Eruption Eddie van Halen Cover
Damn check out this kids cover of Eruption by Eddie Van Halen

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Eruption Eddie van Halen cover by 11 year old Ruan Nel


ehhwhatistheous : Amazing cover! Keep on rockin little man.

fastcarfastbike : awesome. my feed back is... speed kills, but sometimes speed kills..the mood. my OPINION is that you should slow down a touch and give more attention to some of the notes and phrases! your skills are top notch.

Salvatore Paparello : Where do they learn it my god....

anonymous user : SO, you just gonna do everything half ass and want fame? Just couldn't be bothered. I would be happier if you just made your own music instead of bad versions of other peoples music. Thanks for the reply though. When I came back I realized I didn't give this garbage a downvote.