Michael Jackson's "Beat It" (without the music)

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DEAD TROLL : "I got free pizza at my place go get your friends" lmao

Joe Carr : "This is the gayest thing I've ever seen".

boynamedsioux33 : (from off screen) "Just stab him!!!"  I lost it on that. Love you guys!

snowontheweb : Make more videos like this!!!!!!!

SmittyHeWasNumber1 : dude at 2:08 made me fart with laughter.

Cliff Trainor : 'I got money on the black guy'. Bad choice. He's wearing shades in a dimly lit room at night. My money would definitely be on Kyle Reese.

Cheesebirdie Sir : "Obviously, Tim."  LMAO. "JUST STAB HIM!"

Ambit10n9 : OMG this was wayyyyyyy funnier than I expected it to be.

MaxVidyStudios : they forgot to add the footsteps

professorbland : "I bet on the black guy." "Of course, Tim." hilarious

Tony R. : 2:07 made me spit out my milk :/

Jamie Beckner : Now this is my kind of humor!

BregandoAlSistema : Waiting 4 months for "The gayest thing". HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.

Brenasia Gray : I got free pizza at my place go get your friends lol.

el_pulpo_nyc : Why doesn't he just stab him!!! I am just sayin' haha ha

Ben Culture : I thought Musicless Musicvideo had cornered the market, but this is a whole new thing, with the outside observers. Loved every second of it! (Also still like the original video and song, plus Weird Al's "Eat It")

morelli tech : Lmao @ 1:51 in the background noise "JUST STAB HIM!!!"

Lovi Poekimo : The guy on the right looks like Perez Hilton on crystal meth...

Brian Belcher : the dude who brought the other guy there looks like he couldn't decide whether he wanted to join nsync or limp bizkit

Saibot216 : This is just too perfect.

8Dtakay : This is probably one of my favorite videos on youtube.

TJJohnson : Welp,I've stumbled upon that part of youtube again lol

Thierry Gelin : that one at 2:06 is uh...uhh..well damn.

Christian B : LOL at 2:07

Ty Sager : hahaha, the ending 

Hope Kircher : that is funny

Andy Southern : You are the new Beavis and Butthead. Frikkin Brilliant. You even got the guy doing the "Hot Nermal" in there.

excuse me hi : I got free pizza at my place, go getcho frens.

Aden Tate : *This is the gayest this I've ever seen*

Vanoss Lokos : the " just stab him " was just epic looooooool

editor-d : Deinterlace filter. please.

william wardle : 2:23 Lmfaoooooooooo!!!!!!!!

tohtorizorro : what's the music in the end (while fatawesome dude is dancing) ???

I I : Why is this guy riding a fork lift? hes the leader xdd

derekmok : Adding the new footage made it not funny at all.

jdngerz : god this made me wanna go to ihop

Sean Follett : Of course Tim.

liure : wow.

sugar coded : this would be a lot more effective without some of the extra editing and acting inserted into it. nice try though.

MrEfedrin : )))

Kielsthedeal : please keep making videos forever.

Lyfestyle Muzik : Never fails...😂

Luke Hammer : 😂 the effects

Audy Prita : That ergh and heh sound :v

Jordan mata : I got free 🍕

Jon B. : Every so often, there is a comment or a post from someone that requires a more direct intervention. Something with substance that makes a point, that proves an otherwise outright lie or falsehood. That's when I come back to this video. That's when I link them this gem and hope they gain a sense of understanding as to the reason for my reply. Hello from 2017!

ItzArg : I H A V E F R E E P I Z Z A A T M Y P L A C E I N V I T E Y O U R F R I E N D S

steven compton : Just stab him!!!!

Mason&EmiPlays 72 : Omg

Tabitha Jade : I wish they dig up some dirt and got filthy and they all got mango worms lol