POGO - Data & Picard

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supyoist : That is really good Data makeup

Rerez : I'm addicted to this song now. I can't stop.

Wilburgur : YES one of my favorite YT vids is BACK ♥

Project Dandom : I didn't get it the first time, but now I really like this song :D

Chris Kogos : Come cheer up muh nads

Ben Briggs : Every time I come back to this, it's like I'm bursting with pure joy. Thanks for making me smile and all the good vibes

Jek : *I can live again!*

peachie.whatever : I’m seeing a subscribe button, but not a marry button.

Martyn Davies : so good

Battle Cat : This makes me sad because it reminds me of what Star Trek was, and what it is now - reduced to a cheap thrill called Discovery.

Sanctus Manifesto : Steven Crowder.

TheVintageRomance : I was looking through my playlist and saw that this was back up!!! My heart exploded

SlendoroVeos ! : When someone asks me what’s the WiFi password 1:32~

Lordborg2184 : WHy has this become my lifes theme tune... I cant stop playing it... SEND HELP

DeSinc : I've kinda been watching this every day since I found out about it after a certain incident lol

Krisfit138 : I seriously can't stop listening to this. I only recently discovered it on FB, and I keep rewatching it. Not only can you totally accurately portray Data's mannerisms and expressions, there are certain moments where you look like a young Patrick Stewart before losing his hair. It's insane. Brilliant.

gedozvon : THE VIDEO IS BACK

Mason Tipton : Had the marvelous opportunity to meet LeVar Burton at a local event and I showed him this. Passing on the message that he loved this!

huahuahuahua huehuehuehue : Just discovered your stuff thanks to the controversy, don't worry about it dude some people have a sense of humour and understand sarcasm

itstherocky : Needs an extended version!

Buckaroo Banzai : Data eyebrow game is strong af.

Jamie Stainer : Share a car, share a car.

Patrick May : Sometimes I wonder if 3.7 million people watched this, or if I've watched this 3.7 million times.

curatorjack : "When I have *PLUCKED* the rose...(tea earl grey hot)" 1:47 Favourite part lol :)

Tiny McNutsax : He makes music that gay men love. Oh the irony. Edit: I believe you. This song is so good.

Matt Barkley : The mannerisms are spot on.

Comic Book Girl 19 : THIS IS F🔥RE

๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶ : watch this whole thing and tell me Pogo isn't closet gay

White Wolf : Patrick Stewart has that voice that no one can beat, eh maybe Morgan Freeman. Even then, love you Pogo. I will always love your music.

feliut3 : I just keep coming back to this video!

WangleLine : Why was the video gone in the first place? o:

Anna Loveberry Babycakes : Now imagine Brent Spiner today in full Data makeup, WITH the gold uniform, dancing and singing this song. I don't know about y'all but i'd pay to see that.

Larry Simonson : Never meet your heroes

kirtanloorii : I am beyond disappointed in you.

A butt : I can really feel the love put into this one

Nick Rat : I just want to say thank you for making this. It made me connect with my feminine side and has let me come out of the closet to my family. If it wasn't for you and your talent, i still might be living a lie.

Akeem Lawanson : Am I the only one that cried at how awesome and amazing this was? So perfect!

Galvonetta : Just came to watch this one last time. This was honestly one of my favorite videos to watch. Unfortunate that you turned out to be such a twit. Picard would find you absolutely despicable.

Rykie : I love your dancing so much it made me want to get up and dance

Neon Kix : So fcking good.

Rob Wills : Pogo is a beast

Matthew Smart : The king has returned!

HerExcellency : Hands down my favorite song on YouTube. The visuals, nostalgia, and catchy melody all make it an amazing work of art.

XLent Gaming Network : I'd pay $400 to see this guy shave his head and star in a new Next Generation reboot as Picard.

Tragedueis The Wise : THIS! WHY? why is this a thing? My brain will never be the same, it will be stuck in my for such a long time. . . I don't want so stop listening to it. . . my brain. . .

ratpimples : ive been in a coma since you took this video down... thank you

GassyMexican : I had heard the song many many times but didn't see this video until now. Brilliant!

Isabel Castellanos : I'm so happy that this video is back up.

episodenull : I've seen multi-million dollar Hollywood productions with less convincing lighting and compositing than this. You should do this professionally, if you don't already.

Sabercy : I'm going to miss this video when you take it down again to hide your face. That is if your channel lasts that long.