Thanos scream replace by Patrick

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Free Again : We should take half of the universe, and push it somewhere else.

Ruben Quiros : “Hello?” “This is the Asgardian refugee vessel...” “No this is Patrick.”

WoodenGlass : You should have aimed for the wumbo

Kanishkan Variketta : Is mayonnaise an infinity stone?

Bing bong : Patrick: Once there was a purple barnacle, he snapped his fingers so much that EVERYONE died, the end.

OmegaCooper Gaming : Whoever’s the owner of the yellow gauntlet, you left your infinity stones on.

Jackson Mississippi : "I'm not feeling it now, Mr. Krabs..."

Hey! It's Drummer : I LOVE BEING PURPLE!!!

Justin Mielke : This should be the new wilhelm scream

A'im Terrorhunt : Firmly grasp the stone. FIRMLY GRASP THE STONE. FIRMLY GRASP THE STONE!!!

OmegaCooper Gaming : Ultron: Is this the movie where we kill half the universe? Vision: No Ultron, thats Infinity War. Thanos: Killing? I wanna do some killing! *Kills Loki* Thor: Why you..... 0:07

NESJosh64 : I love how y’all know exactly what episode that scream is from hahaha my people

snowboard424 : “Thanos are you angry too?” “Yeah” “What’s the matter?” “I can’t see my chin”

Torterra : Thanos:.... Too bad that didn’t kill me.

Nick Schulaner : Tony stark: Hey I have a theory. People work together when they want to get things done right? Avengers: correct! Tony: So if I try to keep the avengers together. We might be better prepared to face Thanos. Everybody ready? And a 1 and a 2 and a 1 2 3 4 *events of civil war happen and the avengers are completely fractured by the time thanos comes around Tony stark: 😳😳ok new theory: maybe we should be so fractured no one can stop him...

Caroline Yuen : Do instruments of torture count?

chucknorrisismypal : Thanos: Whoever's the owner of the white sedan... you left your lights on. Thor: **looks for the white sedan, then sees Thanos about to snap his fingers**

Jeffery Meredith : The fact that he's purple makes this even funnier

Andy V. : Patrick you've changed

Andrew : You can be Thanos. I just want to be Patrick

WarMac88 RainbowMor94 : You should of gone for the krabby patty!

Vigilant Sycamore : "Is this the MCU?" "No, this is Thanos."

AnimeAnima 94 : Spongethor Odinpants warned Pathanos about taking his "Ol' Reliable" loved ones....He didn't listen.

Cold Bird : I legitimately have never laughed at a meme that hard in a long ass time

Anuss Akhtar : Puberty hit Patrick like a truck

Echo : Just do what I do when I have problems. *SCREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAM*

Daiyaan Sutton : You should've aimed for the tartar sauce.

fedor3000 : i searched for essence of the internet

The Wolf : The person with the quinjet.... you left your lights on.

MellowSquash : FiNLAND

Grognak The Destroyer : Even more emotion than the actual movie

Daiyaan Sutton : This is what happens when you ask if mayonnaise is an instrument.

Eringo Ngueno : Who you callin' Chinsack?!

damon harris-Brennan : *FIRMLY GRASP IT*

Last Sigil : Too bad that didn't kill me

Choclate IceCream : Thanos: SNAPPING?! I LIKE SNAPPING!

AnimeAnima 94 : This is what REALLY happened when Sandy forced Patrick outside when she was beating the living crap out of him in Band Geeks(just imagine Stormbreaker being the trumpet! 😂)

Rodrigo Ramirez : Thanos: Snapping! I wanna do some snapping! *snaps* Thor: Why, you...

MinersLoveGames : These comments have got me rolling.

Spent Lizard : PINKY OUT! PINKY!

Mythicc Fenrir : It fit so perfectly

Jinx198 : “Mr Krabs, I’m not feeling it......”

Steam Wallet : this does put smile on my face

asyraf zul : "Is this the krusty krab? " No, its Patrick!

MVPBeast GAMING AND MORE : I laughed for a good straight 15 to 20 minutes no joke😂

Mojo Kor : The fact this goes so well with Thanos' face just kills me.

Chainsaw Handiman : Tony Stark: Tell me his name again. Thanos: MY NAMES, NOT, RIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

puppycat kittymuffin : I actually broke down laughing in a Dollar General parking lot. I love this

Denisse S. Hernandez : ive never laugh so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂

Anime Freak : I read the title and I expected what was gonna happened. I still laughed harder than usual. It fits so well-