slipknot ~BEFORE I FORGET~ DrumCover

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スリップノット ドラムカバー ビフォア・アイ・フォーゲット 猫のドラム練習、いい加減にゃんごの欲しいっすw NYANGOSTAR HP↓


The Man With No Name : These slipknot outfits are getting out if hand

Tyler Benjamin : So this is the "Overqualified kids drummer" huh?

Riku Falck : Japan <3 Please never change, this boring world needs you! :,-)

K7NG Gaming : I'm just happy he actually just wears a giant cat costume

Huy Yang : That cute paw touch at 0:17, then thrash

Nick Name : Just take off the costume and you'll see Joey's long lost Japanese cousin

SubSea 777 : Corey Taylor needs to see this.

Caterpillar c15 6NZ : His final form is over 9000

Joaquin A. : This video cured my cancer

Javier Sanz Fernández : This instantly kills you out of cuteness and adorableness.This is the form Satan will take when he comes to take over the world

mat scratt : When I search “Slipknot” on deep web

Consural : Amazing. I am both laughing and amazed by your skills. You just made my whole week dude.

WackenOtto : and im in the weird part of youtube again....

The Average Gaming Show : This is why acoustic drums will ALWAYS win over electronic drums.

DJ Stuart Philippines : who came here from the overqualified drummer video?

Zareli Noise : Nyango Star is my Animal Spirit Guide

Norman Feetus : When you had kindergarden party to attend at 10am but slipknot concert at 9:30am

Adam Stingers : plot twist : it's actually Joey Jordison

Aye Lmao : Only Japan could produce this gift from God

Ota Hime : omgggg even has a maaassskkk

Freddie Portillo : Jesus, that is beautiful


merenge 1114 : slipknot叩くゆるキャラとかなんやねん

oh yeah yeah : when's our marriage?

Poleosis _ : wow. awesome! It has to be crazy difficult to drum in the costume. I actually was introduced to you by watching Shina Pikarin-san's recent birthday live and came across the channel later.

whats poppin : I cant take this seriously. his lil paws. oh my god.

average keklaslovakian : I wonder what all the Japanese comments are talking about, as a slipknot fan It would be cool if they were also jamming out to slipknot tbh.

紅だー : 次はpeople=shitだね笑

Nyum nyum : 0:16と最後のクラッシュシンバルを叩いて止めるところ可愛すぎませんか、、、

Fonteyn Atlas : i think, this is a creature before he could stand

Toda vez que você estiver lendo os comentários, eu estarei lá! : Theorically, he already wears a mask, isn't it?

e be : シンバル押さえる手が可愛過ぎるなwwwww

新井JOON : WTF 😂🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 love this

朱雀 : シンバルおえてるところ可愛いなwww

LIVEまっち : 手元をアップした時のお腹のぽっちゃり感がたまらない。

AfterRain : so this is new costume from slipknot?

つゆつる : ゆるキャラやのに重い曲ばっかw

赤い髪のエイリアン : ピコ太郎なんかより、こっちの方が世界的に有名になるべきだろww

MIYAMOTO UW : これはクッソワロタwwwwwwwww ゆるキャラがslipknotを叩くという矛盾wwwwww これをジョーイに見せてやりたい!

manimani : 青森でとどまっている場合ではないw

Kei Tsuda : 本家を凌ぐ破壊力w(ルックスが)

El Gran Pez : すごい!! アルゼンチンからのご挨拶!!

over9000 ryan's : Slip knot is beneath the skill of apple cat

五十五衛門 : ゆるキャラがやっていい曲じゃないw

METALPRINCE0415 : プロフェッショナルなゆるキャラ。

Mother F***** : シンバル止めるとこ超かわいいww

モモ : シンバルをそっと止めてるとこが好き(∩´ ∀ `∩)

i40 fujiyoshi : チャンネル登録したわ(笑)

koichi ss : ggoooooooooddd