How To Make Cotton Candy By Hand, Using an Ancient Chinese Method — You Can Do This!

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Eudaemonius MarkII : Nice video! Subbed!

Skys Wishes : Looks like someone's hair that's been bleached way to much 😂

xiaorishu : I wonder if anyone has ever used this as a wig, lol xD

gaju masare : Cooking with science. Interesting and I want more so I subscribed 😊.

Ultratowel : I wish I could do this with my bank account

Uffeman : I always enjoy these diabetes friendly recipes

cmrocker3 : helpful hint: if the sugar strands start to get too stiff, heat up your flour a little bit in the oven, it'll help keep the strands pliable

ArkadeZach : "For this ancient Chinese recipe, you're gonna need some corn syrup."

The Swedish Girl : but how doesn't that start to lag the world with so many strands?!! hax??

gkdiscovery : In India womens used same technique to make vermicelli for the occasion of Eid festival. I think it came either from Arab's or Iran.

tøp trash : Who's here from Corrine vs pin?

Listia Vidyawati Manurung : In Indonesia we called it 'rambut nenek' (grandma's hair)

Most _Dope : Ancient Chinese method- put it in the microwave for 10 seconds

Raphael Christofano : Dragon's beard, nice

deltasora : I don't know how yet, but I'm going to practice making this, then use it as and edible cobweb decoration for Halloween, just so I can freak out the neighbors and such by eating it in front of them.

GermanCurl : *DIABEETUS*

L.K. Britton : Annnnnd subscribe

Whaler Sailor : Could you use coffinated sugar rather than corn starch?

Ernie Salas : Edible spiderweb for halloween 👍

Jane Lee : They only sell this at my country during Chinese New Year... or at the temple. Lol and guys please try this is so good I'm not even kidding

CoopIsTired : Anyone else here from ThreadBanger?

Anton Chigurh : I'd like to order 2 Megabyte, please...;)

Dee C : Thank you for sharing this! I missed eating this childhood candy when they were sold as street food near the subway station in HK -Dragon Beard Candy 龍鬚糖

Juan Alvarez : All to be consumed in less than 5 minutes

iremxo : We make it for thousend of years in turkey. It's called 'pişmaniye'

Vera Meow : Hey this is the Chinese Dragon hair candy!

NA NA NA NA BOO BOO! : Looks like tana mongues bleached hair extensions

SwagMcButtz : This won't get off my fucking homepage

LustyBear : Thats beautiful. How does the cornstarch affect the flavour? Is it possible to use confectioners sugar instead?

Wanda Lause : looks like an awesome idea but with carpal tunnel I don't think I'm going to be trying it

I HAVE GAY OSTEO DEPPRESION SYNDROME : So you basically just told us how to eat sugar after a ton of work

My Green Nest : Good video tutorial, very interesting way to make cotton candy!

Jonray Diamante : Hand pulled noods tutorial next please

Dicky oka : You can find this food in Indonesia, it called "rambut nenek" (Grandma's hair) :D

L337 : Unlike the modern chinese, ancient chinese is really something, from Four Great Inventions to dragon beard candy ...

Kherie Bherie : Genius. But this process is just so time consuming I think I would rather watch paint dry.

klamardo 10taqlos :v : Que onda guzzi :v

turbo edde : Bruh, look at this dude

victyra : So cool!

R3D M1ST : Think i'd have to shave my forearms before trying this.

Esther Yuan : We have this cloud candy in China, even though I don't really know how they made it. I grown up in a small town called Dali which locate in south west part of China,and yes we do have some kind of taffy like peanut candy wrapped with the same kind of sugar strings,it's called the “Dragon's beard” and it's delicious!

jbaby007 : Cool but ain't nobody got time fo dat. 👌

jim halpert : actually interesting video wow

MrQuijibo : I think you've had enough candy, friend.

Briar likes Bread : I did this with a fruit burst! it worked but took a little bit of time.

Diethyl : it would probably be easier to just build a cotton candy machine, you only need to make a spinning canister with mesh sides oh and like a bucket so you don't spray hot sugar everywhere

Just call me Webb : Very cool.

The Playz : Is the vinegar part of inverting the sugar?

Jacob Sed : Please do some regular exercise

• _Queen yazzy_ • : Anyone here from Corrine vs pin?😂