN NEED

Mr JAG : Can’t believe the price of the FDA approved pump. $7000

Kit Bear : So these guys developed a open sourced hands free insulin pump for $150, big pharma came along, stole their idea, closed the development loopholes and went to FDA for approval then massively jacked up the price. Only in America!

Un simplu Bec : You know the health care is getting really bad when people start making their own medication.

matt b : "... not tested by the FDA" - Completely and utterly false statement. The FDA DOES NOT TEST. It reviews and approves/rejects submissions. In these submissions is testing by the owner(s) of the technology.

Safir : I think fixing your car is better than buying a new one.

fahlenbock : 7k..... wtf is wrong with the government, that should be given out for free.

xXYannuschXx : Gotta love how he shot himself: "It's like modifying your car" So basically: "If you know what you are doing, you are safe." Sounds good to me. :)

John Carlson : Government will no doubt try to shut the hack down and make it against the law.

bluzshadez : God bless that family for sharing to the World their hacked Artificial Pancreas. Having had a relationship with an IDDM/Type 1 for almost seven years, I am so amazed by how advanced injecting has become. I hope that hacked system gets approved. Such gadget will save even more lives.

Izzy G : I’m not a diabetic. But I am a software dev. There are glitches and bugs in any software. People will praise this, and when someone dies because they are not getting what they need, they will start the blame game. Remember, your life is on the line here. With that being said, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to live with this condition. I can see how something like this is appealing.

Simple 1i : The hacked system is true innovation, without risks there is little innovation. The FDA is a business, a very high risk business that risks human life for profits.

Christopher Gibbons : This is slightly alarming from an engineering perspective. After reviewing the design it is very rudamentary. While both pixelOS and the raspberryPi are very stable it is still a computer that can crash, particularly due to overheating. The design has no way of alerting the user to failure. And a bulky battery pack instead of a wired in battery will not allow the Pi to know if the battery is running low. I get that they were going for a design that did not require any soldering, but this is very crude. Please if anyone is considering doing this read up on make.com and learn how to do this right. And consider using a Pi zero W. It is less than half the size but is equally capable, and uses considerably less power.

Emerald Armoss : Dude wtf I live in finland and we've had this for so long but you don't need to hack anything. I have a pump that does everything itself...

Michael Black : since when do we trust the FDA?

Sebastian Smith : We take the rush because some of us are tired of being milked and drained of money. There is power in being able to take your diebeted I to your own control.

Apocalypse487 : Yeah, car mods are not equivalent to insulin. Any person who talks like car mods are bad is usually pretty ignorant. People having been modding cars forever.

jholotan best : This is a good example why American healthcare system is the worst in the world.

Uncle Phil : In this video: government enforced monopolies increase costs by 600%

Austin A : Would you rather get up to start and tend to a fire to keep the house warm, or set a thermostat to keep a temperature throughout the day? It's the same thing with diabetes

DH : See! Fda this Fda that!! No! They just want your money, they don't care if you are dying, they just want your money. All of it!!

Kenchan1337 : just to inform all of you who don't know: the $7000 for a pump is nothing compared to the equipment costs for everything else you need to measure your blood sugar level for example. the cost for the pump is a joke compared to the total cost.

murdelabop : The manufacturer warns against using the hacked systems because doing so might interfere with their profit margin.

yellowbusguy : We don't like your DYI stuff because we can't charge a stupid amount for it. 7 grand is a criminal asking price.

xAmazingMusicx : It‘s nearly 2019. In a view years we‘ll have people colonising the mars. And today there‘s still no legal device out on the market which replaces my pancreas 100%. People have to hack their pumps for a better way of living. Im a diabetic too, haven‘t got the knowledge for this. This whole Situation makes me sick ...

ajkdhsalfgnewidpcvjcjqd8w9agvespfld]j cmkpiwsgxq : I'm all for free markets but 7k for a life-saving device to fix a chronic disease? I thought the reason for a government to exist was to care of it's citizens since a healthy worker is a productive one.

lsulsu : I’ve been using the system described for 1.5 years and it’s much better than anything commercially available.

Kirxas : In europe I think this is free, you really need to do something with your healthcare system

Pedro Delgado : 7k with no insurance expensive? Yes, but it shouldn't be free which seems to be something people say on the other hand they aren't government funded and since they are the only one who is FDA approved so like any other buisiness they take the opportunity and sell high until like the lady mentioned more companies step in and they all end up forcing each other to lower their prices

Colin Jensen : NBC is still using “hacking” as a scare word. Everyone under the age of 70 wants to plug their pump into their computer, duh! There’s nothing evil about that, especially when the alternative is death. Eventually this will be approved by the FDA, but only after all the advanced buttons are taken away so it’s foolproof. But not all of us are fools, Omnipod / Medtronic.

ArmouredSpacePony : It's like the guy from the medical company looked in the mirror one day and was like "How do I get myself to look the least reliable?".

Napert360ggTGpl : A $150 diy hack Fda - THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DANGEROUS $7000 brick that does exactly the same thing Fda - this is fine

Joselerio M : That white man speaking on behalf of the pump co is a corporate shill he doesn t want people to save money. People modify their cars daily and are absolutely fine.

Kimberly Mayoral : The issue with the Hack system is that it’s not FDA approved which means this hacked system is not taught in hospitals. So if someone messes up and you end up in the emergency room there will be an issue trying to figure out what’s going on. The 7,000s is to teach hospitals how to use the system, make sure there aren’t error messages, and customer service if a system does arise, not to mention the evidence based research that had to go into this and all the other amount of money they needed for paperwork to get through the FDA. Everyone thinks you just send in 1 paper and your prototype and all of a sudden it’s FDA approved...

Nathan Johnson : Of course Medtronic doesn’t want you to use it, why would they want you to use an $150 system that works perfectly fine when you could just give them $7000 for the same thing! I don’t even know why they asked big pharmas opinion in the first place

Ralph Madera : Like any other Pharmaceutical executive he will put down anything that someone come up with in order to keep those profits coming in. Pharma companies they in reality save lives but never in actuality cures anyone 100 per cent, otherwise their business disappears and their big wallets will go empties. It is just like the cars manufacturers,the cars from 50s,60s and 70s still running, but I would seriously doubt it if any car built in this century will last that long, if they make lasting products or medicines to cure all kind of The illnesses PHARMACEUTICAL Companies will run out of business in 10 years.

KEKISTHANI : Those humans aren't EMP proof anymore.

T FiveThousand : I love the independent diy mindset, going around the fda to control your own fate.

Vaughn Billy : It's a shame the big pharma companies knows all this,but in there interests of making money over people's health is unnecessary

Jason Gooden : Raspberry Pi is awesome but I never considered it could do this.

Syed Abdul Wasay : 7000$ for a fda closed loop insulin pump ..... GTFO

Destiny Fucker : the ajit pai of diabetes pumps, mike hill, tells you why you need and should buy his more expensive brick instead of the less expensive one that does the exact same thing but he doesn't get any money for hmmmmmmmmm

MrAustinpen : We gonna pump you up

Fariz Adnan : I didn't know Adam Sandler works in a pharmaceutical company

JN Photography : Hmm.. I'd be cautious using a third party DIY solution that isn't regulated. If it had bugs or vulnerabilities, it could be potentially life threatening...

Career Use : How sad, Americans healthcare system is so weak that people have hack their own medical device just to live normally. How is that this not already a full feature product that can be given to tax paying Americans apart of a single payer health system. $7000 ?? Americans are you happy with your quality of life?

Sergio GARZA : in 2018 nobody is gona think its a dam beeper

Rick Nassar : Only in USA

Wild Bill : $6,750 dollars to cover legal liability, and $150 for the device. The biggest part of the DYI savings is that the DYI'er bears 100% of the responsibility for the device and its proper operation. This should mainstream soon, as you saw there are another 3 companies offering this product so I suspect the price will drop, but never anywhere near 150 bucks.