How To Make Cotton Candy By Hand, Using an Ancient Chinese Method — You Can Do This!

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The Gayest Of Sky’s : Looks like someone's hair that's been bleached way to much 😂

gaju masare : Cooking with science. Interesting and I want more so I subscribed 😊.

SharkByte GD : The taste of victory

Cheung Carl : This is probably what we call it dragon hair candy in China

HI THERE : Nice video, but use metric. This is 2017, the dark ages are long gone.

Eudaemonius MarkII : Nice video! Subbed!

tøp trash : Who's here from Corrine vs pin?

GermanCurl : *DIABEETUS*

NA NA NA NA BOO BOO! : Looks like tana mongues bleached hair extensions

Most _Dope : Ancient Chinese method- put it in the microwave for 10 seconds

Cooper : Anyone else here from ThreadBanger?

I HAVE GAY OSTEO DEPPRESION SYNDROME : So you basically just told us how to eat sugar after a ton of work

Syris of Lemuria : By the time you get to 16k strands, it's mostly cornstarch.

Dee Dee : Thank you for sharing this! I missed eating this childhood candy when they were sold as street food near the subway station in HK -Dragon Beard Candy 龍鬚糖

Nick Cheng : For an even more authentic Cantonese style, would be to wrap that around some peanut crunch filling. That shit is the bomb 💣

jbaby007 : Cool but ain't nobody got time fo dat. 👌

Freizeitflugsphäre : Wow, have never seen anything like this!

Emily Lacii : you are not going to believe who is the best person ever read the first word :)

My Green Nest : Good video tutorial, very interesting way to make cotton candy!

Mr Electric : You go to a party with cotton candy -everyone: silence -me: does anyone want diabetes -everyone:yeah!

Hayk Goo : Someone say this is from turky?! funny.Dragon's beard candy was invented in the han dynasty and the han dynasty was established in 202 BC.What was the Turky at that time?

Kee Ken : is not called chinese cotton candy is called the “dragons beard”

Doge : pure meth

xiaorishu : I wonder if anyone has ever used this as a wig, lol xD

R3D M1ST : Think i'd have to shave my forearms before trying this.

Suzie : How would you add flavor? Would you mix it in with the water/food coloring?

Vera Meow : Hey this is the Chinese Dragon hair candy!

no ty : I did this with a fruit burst! it worked but took a little bit of time.

Esther Yuan : We have this cloud candy in China, even though I don't really know how they made it. I grown up in a small town called Dali which locate in south west part of China,and yes we do have some kind of taffy like peanut candy wrapped with the same kind of sugar strings,it's called the “Dragon's beard” and it's delicious!

Karl Månsson : "Let's cook." - Walter White

Elizabeth Christy : About to try this but first I wanna know has this worked for anyone else

asqrd crstbl : I think buzzfeed stole ur vid idea bruh

Ryden! Is At The Pity Party With Pete and Patrick : I wanna see Rob from Threadbanger try this and burn his fingers on the sugar

J Mika : Playing 2048 with sugar?

MrQuijibo : I think you've had enough candy, friend.

Crystal Chen : I'm Chinese I could do this right? Wait crystals are bad and my name is crystal Edit:I can make noodles

Paavo Kuosmanen : Lol buzzfeed just made the exact video couple days ago

Luna Freeman : Seeing some of these Cantonese recipes got me wanting to marry Cantonese guy who knows all the hot spots to get food and candy 😂😂

Luk Yat Ming : This is the Hong Kong way so calling it Dragon's Beard is the most accurate.

May Tyler : It's grandma hair candy in Indonesia.

Ducky Stuff : I'm gonna try this

eka saputra : I think south korea make like this to

Ernie Salas : Edible spiderweb for halloween 👍

Klamardo tentaqlos :v : Que onda guzzi :v

Minal Gorhe : Nice it is like freaking funny looking as if it's someone's hair 😂😂😂but awesome

Minal Gorhe : Maybe 20?

Felipe Gonzalez Lelong : For the rest of the world, that’s 133ºC

UGD NumbEagle : Dragon's beard, nice

Tavian Ward : I tried this and it won't stiffen, it's been about 12 hours. Did I do something wrong?

Minal Gorhe : Let's see hw .many likes do I get 😉