Any Regrets from Surgery? Recovery Time

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kenny hernandez : He already look skinnier

Toppo the warrior of freedom : Boogie will be an atractive handsome man at 200lbs

Tree Daddy : I wish the trolls would at least try to be funny about it.

Harry Ballzac : Maybe eat healthier and go fucking outside and exercise. Jesus you're pathetic.

The Loveable A-Hole : I think I subbed to this channel for game info, talk and etc.... Now I'm wondering why I'm here. Goodluck with that surgery. I'm outta here

Truth Seeker : Boogie my brother listen up, get good with Jesus and accept the holy spirit into your life. Eat organics and drink very extra filtered water... GL

Hage Matt : it takes balls to decide to do this surgery, it is a huge step! keep it up: be active, be outside and have walks, and eat healthy

Anna Mendes : What the fuck are with these comments? Normally I'm down for some trolling but holy shit you people are brutal. Leave him alone, fucking christ.

Michael Aranda : Can you still eat PUSSY??????????

Master Ink : who the hell would dislike this! After all boogie has been through i think he deserves 0 dislikes on this video.

I love you : Why does he say "coming at you live" when it's a recording?

Christian Patton : 9:28 WPYVD? Did anyone see that?

Notyouitsme : So much mean comments OMG

Grandexmoney : Boogie, can you talk about loose skin and how or if it's effected you so far?

BIGSMOOTH GAMING : Boogie my man you are a brave guy you will beat this thing I believe in you we all believe in you you got this whooped. Just hang in there :)

Frankyfish42 : hey boogie you seem, from looking in your eyes drugged and in pain. I recognize this feeling and genuinely feel sympathy. Keep the chin up, you are awesome

VoxanGaming : People are saying this is the easy way out... Before you have this surgery the doctors tell you, You must lose at least 50 pounds before we operate on you. So to be honest its not easy, you cant just do it, you have to work for it by losing that 50 pounds.

Bobby Foley : Str8 flexing w/ the Fiji i see u boogie🔥💯💪🏼

Gianny's Biz : No shit it sucks stop complaining Jesus Christ

Smirkingrin : im currently going through circumcision recovery and I gotta say this is the hardest shit i've ever done IN MY LIFE, I cant fucking hold it anymore but the doc says I gotta wait more LIKE DAMN IM A TEENAGER I GOT HORMONES!! feel free to checkout my channel for some hormonal teenage content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) edit: oh yeah and boners hurt like a bitch too cause the stitches haven't dissolved yet :(

Lasus Naturae : This channel just seems to be an outlet for you to vent your personal problems to millions of people... How boring.

Vladimir Putin : Is Boogie dead yet? No? Too bad. I will check back again next month to se if he is dead.

brian appshole : now we know what boogie dreams of ,hookers stripers and hot dogs hahahaahh! did u have the lap band or the y one where they cut into ur stomich and make a pouch?

Jay K : You sound like a little candy bitch! Jesus christ come on.

Aryan Sharma : I see the difference

My life sucks : aaa your voice is so soothing I had surgery days ago (8/6/17) and it was a lot less complex for me than it was for you, but I'm still in a moderate amount of pain. (I had foot surgery) Sometimes it feels like someone is pinching parts of my foot and slicing them off. I had an implant and it dislodged (it was put in last December) so they went in and took the dislodged one out and put a new one in. I had a deficiency that made my ankles bow out and my feet didn't have an arch so they put in titanium screws to give me an arch. The dislodging was very very rare and I actually cried because I didn't wanna go through that shit again. Also, I understand how you feel with the going to sleep! I had an Upper GI when I was 10 and they put a mask on me and it made me go to sleep in a heartbeat. I remember being young and trying to stretch it out to remember as much as I could so I could tell my school friends, but it was like a movie and I only got to see like 3 different images of them performing the surgery. Either way, I wish you the best of luck, and just know one of your viewers/subscribers is also recovering from a surgery. I can't walk but I wish I could give you a hug! Just overall great job with how you've done my dude and I hope you recover at sanic speed. ❤️

Joseph C : Why surgery... Just replace 75% of what you eat with vegetables and fruits. Walk and jag everywhere for 6 months. It will dramatic improve your lifestyle.

IRdiblert : Obesity! Huh!! ...What is it good for??

Peter Griffin : we just don't care about this stuff. just stop eating so much. exercise a bit. don't sit in front of your computer as much. self inflicted health issues are just unnecessary.

Michael Alker : Already slimming down my man! These vlogs will bring joy and hope to many!

Crazy magic Hawk Man : He looks good

TweakedOff : WYPVD is a kind of motivational acronym, a strange one. Leave it to boggie to show his intellectual side and confuse people

Jä : Trust more in God than doctors. Seek help first from Jesus Christ. Your flesh makes you lust many things, the Holy Spirit will fix that and also heart and other things.

UFOANAUT : any regrets fro surgery?   The surgery is suppose to save your life from the IRRESPONSIBLE  DIET that you had.      If you didn't have the surgery you can be for sure  you would die a whole lot sooner.

MAKSO : Classic fatboy taking the easy option and complaining about how hard his life is sitting on his ass all day eating shit

Bill ski : nice job taking the easy way out

TNK4 : You're an inspiration to others - I wish you luck with the recovery.

Jared Cox : I don't get why everyone watches this guy so much... what's he so good at?

EdibleBleach : I wish death upon you and your offspring

The Jew Crew : Wait wtf I thought you were gonna get unfat

Mc Rem : Can u wipe you're own ass yet slob boogie?😂💯

David Kelly : I'm just wondering what you will do if there is excess skin left over? Will you get surgery for that too?

Jackie Bellomo : My Bypass surgery is Monday!

Beyond Religion : He still looks the same

Mr Screamer : You've had surgery on your stomach ... when the problem was in your head. This isn't going to fix anything. You'll stretch out what little stomach you have left, and you'll be back to square one with nothing but a huge scar to show for it. Very american solution ... "I feel ugly, I'll get a nose job, now some botox, now some fillers, another nose job, redo my chin, brow lift ... I now look like a plastic monster ... but if I have one more nose job". You don't fix mental illness with physical surgery. Its like trying to fix a flat tyre with a software update.

Shartline McDingleberries : U got surgery, why not you know.... Exercise?

Billy Mays : I regret clicking on this video

A Star Loard : suck it up buttercup & good luck

Darren Emerson : Bored of this Boogie. Nobody cares.

Cricketer1 : Eat less