Schoolboy Q Explains Why He Makes White People Say the N-Word At His Show
Schoolboy Qs take on white people using the n word in songs

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During Power 106 Cali Christmas Concert, Schoolboy Q explained why he makes white people say the n-word at his show.


wav.yliving 波打つ : L for Kendrick

sithjohn80 : Q is such a real one. Respect.

Samsquatch : kendrick lamar should take notes

xGUDDAx : This dude gets it

Miguel Rodriguez : He makes Kendrick Lamar's hypocrisy so clear.

Kay Vee : White people everywhere are confused af right now lol! What if Kendrick and Q are at the same show?!

Zefn : man of the year

Dboogiewitdahoodie : "Don't be scared" He said it in an accent

𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑 : Q the 🐐

Adib : "You came, you paid, you support, *you put food on my family's table* " Holy shit, so humble and real. str8 chills

James Field : Take note Kendrick

drz : Schoolboy smart smart smart Kendrick dumb dumb dumb

Kullen MacDonald : Gained a lot of respect for this man

riskzerobeatz : #REALTALK #RESPECT

t⅟ : *hold this L kendrick*

edric maglalang : This aged well lmaoo

naldoalex056 : Exactly. He wrote it and took responsibility for it. All that “ fake outrage “ BS don’t work lmaooo!

Erick Espinoza : Q a real one unlike Kendrick Lamar

Aidan Maurice : lmao this whole comment section is a mess, interesting points of views though.

Sebas Roque : I support you man!!

Gnarwhal : Respect man. Kendrick can defs learn from this

Miguel Soto-Rios : I was just thinking of k dot🤔...... take notes man.... you wrote it....... Kendrick takes the first L of his career🤔thought is I'd never see the day.....

at9670 : If you try to ban a word from being used, you give it more power. And thanks god we don't have any way of banning words from being used, otherwise we will have a distopian future were every word that you even utter, will be controlled and reviewed... So much for free speech americans, when you can't even use certain words.

JustA Commenter : Kendrick lamar should watch this 😂

Maniac : Kendrick take notes

Honest Dude : Him and Mac Miller are slept on these days.

donwan29 : If us black folks can call ourselves N's and think its cool to say it on a record; the same record that white people buy, the same shows that white people go to etc, and be offended when the say the word; i think that's hypocrisy.  Respect yourself first and then other people gonna respect you. I mean can we not just think of our fore fathers and ancestors that got called this ugly word and the suffering they went through? I don't think its a cool word to use even by black folks cos a white man invented that word lets not forget, but times have changed right, and the venom has been sucked out of this word. I actually see his point, cos hip hop is now colourless. White or Black, its a word that should have never been made "cool" in the first place. 

Dwight Schrute : kendricks a clown for this


Viktor Czerný : So easy, yet so reasonable...

JueputaGuebon : I think im going to support his music

STUDD_Rulas : I don't think white people saying this word matters unless it's in a racist way

fish Bystander : What a legend.

life-being : I love his way of thinking, I love him and his music 😍

ZuRriX : Ohhhh, I do not know this guy, but I like him. I agree for the most part.

CIX-6 : Kendrick getting the L. Schoolboy getting the..Q?

Wrath's Heinous Anus Was Devoured by Happy Scrappy : *Shows up days after the Kendrick incident in recommendations.* *_Damn, YOutube. You low key throwin' shade at Kendrick right now?_*

Saddiq Granger : Thomas jeffoerson owned slaves and had children with sally hemmings, I think history proves you can like an individual and despise thier group. People are complex but that word really isnt, the context shifts with the user like many other words. You are free to use it but expect people to react, that is what freedom of speech means btw.

Andrew : I respect Q so much more after seeing this. Someone show this to Kendrick.

adro90 : Dope way of looking at it 🤷‍♂️

Andre 1997 : This is why Q my favorite on tde.. he has way more street knowledge than Kendrick

stephen allen : I'm skerrrd I ain't saying that shit No way no how

life-being : I always kept him as my top fav. Rapper because I knew he is a brilliant man. Glad he never disappoints 💪

Fernando : thank god, people in Argentina do not know what the word N means, When I'm in the street, listening to Q, with my headphones on, I say the N word, and loud.... I'm soo white

GrapeDrank25 : Holla atcha boy.

Troll Slayer : Kendrick could take a lesson from his boy School Boy Q.

Taylor Morgan : if black people still feel oppressed by the word, then why do they still use it? Words can’t be claimed, words don’t control us, it’s not like white people have words that black people can’t use. As Dane Cook says, “Chat-chit. Yeah, that’s right: I flipped that shit. They’re just words. They don’t control us. Not anymore.” People need to grow up and realize that it’s just a word and the hate needs to stop on both sides.

Manny Wright : people not being allowed to say it is giving the word power and artificially maintaining racism

Timothy Vafeas : Saw him live in the UK he just told us that since it’s in a different context and we all here for fun let’s just be carefree. Dope concert Q a real showman.