Exclusive: Intel's new smart glasses hands-on

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Dieter Bohn : What sort of information would you want to show up on a heads-up display built into your glasses?

Mahir Cave : Can it measure power levels like in Dragon Ball

Amal Surendran : 1990: Dont sit too close to the tv. 2018: litrally shoots lasers into eyes

CrazyPOCO LOCO : Dude imma get this to cheat on my exams ASAP

D3V1L M0NK3Y08 : Can we please get a mini-map and ammo count?

darthnads : I think the most important update will be when they announce that you can view people's power levels...


robias77 : 6:10 First world problems

Otan Er : "You can ignore people more efficiently that way." :D LOL - That's indeed the most killer application of this smart glasses.

MrDnB89 : I can finally cheat in exams

Max Sandelin : Soon we'll all be living our lives in the OASIS...

SDG Danny : I don't even wear glasses but this looks promising!

Spiritfur : And evidently the project was shut down a week and a half ago.

Rod Munch : No camera is the big thing - when you put a camera on your face and it’s constantly recording everything you’re a creep that should get a brick upside your head.

Quacka : Too bad they shut the project down...

opollo : Doesn't matter what they say, it is still a laser and doesn't matter how low it is it is still a laser and does what a laser does. So do you want that laser in your eye constantly? Not a chance.

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : These glasses *almost* look normal..

YouRSmalltime : why does it need to send the laser into your eye instead of into the lens almost like a bifocal. I'm a little reluctant about shining lasers into my eyes even if its a low power one. I'd love to test these myself sometime tho.

Marc A. : Perfect for cheating on an exam


David Chillton : And you can get it for only 10 grand folks!! It's a bargin!!!!! Side-effects include blindness in right eye Disregardance for human interaction Becoming antisocial ect.

seanzoz : As long as you can play Virtual Boy games I'm sold.

Tyler Pratt : Lazer into my eye daily. No thanks, I will stick to my apple watch

Peppermint : This technology is EVIL,DANGEROUS,UNNECESSARY.The problems which will come from this are huge and serious.

Dogman : Are lasers actually safe for the eye ever? Even if very low power..

Judi Christopher : Great Video... Great information... I like this video... ... but the background noise (music) at the first of the video... sounds like a bell, or a notification on your phone... a constant "binging" noise... is distracting and unnecessary... It was hard to hear and understand you...

paulson thomas : This will be epic for EXAM 😂

caddilacbob : what the hell are you on about, you look like way more of an arse wearing these than the glass, it may have been ostentatious but at least it didn't look like a pair of disgusting 'fashionably retro', 'hipster' raybans

Jace Brooklyn : You guys go ahead and risk going blind wearing these things. I like my eye balls just the way they are!

nagualdesign : Dieter's a great interviewer; straight to the nitty-gritty. I wish he worked on BBC's _Click!_ instead of that awful gushing Lara Lewington.

Rex Montul : Can you buy it as a sunglass?

Beakerzor : "have you ever scrambled to find your shopping list on your old clunky smartphone? well no more!" 6:16 this scene should have been in black and white

Levi Waldrip : Can I get them with my prescription

CloudyAngelo : Hmm can you take clothes off women?

STRFK : How to cheat in class.

Ajinkya Ubale : I want this during my exam

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke : Nice job, Dieter. Well done and authentic video

Julianno Jungle : And what about Laforge Optical? They had put this design (actually an improved one) a few years ago on a patent... :D

RainDropBlopper : I'll wait until smart lenses are coming 😂👍🏻

Solidice : Damn this would make cheating so much easier.

Rahul Pandey : POWER LEVEL 9000!!!😱


Abhishek Malik MGTOW : We will evolve to have myopia if we dont use AR instead of smartphones

Rather Not Gamer : its Over 9000

FabulousTurtle : Play pokemon go on it...... Wait, who plays pokemon go?

Abhijeet subedi : This is some james bond shit😱

Unicorn Flex : "Don't sit too close to the television, you'll hurt your eyes!" -Mom

Maximilian Kühne : When I can buy the glasses

CaptainGamer509 : When is it out and how much is it

Adam Knight : Rip they got shut down