Michael Jackson's "Beat It" (without the music)
Michael Jacksons Beat It without the music

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Why is that guy riding a forklift? Brought to you by: http://fatawesome.com Descriptions: Beat It parody, Michael Jackson parody, Beat It knife fight, fatawesome, parody, funny, without the music, music video parody, beat it with no music


Joe Carr : "This is the gayest thing I've ever seen".

boynamedsioux33 : (from off screen) "Just stab him!!!"  I lost it on that. Love you guys!

Ambit10n9 : OMG this was wayyyyyyy funnier than I expected it to be.

Amber May : "Obviously, Tim."  LMAO. "JUST STAB HIM!"

Cliff Trainor : 'I got money on the black guy'. Bad choice. He's wearing shades in a dimly lit room at night. My money would definitely be on Kyle Reese.

SmittyHeWasNumber1 : dude at 2:08 made me fart with laughter.

professorbland : "I bet on the black guy." "Of course, Tim." hilarious

Alighieri Is Geek : Waiting 4 months for "The gayest thing". HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.

Jamie Beckner : Now this is my kind of humor!

snowontheweb : Make more videos like this!!!!!!!

Tony R. : 2:07 made me spit out my milk :/

MaxVidyStudios : they forgot to add the footsteps

morelli tech : Lmao @ 1:51 in the background noise "JUST STAB HIM!!!"

Brenasia Gray : I got free pizza at my place go get your friends lol.

margus kiis : Its a gayest thing I have ever seen.

Ben Culture : I thought Musicless Musicvideo had cornered the market, but this is a whole new thing, with the outside observers. Loved every second of it! (Also still like the original video and song, plus Weird Al's "Eat It")

el_pulpo_nyc : Why doesn't he just stab him!!! I am just sayin' haha ha

8Dtakay : This is probably one of my favorite videos on youtube.

Lovi Poekimo : The guy on the right looks like Perez Hilton on crystal meth...

Thierry Gelin : that one at 2:06 is uh...uhh..well damn.

Christian B : LOL at 2:07

Ashley ruemmeley : Thought it was going to be different, yet I think this is actually funnier. 😂🤣🤪

Brian Belcher : the dude who brought the other guy there looks like he couldn't decide whether he wanted to join nsync or limp bizkit

TJJohnson : Welp,I've stumbled upon that part of youtube again lol

Saibot216 : This is just too perfect.

Andy Southern : You are the new Beavis and Butthead. Frikkin Brilliant. You even got the guy doing the "Hot Nermal" in there.

jdngerz : god this made me wanna go to ihop

MASRDW : I laughed more than I should.

FIRE TARD : make a gif of the fat red guy

Maria : 2:07 That gave me the rest! :'DD

uc1hamadara13 : Counterstrike sounds lol

Andre Darby : obuda , and booty

Audrey Laplante : xD thas so good

Osama Asadi : halarious

Leon : He only have 37 vids he needs at least 2 a week! He has good vid though.

jalen allen : funniest video ever

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HAL 9000 : 80s music videos...you had to be there...

Giuseppe0251 : LOL PRESS 8 :'D

MichaelWolfHeart : "I've got my bet on the black guy."

celieboo : Why does dude take his shirt off at the end?

foom5 : baaadoombaaaa duuu di duu duu deee duu duuu duuuuuu

MysterMyschievious : Just eat it, just eat it...

Kees Van Dijk : I'd beat it with a belt but it runs to fast...

crazyphysicsguy : he's the leader.

Madison Frye : Hahahaha

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bianca tape : lol... why is that guy riding a forklift?

Mia Martel : lol, nice!