Thanos scream replace by Patrick
Thanos scream replaced with Patricks scream

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I told you, you’d die for that


KnightOlin : “You are a madman” “No I’m Patrick!”

AHappyBlackGuy : *2014 Thanos when he meets the 2019 Avengers* Thanos: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

TheBeagle : Thor: “Alright Dirty Than, your time is up.” Dirty Than: “You should’ve gone for the pinhead.” *snaps his wallet*

Voltron Fanatic :3 : Someone please just edit the whole movie to make Thanos be Patrick.

MrLethalShots : The Infinity Gauntlet didn’t work because he had it said to M for mini when he should have had it set to W for wumbo.

Cole Taylor : What if we just took half the life in the universe, and PUSHED IT somewhere else

OH YEAH YEAH : Who you calling chin head?

ThePhantomKing : Thor would have aimed for the head, but Thanos's inner machinations of his mind are an enigma.

JustLeafy : Thanos: "You took my only stones, now I'm gonna starve"

OmegaCooper Gaming : Whoever’s the owner of the yellow gauntlet, you left your infinity stones on.

Bloxyman and Jeremy : “Is Mermaid Man an Avenger?” “No, Thanos. Mermaid Man is not an Avenger.” “Barnacle Boy is not an Avenger either.”

GoodguyCwyzz : Your Thanos right? Yup And these are your infinity stones right? Yup I found these infinity stones in this gauntlet so it must be your gauntlet That makes sense to me Then take it But it’s not my gauntlet

HeroOfTheEmblem : "Did you do it?" "Yes." "What did it cost?" "Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza..."

Slate : "What did it cost you?" "SpongeBob's embarrassing photo at the Christmas party."

Ezekiel Chang : *erases “Th” on his name tag* “MY NAME’S... NOT... ANOS!!!”

markzilla6895 : Thanos: So this is the thanks I get for working overtime! Thor: OVERTIME?!!!!! *cuts off Thanos's head*

Treegonaut : "Is this Thanos?" *"NO THIS IS PATRICK!"*

Michael Wolf : "We need to push half of Bikini Bottom somewhere else!"

Bing bong : Patrick: Once there was a purple barnacle, he snapped his fingers so much that EVERYONE died, the end.

Nutsie III : Thanos: How many stones do we have? Nebula: Six. Thanos: And how many do we need to pass??? Nebula: Six... Thanos: WOOOOOO Nebula: ...Hundred.

shel tilley : thanos: i am.. inevitable thor: i'm sure you are thanos: i don't like your tone! thor: 🎶i'm sure you aaaaaaaare🎶

CyberLykan : Whoever's the owner of the Infinity Gauntlet, you left the stones on. *_Disappears into nothingness._*

Michael Bradshaw : Now take the head off of the Thanos... The head The HEAD the head, the head the head, the head, the head, the head, the head, the head, the head, the head, the head, the head, FREEZE!!! OK, now aim for the head... COLD warmer Warmer HOT YOU'RE ONE FIRE!!

VEN0M P00L : Thanos parked his white sedan in Thor's spot 😂😂😂

Toni Bah : Future Captain America: Welcome to the Salty Spitoon how tough are ya? Past Cap: How tough am I? How tough am I??I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY!!!! Future Cap: *sigh* yeah I know

LoliOnii-chan Senpai : What did it cost you? _Krabby Patty Secret Formula_

Lord Zamasu Vegeta Black Fusion : Mantis: Now, Solitude in E Minor. Thanos: Yeah! E Minor!👏👏👏 **Mantis begins to play, and Thanos falls asleep.**

snowboard424 : “Thanos are you angry too?” “Yeah” “What’s the matter?” “I can’t see my chin”

Red Coin : Some people just don't know how inevitable they really are. (drools).

FraSMoe : That moment when you understood every spongebob joke in the comment section.LMAO😂😂😂 Oh the good ol' days😅

TheBestGamer : Thanos: "Snapping, I want to do some snapping." *snapped his fingers* Thor: "Why yooouuu."

Faketendo swatch : Thanos: whoever's the owner of the orange spaceship, you left your lights on. toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot toot. (Sits) dwaaaaAAAAA

Ruben Quiros : “Hello?” “This is the Asgardian refugee vessel...” “No this is Patrick.”

Josh Chana : I shouldn't have watched this while I was trying to take a dump. EDIT: I think this is the first comment of mine that got past a hundred likes. Thank you folks!

mr theawesome : Should've been the scream when Patrick kept interupting the Flying Dutchman

Rodrigo Ramirez : *On Knowhere* Thanos: It feels like somebody... wants to stop and kill me! Guardians: *hiding* Star lord: I told you he was on to us.

LazyBean : Thanos: Nothing will slow me down from destroying half the universe Thor: Blargen fadibble no-hip Thanos: Well I gotta day, that did slow me down, but I’m still going for it!

Luka : "Whoever's the owner of earth, you left some people here"

Hicast Infrastructure : Spongebob: Did you do it? Mr Krabs: Yes. Spongebob: What did it cost? Mr Krabs: 62 cents

SharkyMcSnarkface : I knew the exact scream that was going to play and I still lost my mind in laughter

Neutral _Grain : Thanos: *"YEAH, I LOVE BEING PURPLE!"*

Jackson Mississippi : "I'm not feeling it now, Mr. Krabs..."

Sparkplug the fox : I want to personally thank the genius that looked at that scene and thought of that XD

UKYusei : Who knew what the Patrick scream was going to be before it played

Jordan Herring : “What did it cost you?” Patrick: I got three dollars, take it or leave it.

Nikkolas McRae : Thor: Which ones of you fellers is the real Dirty Dan? Thanos: uhh Me? *Thor stabs Stormbreakers into Thanos’ chest*

Hey! It's Drummer : I LOVE BEING PURPLE!!!

Dank Dank : Avengers SquarePants.... If STEPHEN HILLENBURG+STAN LEE.,..

Robert Hardwell : Thor: I told you, you die for that Thanos: Wait Thorbob, we're not caveman Thanos: We have technology Thanos snaps his fingers