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A Pogo remix of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Details below. Temba, his arms wide! In Tamarian this signifies the giving of a gift, first heard in the excellent episode Darmok. Data & Picard is my tribute to one of the greatest TV series of all time. It is an original track featuring the voices of Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander Data (Brent Spiner), accompanied by a music video I shot entirely in my living room with a green screen and lights. The track opens with the Klingon Victory Song, followed by a remix of Data singing Che Gelida Manina in the episode 'In Theory'. This episode was the first ever to be directed by Patrick Stewart and I didn't realize this until after the track was finished. I sourced the Ben Nye makeup that was used to turn Spiner into Data, and a replica of the iconic Star Fleet uniform. Unfortunately I couldn't get the contact lenses in and I could only get the uniform in red, so I spent a huge amount of time changing the colour of my eyes and uniform in post. The video was shot in Slog 4k ProRes HQ using a Sony A7SII and an Atomos Ninja Flame. Lights included 3x Arri 800w Tungstens, 2x Socanland LED banks to light the screen, and one 2000w Blonde to simulate sunlight. BIG thanks to the guys at HD Rentals in Perth for helping me out. Thanks to everybody for your amazing support! POGO Contact: Twitter: iTunes: Bandcamp: SoundCloud:


Alejandro Bonilla : Whoops, almost didn't watch this today

Black Terminal : I vote Pogo to do the theme music for the new Picard series. Thumb up if you agree.

SimCaesar : The green screen is dead-on effective because you did an absolutely amazing job of nailing the lighting in every shot to match the background. This is so good on so many levels.

nathanel1313 : As others have already praised the make up, lighting, green screen postprocessing and obviously the song itself, I would like to praise your acting skills. You are doing really good impersonation of Picard, despite the obvious physical appearance differences, and your Data is absolutely pheonamenal! I can't find words to describe how good it is for me. Head movements, eye movements, forehead, everything. Great job, thank you for that.

Grocery Man : The fact this only has 664,000 views means it's only been seen by a few hundred people.

Sonja : You are proof that nerds indeed can be cool!

Justin Pulford : My friends make fun of me for replaying a single song over and over and then I look in the comments and realize I'm not so bad.

Thomas McMahan : This is truly insane. The amount of work you put into this...especially the lighting. I've never seen anyone pull of lighting for green screen work perfectly....and changing your eyes and uniform to yellow in POST?! Geeze man. Talk about time and talent.

Jenkem Muhdikken : I'd definitely support you being added to the new Picard Star Trek series coming up Pogo. You'd fit right in judging by this video. They should give you an opportunity to audition for a role at least if nothing else.

Gabriel Barrett : All I can say is that your mannerisms are perfect for both Data and Picard. And also that it boggles the mind you did the eyes and yellow outfit in post. Every time I watch this you remind me of why Star Trek is so good. Thank you for that.

Jose Rosales : My mom has heard me play this song for the 50th time she’s begun talks about going to rehab

DevinDTV : most impressed by the Data facial expressions being so perfect

blinkfan305 : Watching this makes me so thankful for Patrick Stewart. He's one of the most talented actors I've ever seen. POGO's just nailed so many things in this music video. Well done.

Les Grossman : Dude, are you gonna audition for data in the new TNG movie?

Dariia Vorobiova : in faith i DO love thee! :) Damn this is amazing!!.. Was listening to your tracks for years, but never knew you were also a talented actor!

sasquatchpatch : I seriously think you should get cast as Data in the new Picard series.

Ginger Bella : This has become a constant earworm... just so brilliant!

Ken K : Everybody sing along! 1-7-3-4-6-7-3-2-1-4-7-6-Charlie-3-2-7-8-9-7-7-7-6-4-3-Tango-7-3-2-Victor-7-3-1-1-7-8-8-8-7-3-2-4-7-6-7-8-9-7-6-4-3-7-6

Steven Borck : If I'm remembering correctly, the part where Picard is saying a long string of numbers and letters was actually data speaking, just using Picard's voice. Fun little easter egg.

athashalfling : Still loving it in 2019

steve cryptid : Thumbs up if you think Pogo would be a good young picard


Vindicator Jones : As someone who works in post production and has seen some very sloppy lighting/greenscreening footage by so called "professionals" your lighting technique is incredible. You backlit correctly and your coloured bounce light was on point. As far as compositing, it is very rare for me to see anyone do a near perfect job, but damn... you nailed it.. My only criticism , and believe me, this is nit picking at its highest, is slightly too much bloom on some of the "outdoor" shots. But seriously, that is REALLY nitpicking.. If one of my guys had run this past me for approval, I would have congratulated them.. But seeing as your not a pro, and did this at home, you sir are a freaking legend. Well done.

Knight Wise : Whenever I feel down or blue .. this song NEVER fails to raise my spirits. It's brilliant !

Zephyr López Cervilla : Magnificent impersonations of Data and Jean-Luc Picard. The latter one would have been even greater had you bothered to shave your scalp.

DaDopeMasta : This song is the reason I started watching Star Trek TNG...Thank you Pogo

Lexi Laios : This guy has AMAZING work ethic. Everything is perfect.

Banana Bread : That really was an interesting twist

doctorwho0077 : I Love all of Pogo's moves ! He is truly poetry in motion ! OMG ! I have become a freakin Insane fan boy ! However, I just can't resist ! Resistance is futile ! Ugh....... I am too damn weak... in the knees for this, ....... Must resist ! Sexy dance is far too strong ...... The dark side is calling, Must resist !

Blaine Reid : ...everyday, for 6!

Kyle Manning : That "When I have plucked the rose..." verse literally sums up something that's happening to me, it was awesome hearing it. I've been madly, but quietly in love with this one girl who I know I won't see again after this year/going to college, and I wish I could do something about my feelings, but "in faith" I have shut up and dealt with it. You never know what you'll find in music.

Rerez : I'm addicted to this song now. I can't stop.

Jimmy John : This is literally how I dance when im in the shower... I love it!

djlink111 : was watching S.T.T.N.G. yesterday and stubled on the episode where the "moving from sentence to sentence topic to topic it was quite hypnotic" clip came from S6Ep25 "timescape" @ 3:30

Gallopin' Galumphus : ♫ Shere Khan, Shere Kahn ♫ Wasn't that the tiger in "Jungle Book?"

gerryjtierney : By all the gods, present and past, this is the best video on Youtube.

Streel83 : I could watch data dancing all day. It's quite hypnotic.

mitchquadrupletree : HOW HAVE I ONLY NOW FOUND THIS SONG?!?!?!?!

Anduril : Whoa! You did the Data eyes and uniform color all in post? That most have been time consuming!

Tribute2JohnnyB : I have watched this a *quite possibly* unhealthy amount of times...

Yoo Song Won : Man, POGO is actually a pretty likeable dude...

Neil Le Sheepy Epstein : Just found this. I don’t know how , and ...............I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

tim hhh : You could play Commander Data in the new picard show. Your expressions are spot on

Jack Hazard : I swear I click on this by accident, Best accident of my life.

Robert N. Adams : I love how Pogo nailed the mannerisms of Data.

antwan1357 : It creeps me out and yet it it entertains me at the same time.

PFC Thomas Blackhawk : I am steadily becoming a big fan of this one song/video 🥇 Well done LLAP

PFC Thomas Blackhawk : This video must of taken lots of time, He deserves a award 🏆 for his GREAT work I JUST LUV IT so I hope fans of the show would get a kick outta this Awesome video... I can’t get enough Between a visual as well as the audio with the song, Absolutely amazing work🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

Jack Bugee : The lighting in this video is genuinely beautiful