Any Regrets from Surgery? Recovery Time

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ObesetoBeast : These videos have been absolutely fascinating to me! I can only imagine the value these are brining to those who are in a spot where they might be consider eating surgery! Appreciate you man!

Notyouitsme : So much mean comments OMG

Master Ink : who the hell would dislike this! After all boogie has been through i think he deserves 0 dislikes on this video.

Meloy : Boogie, can you talk about loose skin and how or if it's effected you so far?

Aryan Sharma : I see the difference

Rez Please : 100 pounds is amazing. I'm so happy for you, Boogie.

Frankyfish42 : hey boogie you seem, from looking in your eyes drugged and in pain. I recognize this feeling and genuinely feel sympathy. Keep the chin up, you are awesome

Michael Alker : Already slimming down my man! These vlogs will bring joy and hope to many!

tennisdude52278 : I'm sorry you're having a tough recovery. Remember you're adding years and possibly even decades of additional time to your life. I'm proud of you for going through a tough process like this to become a better you.

Bobby Foley : Str8 flexing w/ the Fiji i see u boogie🔥💯💪🏼

pilgrum : boogie u trending 👍

Christian Patton : 9:28 WPYVD? Did anyone see that?

BIGSMOOTH GAMING : Boogie my man you are a brave guy you will beat this thing I believe in you we all believe in you you got this whooped. Just hang in there :)

Tabby D : Wishing you all the best my dude

Retro Crunch : Boogie! Cut the beard so we can see the fruits of your labor!

Ironlaxer : Hey I made that Pillow! :) glad you're using it

Marcin Ryz : Least I can do is subscribe and like. Keep recovering man you're doing a great job!

Danielle Harwood : Cheering for you Boogie! Remember not to get discouraged, there are lots of people here to cheer you on! Things won't always be easy, but you just need to remember your goal and keep at it :) Stay away from sodas, they wreck your progress :) Go Boogie!!

Omgits light ツ : How are you man

Crazy magic Hawk Man : He looks good

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : it's hard right now but it will be worth it! And i totally agree that i can see some changes in the way your face is starting to look from a couple of weeks ago!

TNK4 : You're an inspiration to others - I wish you luck with the recovery.

mrh112 : RIP

petermitchelll : I can't wait to see a video about a year from now, starring an unrecognizable boogie

SquishBangBlow : Avoid dehydration. If the pain gets bad, GO TO THE HOSPITAL! My dad died a week after gastric bypass surgery. Dad didn't want to trouble his wife with repeated trips to the hospital, so when the pain got real bad, he tried to mask it with pain killers until he couldn't walk on his own. When he finally relented and went to the hospital his kidneys had shut down. Within a day, he was gone from our lives. It's better to take unnecessary trips to the hospital, than it is to die trying to deny unusually severe pain. Best wishes

JustOutRiding : I had to go under for an operation as well, no strippers for me either :'( It's a very weird feeling, absolutely no time feels like its passed. Looking good though Boogie! Love following your story, all the best

Gamers Choice : Looking through the comments and having to go waaayy far down to see any that aren't mean. This is really not cool guys.

trugangsta4real : Hope you've also changed your diet and will begin regularly exercising

Robert Hazaz : We are here for you boogie, you WILL get through this

The flying Ham : Feel better God Bless

DCNTiki : I imagine losing 250 pounds there will be a lot of loose skin.  Would you get surgery to remove the excess?

blaise rascoe : Idk how long it has been like this, but the Hulk picture on the wall is crooked.

HoltKezed : I remember when I woke up from the surgery and the first few weeks. The CO² they use to inflate the belly for the laparoscopic surgery pushed the stitches from inside out. Probably the most terrible pain I experienced, I yelled, screamed at the nurse for help in the recovery room until she gave me some morphine, and the pain became tolerable and I was pacified. First week with liquids was kinda uneventful, but going back to solid food was slow and kinda painful/scary. I too didn't want normal food for some reason, so I continued on liquids far more time then I needed to, because solid food would just get stuck and lead to vomiting... I had to learn to eat smaller bites and chew a lot more. Now it's almost 4 years after the surgery, everything is going fine!! Down 35 kg and able to do a normal diet to lose the last 10kg I was recommended to. Now I am able to exercise and treat my two thoracic disc herniation and soon be fully recovered, and thin.

Rose Tyler : I can't wait for the day that your doctor doesn't give you bad news but finally tells you that you're healthy 😊 That day will come, just keep fighting until it does.

Greg Bryant : Complete and utter support Boogie,. Been here since 2012 and I'm enjoying your journey, keep up the good work!

RubberWilbur : Boogie did you ever watch the episodes of the Assanti Brothers on my 600 pound life. The younger brother Justin reminded me of you so much. He has social anxiety like you, loves the hobbies you love, and looks a heck of a lot like you too. His pain with his life, troubles, abuse, reminded me so much of your journey.

Brandon Doty : Someone really dropped the ball by not making that coughing pillow a Koffing.

futu skills : Keep going boogie never give up☺☺😇😇😇😇😇😤😤

DarkSouls23 : WHY IS BOOGIE'S COMMENT SECTION BECOMING CANCEROUS, JUST LIKE ANGRY GRANDPA'S? Boogie, congrats on your surgery. I'm sorry all these dimwits are taking advantage of their internet anonymity just to lengthen their "e-boner".

Matthew Shields : How come in older videos he has a slur and now he speaks clearly

Archigos : is it just me or he face looks slimmer already?

Jxy XV : Already getting slimmer keep it up dude!!

Serge M. : Wow you're looking great man

chronicclown505 : Boogie I am glad you are okay, you are looking good man. even though you are going through a lot of pain i can see that you are happier i hope you sleep great tonight and please take a bite of some fruit for me :)

Barbre Spectre : Take some t3 to keep your metabolism high.

ShadowAkatora : I've also been put to sleep a couple of times to have surgery. One second you're fully awake and the doctors ask you to count to ten - and somewhere around five you just pass out, and in what feels like an instant wake up in post-op. xD

Jell-O Putin : You gonna be the white al roker.👍

Pangur Gaming : Delighted for you, take one day at a time . Anxiety would seem worse because blood pressure rises & pain causes it to rise too. Your looking great, wishing you all the best for the future :)

Tambourine Man : Please watch your food intake. If you lose control and go overboard even once it will be bad

justigle griffigle : Good to hear you're doing okay.