Michael Jackson's "Beat It" (without the music)

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DEAD TROLL : "I got free pizza at my place go get your friends" lmao

boynamedsioux33 : (from off screen) "Just stab him!!!"  I lost it on that. Love you guys!

Cliff Trainor : 'I got money on the black guy'. Bad choice. He's wearing shades in a dimly lit room at night. My money would definitely be on Kyle Reese.

Cheesebirdie Sir : "Obviously, Tim."  LMAO. "JUST STAB HIM!"

SmittyHeWasNumber1 : dude at 2:08 made me fart with laughter.

Stephen Quinn : "This is the gayest thing I've ever seen".

Ambit10n9 : OMG this was wayyyyyyy funnier than I expected it to be.

MaxVidyStudios : they forgot to add the footsteps

snowontheweb : Make more videos like this!!!!!!!

Jamie Beckner : Now this is my kind of humor!

BregandoAlSistema : Waiting 4 months for "The gayest thing". HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.

Tony R. : 2:07 made me spit out my milk :/

Brenasia Gray : I got free pizza at my place go get your friends lol.

professorbland : "I bet on the black guy." "Of course, Tim." hilarious

morelli tech : Lmao @ 1:51 in the background noise "JUST STAB HIM!!!"

el_pulpo_nyc : Why doesn't he just stab him!!! I am just sayin' haha ha

Ben Culture : I thought Musicless Musicvideo had cornered the market, but this is a whole new thing, with the outside observers. Loved every second of it! (Also still like the original video and song, plus Weird Al's "Eat It")

buu Ho : 2:07 when you bust a nut, but she still sucking it!

Brian Belcher : the dude who brought the other guy there looks like he couldn't decide whether he wanted to join nsync or limp bizkit

Lovi Poekimo : The guy on the right looks like Perez Hilton on crystal meth...

8Dtakay : This is probably one of my favorite videos on youtube.

Thierry Gelin : that one at 2:06 is uh...uhh..well damn.

TJJohnson : Welp,I've stumbled upon that part of youtube again lol

Christian B : LOL at 2:07

Saibot216 : This is just too perfect.

derekmok : Adding the new footage made it not funny at all.

Ty Sager : hahaha, the ending 

Andy Southern : You are the new Beavis and Butthead. Frikkin Brilliant. You even got the guy doing the "Hot Nermal" in there.

at the purgatory entrance with liure : wow.

editor-d : Deinterlace filter. please.

Vanoss Lokos : the " just stab him " was just epic looooooool

tohtorizorro : what's the music in the end (while fatawesome dude is dancing) ???

william wardle : 2:23 Lmfaoooooooooo!!!!!!!!

sugar coded : this would be a lot more effective without some of the extra editing and acting inserted into it. nice try though.

I I : Why is this guy riding a fork lift? hes the leader xdd

Kielsthedeal : please keep making videos forever.

jdngerz : god this made me wanna go to ihop

Sean Follett : Of course Tim.

Hope Kircher : that is funny

MrEfedrin : )))

Jon B. : Every so often, there is a comment or a post from someone that requires a more direct intervention. Something with substance that makes a point, that proves an otherwise outright lie or falsehood. That's when I come back to this video. That's when I link them this gem and hope they gain a sense of understanding as to the reason for my reply. Hello from 2017!

Lyfestyle Muzik : Never fails...😂

Stab Master Arson : This is funny as hell!! Lol!! The commentary makes the lack of music sooo much better.. Also, did someone say they don't remember this part in the original video?? Bruh.. Smh.. Obviously it was added!!

Rakly3 : Thumbs up! That was really funny!

Sven Nelson : Nope

Luke Hammer : 😂 the effects

Will Powell : Jonathan Craig should be dead 💀

steven compton : Just stab him!!!!

ArgPlayz : I H A V E F R E E P I Z Z A A T M Y P L A C E I N V I T E Y O U R F R I E N D S

Enzo Montana : LMFAO