Overly Excited Tourist Discovers Green Bay's Hidden Treasures

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Rory Scarlett : 'They say he's 100 feet tall and he loves everyone except the Greeks'

yourin8er : I want more of this. This show be a tv show

george g : Stupid sideways train

CJ in PA : the green day plackards! lots of loll's in this one!

GonderGirl : the urinals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

silverseas : this is how I sound after a few Spotted Cows

Kevin Reeder : Yo, literally went there last week to visit wife's family. Went to ask the places in the video (except for the discovery museum, it was closed!). So funny to see this. Love GB

Josiah Beason : This is like a Kyle Mooney/Steve Brule copyright infringement, but i have to admit its funny

Sclasspsycho : No Bay Beach?! Come on, now!

ominousinc : Steve Brule called and he wants his shtick back.

Michael Fowler : Ha! wow, I did the captions for this video a few days ago... I had no idea this was for funny or die, I thought it was from deranged lunatic.

markanthony1004 : Go Pack!!!!

Venture Wisconsin : Classic Green Bay Placards!

grassy climer : my sense of humor is weird i hated the reading book skit so boring but this had me smiling the whole time

Jason Grimes : Hahaha. Avery one made me laugh out loud literally.

Jello1990 : Says these are hidden treasures of Green Bay. Proceeds to show a lot of things not in Green Bay.

Squizznot : Pretty sure I knew this guy in high school.

Mark Cameron : The green bay placards lol

Michael w : tryna be kyle too much...

RogueJyn : I've pissed in all of those urinals.. In one go.

Tiffany Caparas : Lol

Saint Deegs : Kyle Mooney much...

Charles Stemat : I have seen this guy in one episode of new girl

Ashley F : Yep. Wisconsin is a miserable place lol

Johnny Dangerously : Drunk or autistic?

Gregory Golando : Bad steve brule rip off

UnlimitedK9 : Wow, this is really unfunny

chris_fishin : swing and a miss.

dick castle : I vote die

Becca Kravchenko : Packer fans in a summary

GonderGirl : bahahahahahahahahahhahah you gotta be joking my ASS!! we may be soul mates. this was the funniest shit I've ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌

Dalen Dahl : Kraz thinking he’s being sly with the shades

Sun Moon & Stars : That cow is at Cedar Crest ice cream and that is in Manitowoc WI not Green Bay

Omnipotent ! : congratulations to anyone made it all the way through

Ralph Boombo : how much does kyle make for these videos?

Drew Rodriguez : That cow Greek joke was an underrated Joke lmao

Frandmaster Glash : Its a Kyle Moony ripoff but still funny

Graves Broderick : Once again, very Steve Brule esc.

toemblem : More Ryan, please. Do San Diego next.

MacK Eazy : C phresh my homie be yourself

Shishir NegiTM : They say it's a 100 feet tall 😂😂😂😂

Brennan Hietpas : yo! thats manitowoc!

Big Boi : I thought it was h3h3 for a second

Dynaxia : 10th comment nice

B3njamin B3nson : first I'm not

Jeff Watson : Steve Brule did it first

snakecharmr123 : "im wearing sandals steve"

fm1988 : who is Ryan?

Robert Muszynski : please come back...we need you