How To Make Cotton Candy By Hand, Using an Ancient Chinese Method — You Can Do This!

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Ben Dingman : I don't even like sugar and I'd be so down to make this. x)

Vera Meow : Hey this is the Chinese Dragon hair candy!

Cheyenne Behling : idk why but when he said hand pulled cotton candy I said spaghettios

Abel Babel : Actually it's only one continuous strand, assuming no breaks. Oh well.

Logan Paglinawan : How did he do that? My strands are so uneven! And they keep snapping!

IHaveNoIdeaWhyGoogleLetsYourNameBeThisLongWaitItGetsLongerSeriouslyWhyAreYouStillReadingThis : That's candy floss though.

testing2488 : Usually there will also be a filling, usually nuts, and if done right, when eaten, you'll have little puffs of cornstarch coming out

I HAVE GAY OSTEO DEPPRESION SYNDROME : So you basically just told us how to eat sugar after a ton of work

Kubilay Tuncer : In Turkey we call it pismaniye


Catlily Holmes : Not gonna lie when I saw the thumbnail I thought this video was a joke and he was holding a wig

Steve I : I met a God, and he taught me how to make hand pulled cotton candy.

Listen Toit : im going to make my whole kitchen dirty and spend hours of my life to get diabetes

Trevor the Maniac : 6:22 - 16,384 (or 2^14) to be precise. That's how to use exponents. 14 bit

travbrack : This guy knows his powers of 2!

Jocowa1999 : Is this Nick Crompton? Is England his city?

Scrotumicus : Is there anything that can be used in the place of corn syrup and corn starch? Not a big fan of corn products, and would love more natural substitutes. Perhaps Blue Agave nectar or ample syrup in place of the corn syrup, and powdered sugar in place of the corn starch? Thanks for any help :)

Mily Alvarez : Uhmm...they never show the actual streching....after the fold they show the candy already streched and bigger...

Ione Shaver : You made that look wwaayy too easy. I can almost guarantee that if I tried this it would go horribly wrong and I would end up injured or with a giant hard lump of sugar. Possibly both lol.

Irun Mon : "A thousand gram of sugar" or just call it a kilogram of sugar

Sajeevan Rajadurai : They make an Indian sweet called soan papadi the same way ^^

slagwurm224 : only took 1 video for me to subf keep it up i <3 food and goodies :D

manuel bacha : I tried it but was too fluffy and the strings were cutting and i ended up with sweet spaghetti 😂

PurpleSwils : Wow... I want to try this!!! 😮

Clint Hobson : The programmers here will note that the jumps in numbers match computer memory amounts ;)

Akın Yurteri : pişmaniye is better. Haters gonna hate.

PunaniJohnny : thats cool but way too much work just for cotton candy

spaaggetii : Nothing so ancient as a gas stove, stainless steel pots and bleached white sugar to boot. Won't mention the ancient corn syrup

tigergreg8 : I have a couple thngs I'd like to know, First, do you have to use the food coloring,? I'd prefer not to use it. Second, Can you use powdered sugar instead of Corn Starch? Seems like all that Corn Starch would take away from the taste.

Kyithios : Okay, Youtube. I watched it. Now leave me alone.

Lil Girl : This should be a man vs Corrine vs pin thing

Jacklynn Jones : Gonna make this tonight but have to try using homemade powdered sugar instead of corn syrup cause making for a kid who's allergic to corn so using homemade clear syrup(corn syrup) let you know how it goes

Tamuril Goldleaf : tbh, i was impressed that he kept going with the multiplication

Jag Wulf : This is how they make that honey pulled candy. Not very creative.

Tom Brady : 1000 grams of sugar, holy crap don't think I'll be eating cotton candy again.

John D II : Hold the camera still!

nemode dj : but Technically its still just 1 very long strand in a loop :D

Selush Adel : I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, appreciate the amazing work and thank you so much for sharing this video, how ever, the thing you make, which as you stated, known as pismaniye, is definitely NOT cotton candy. Texture-wise it might be similar, but what makes cotton candy "cotton candy" is not only the cotton-like texture but also the burnt/melted sugar taste. Pismaniye might have similar ingredients and similar texture but completely different taste, therefore one can never replace the other. Still thank you for the amazing video! Edit: I watched it one more time and I must say, we prepared pismaniye at home years ago but we were pulling it 4-6 people not one. I'm so amazed that you could do it all by your self :) sweet!

Busra Akinci : Search how to make Pismaniye. We make it with two or more people in Turkey 🤗

mandel99 : Why do not you use the powdered sugar instead of the cornstarch?

Tsu Go : I personally ate Dragon Beard in SK and honestly, It's one delicious treat I always wanted to replicate, so thank you so much for sharing the recipe

Terminal122 : It's not even cotton, its floss.

cooo turtle : Cotton candy. MOre like hair candy.

Cluedo box : I love eating this kind of fairy floss!!!! It's my absolute favorite!! 😍

Dharma Yafi : i've tried this, but my problem was... the sugar didn't melt all the way. what was my mistake ?

순이뷔 : That's why here in Greece, we call cotton candy "Grandma's hair"

Vadamur : Very interesting video, really liked it :D Also, cotton candy is just **** disgusting, how can anyone eat it??? It's not food :D

Nova Alyousef : I saw this in korea !the guy was so freaking fast ! but I know it's hard like seeing howit made uuuh he waas good I wanna go back to korea for his xD

Dean Winchester : New and improved weave making technique

titanly : They used to sell this as street food in Indonesia, but now I hardly find any