How To Make Cotton Candy By Hand, Using an Ancient Chinese Method — You Can Do This!

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gaju masare : Cooking with science. Interesting and I want more so I subscribed 😊.

SharkByte GD : The taste of victory

Uffeman : I always enjoy these diabetes friendly recipes

Most _Dope : Ancient Chinese method- put it in the microwave for 10 seconds

Skys Wishes : Looks like someone's hair that's been bleached way to much 😂

The Swedish Girl : but how doesn't that start to lag the world with so many strands?!! hax??

xiaorishu : I wonder if anyone has ever used this as a wig, lol xD

CoopIsTired : Anyone else here from ThreadBanger?

Dee C : Thank you for sharing this! I missed eating this childhood candy when they were sold as street food near the subway station in HK -Dragon Beard Candy 龍鬚糖

L.K. Britton : Annnnnd subscribe

Anton Chigurh : I'd like to order 2 Megabyte, please...;)

NA NA NA NA BOO BOO! : Looks like tana mongues bleached hair extensions

jbaby007 : Cool but ain't nobody got time fo dat. 👌

Ernie Salas : Edible spiderweb for halloween 👍

Syris of Lemuria : By the time you get to 16k strands, it's mostly cornstarch.

LustyBear : Thats beautiful. How does the cornstarch affect the flavour? Is it possible to use confectioners sugar instead?

My Green Nest : Good video tutorial, very interesting way to make cotton candy!

Mr Electric : You go to a party with cotton candy -everyone: silence -me: does anyone want diabetes -everyone:yeah!

Jonray Diamante : Hand pulled noods tutorial next please

Wanda Lause : looks like an awesome idea but with carpal tunnel I don't think I'm going to be trying it

R3D M1ST : Think i'd have to shave my forearms before trying this.

Whaler Sailor : Could you use coffinated sugar rather than corn starch?

Katie N. : This was oddly satisfying 😂

MrQuijibo : I think you've had enough candy, friend.

Ducky Stuff : I'm gonna try this

Nude rat : I did this with a fruit burst! it worked but took a little bit of time.

Luk Yat Ming : This is the Hong Kong way so calling it Dragon's Beard is the most accurate.

Doge : pure meth

flyguy : About to try this but first I wanna know has this worked for anyone else

Klamardo tentaqlos :v : Que onda guzzi :v

turbo edde : Bruh, look at this dude

victyra : So cool!

May Tyler : It's grandma hair candy in Indonesia.

jim halpert : actually interesting video wow

Crystal Chen : I'm Chinese I could do this right? Wait crystals are bad and my name is crystal Edit:I can make noodles

Croppy Doodle : I hate math

eka saputra : I think south korea make like this to

The Playz : Is the vinegar part of inverting the sugar?

Cloud Lessness : you are not going to believe who is the best person ever read the first word :)

• _Queen yazzy_ • : Anyone here from Corrine vs pin?😂

mujkocka : That’s sooo yum

broken soul : Now that's a LOT of patience!! Aaaand I'm now craving sugar lol! Great video🙏🏼

Assila 97 : Clifford trolling Corrine at 3:38

Vera Meow : Hey this is the Chinese Dragon hair candy!

cody cody : 85% of comments are national names for this food in my country we call it cotton candy🇺🇸

Luca Iacono : I'll go for the good ol' fashioned way :) thank you!

Jake Warden : Anyone here after watching Corinne's videos?

Albino Viper : thats a awful lot of work just to make cotton candy. i'll just use my little cotton candy machine and be enjoying the day while you work away the day.

Minal Gorhe : Nice it is like freaking funny looking as if it's someone's hair 😂😂😂but awesome

Mike Trieu : LOL @ all the wannabe food historians in these comments 😂