POGO - Data & Picard

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supyoist : That is really good Data makeup

Rerez : I'm addicted to this song now. I can't stop.

DeSinc : I've kinda been watching this every day since I found out about it after a certain incident lol

NorthernChev : Man, he REALLY has the Data facial expressions down! Perfection.

Balrogz : musical genius- ness and hello from a fellow startrek fan

Matt Bellenger : Great song and amazing lighting and green screen effects, especially seen as it was filmed in your living room! I’ve got much to learn from you...

Jek : *I can live again!*

TekoMuto : what was the orange liquid at the beginning you were drinking?

Chris Kogos : Come cheer up muh nads

Ben Briggs : Every time I come back to this, it's like I'm bursting with pure joy. Thanks for making me smile and all the good vibes

peachie.whatever : I’m seeing a subscribe button, but not a marry button.

TheVintageRomance : I was looking through my playlist and saw that this was back up!!! My heart exploded

PUNK DOCILE : excellent and positiv music

huahuahuahua huehuehuehue : Just discovered your stuff thanks to the controversy, don't worry about it dude some people have a sense of humour and understand sarcasm

Hildafunk's World : I hope everybody that hates this video gets diarrhea and then gonorrhea

Voundon ! : When someone asks me what’s the WiFi password 1:32~

gedozvon : THE VIDEO IS BACK

Axolotl_ _ : If they do a reboot of next generation they should probably cast you as data

episodenull : I've seen multi-million dollar Hollywood productions with less convincing lighting and compositing than this. You should do this professionally, if you don't already.

itstherocky : Needs an extended version!

curatorjack : "When I have *PLUCKED* the rose...(tea earl grey hot)" 1:47 Favourite part lol :)

Patrick May : Sometimes I wonder if 3.7 million people watched this, or if I've watched this 3.7 million times.

Cmb 2406 : Let me adress something > Pogo is infact not a homophobe , his friends on the stream told him to say the most offensive thing he could which he did but did not mean in any way and people dont realise it was a joke which wasnt funny I know but wasnt meant to be offensive. Also Pogo has struggled with his sexuality he said on his stream and is bi-sexual . To those saying that becuase he hates homosexuals and are telling him to end is life and all that havent you realisedthat you to are being offensive therefore you cant say shit about him. Just grow up - TGF

Andrew Early : You have to have really studied Picard and Data's mannerisms. The way you (as Data) sort of nod your head a little before speaking is so spot on that just for a split second during one of the scenes my mind wanted to convince me I was seeing Brent Spiner. As Picard would say... "Well Done!"

Jozu : The lighting in all of these scenes are perfect. You did a wonderful job on this video, and I appreciate this song more and more.

Jamie Stainer : Share a car, share a car.

Neon Kix : So fcking good.

mystic : Anyone else a new fan now thanks to the SJWs trying to attack him?

Tiny McNutsax : He makes music that gay men love. Oh the irony. Edit: I believe you. This song is so good.

Thomas Gunn : To be honest with you, I'm the most impressed by the lighting. I mean the music is great, the makeup and costumes are great, that various setting TNG lighting is PERFECT!!!! How'd you do it?

Comic Book Girl 19 : THIS IS F🔥RE

๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶ : watch this whole thing and tell me Pogo isn't closet gay

Nick Rat : I just want to say thank you for making this. It made me connect with my feminine side and has let me come out of the closet to my family. If it wasn't for you and your talent, i still might be living a lie.

sh dh : how can you watch this and not smile?

Larry Simonson : Never meet your heroes

Anna Loveberry Babycakes : Now imagine Brent Spiner today in full Data makeup, WITH the gold uniform, dancing and singing this song. I don't know about y'all but i'd pay to see that.

Han Yolo : Brave the shitstorm by humourless idiots and continue making great music with awesome videos!

john ga : AMAZING Data mannerisms... How long did you practice those?! Incredible makeup too... kudos to whoever did that

Rocco Borghetti : Louder with Crowder wya

Robin Brinkler : PICARD RETURNS!

PredatedSAM : This guy even nailed Data's subtle facial movements and expressions. Cudos

Nico : Has anyone noticed how GORGEOUS the lighting got done? I mean damn it really looks as if he was actually there. Amazing job!

caomhan84 : His Data is scary good. He's got several of Spiner's facial expressions down. And I can't believe he had to re-color the uniform. It looks perfect and seamless. And also the lighting differences based on the background. Very well done indeed. I hope Spiner and Stewart have seen this.

Taylor McKevitt : Don't care about his views. I fucking love his music!

Akeem Lawanson : Am I the only one that cried at how awesome and amazing this was? So perfect!

Hugh Juass : I'm so glad you reopened the comments, I really wanted to leave some positive feedback, this song feels so good to hear, I'll never have talent anywhere near you, also stay strong, what you said was taken out ot context by everyone, to me you're still the best and most talented son of a gun PS psyco soup was awesome, I still play borderlands

Nick Radelj : As a Trek fan must say ... Good work, LIKE IT!

Holly K : The head movement for Picard's ordering of tea is absolutely perfect.

Tsoi Shingchi : i think brent spiner is going to beat u up

Project Dandom : I didn't get it the first time, but now I really like this song :D