Ordinary Canadian Guy

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Cj Mckeeman : Coming from a Canadian this is one of my favourite ads of all time.

Mike Anthony : This campaign is a legitimately impressive piece of creative work.

Dave's not Here man : The only add I would never skip.

Mikhail Angela : Who else paused the video to see Jon Hamm's checklist

The Amazing Peach ! : why does it feel like they just put all the things they know about Canadians into this ad

Braeden Griffiths : “Then why do I love Hockey?!” Touché you got us there Jon Hamm

CeceCanDraw : this is the only time ill want more of an add

Ethan Hayhoe : Coming from an actual canadian, I love it lol

Ruby Owl : I am actually Canadian

Jaba Bose : Jon Hamm is amazing!!

halfmoon s : This is a hilarious commercial, well done

The Maverick : Funny and Jon Hamm nailed it.

Anna Vajda : I'm Canadian and I don't like hockey.

buttfartlickknee : … is it because SkipTheDishes is based in Canada? I'm not sure I get it…

Kal Jak : It's very funny

CO2_Earth : Why are you being racist to CANADIANS

K-Zizzle : Am I the only one who thinks this is something that Dwight Schrute from the office would say?

BIOcountry - Marcus Starks : Ay man I’m a Canadian so i can relate you know what I’m talkin aboot

Mae The Child : Am I the only frustrated Canadian here

Jordi : I like it. I'll never use Skip, but I appreciate the effort.

Danny Isambard : St.Louis is in Saskatchewan!

Rukhsana Zaidi : Jon Hamm is such a daddy.❤️😍

Rahim Rahimi : Best ad ever

Marcelo Souza : That comercial is very funny, but a canadian would NEVER step on furniture using Shoes. They usually stay at the door. :)

Raphaël Bertrand : Wowowow

buttfartlickknee : His next task is "question reality" not ordering poutine…

Mac A. : Ngl you guys have pretty good service in comparison to the competition

Nicki Dee : I’m Canadian and this is hilarious hahahahha 😂💕

Pamela INGOLD : This Canadian loves Jon Hamm and this ad.

Alex Andrews : This was a work of art Don Draper

JERRYx98 : They have an unfortunate acronym :/

boyinthepenaltybox : Soooooooooo relatable. Go Pens.

ilikegreenbras : HOTTTTTTTTT

Jeannette Marshall : Sooooo Canadian YES! I loved this so much I will share via @optioneerJM everywhere and PIN to my “AdWords” board on +Pinterest

scoobydoobydoodle : Lmao

ZAKtalksTECH : How about the horrible delivery service I've had the last 3 times? Do a video on that.

Blue Mole : Would love to work for him like that

Federico Baena : I do moving own and operate a small moving company and as you know moving is never everyday and sometimes there is no money. Skip the dishes saves my life to support my family. Thanks skip the dishes.

Georgia Robbie : Being a Canadian, this is one of the best commercials I have ever seen. I don't even get angry when I see in on a video. It's just so smart.

robert Chin : The second time I went and searched for an ad that I saw pop up on my YouTube spiral.

Glenn Wolfe : "Polish the chopsticks"... No wonder brandons fingers hurt....lol Classic....

HeiiWat : Actually one of the best run of the mill ads Ive ever seen. Makes me chuckle every time.

Borjigin : This guy looks way too much like a young James Franco.

J H : Lol great marketing. Who doesn't love Don Draper?

Paloma L.A : Love this commercial!! Very rare for me to love a commercial lol

Johnny N : The only ad I came looking for. Nice!!

Pickle Von CrunchnMunch : ordinary Canadians arent big hairy gay bears

SeanyBoy : These ads are so dope that I think don draper must have wrote them

marco macedo : ordering my favourites from skip the dishes puu waht?🤤😋

Slenderfoxx37 : Lol. He was also great in black mirror