Honda The Cog HD
Maybe the best commercial ever made is 15 years old Honda The Cog

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"Cog" is a British television and cinema advertisement launched by Honda in 2003 to promote the seventh-generation Accord line of cars. It follows a chain of colliding parts taken from a disassembled Accord. Wieden+Kennedy developed a GB£6 million marketing campaign around "Cog" and its partner pieces, "Sense" and "Everyday", broadcast later in the year. The piece itself was produced on a budget of £1 million by Partizan Midi-Minuit. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet directed the seven-month production, contracting The Mill to handle post-production. The 120-second final cut of "Cog" was broadcast on British television on 6 April 2003, during a commercial break in ITV's coverage of the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix.


Pierre Schlutz : Longest room in the world

jotto : The best commercial ever IMO!!!

M67v : This commercial never gets old!

wANi : The awesome CG really is wasted on this ugly ass car.

thedanclanable : Der lauf de dinge should be credited.

WTE Media : so perfect...

sakaki912 : Behind the scene /watch?v=NOY4JThl1Bs

Vitor Brum : A musica do Gabriel O Pensador tocando no final é foda

Monique Mourao : Tá certo que os pneus iam subir a rampa!

alok d nanda : superb!!!!

Leandro Pim : amazing work...

Reckless4800 : This brought back memories...

MC Bastards : this video isn't fake. this video was made without using video edit, and it took 606 times before it finally worked. it is not fake but you're right, it really is cool.

Panacea : Gandeste-te ca arfi fost o bucata de plumb in partea de sus a rotii. i.imgur. com/Ijts3Pg.png

Panacea : i.imgur. com/Ijts3Pg.png maybe now you understand..

NachoPlayz : we watched this in engineering class

Panacea : "Care-va" care sa nu fie analfabet?

Arthur Sweet : "Isn't it nice when things"

AlexTEK2 : Fake Fake but cool!!!

TacoJim05 : Take wheel weights, unbalance the tire, place the tire on the incline balanced with the weighted side on top, then when the wheel is bumped it climbs up the incline. Simple physics really, but it even took me a while to get it lol

Botond Csáji : Well, it's amazing but am i the only one who thinks it is a lilbit weird that wheels are going upward at 0:25 ? :DD

GodsOtherHand : nare cum sa mearga asa cum e acolo.. roata aia clar accelereaza mult dupa ce a fost lovita de prima.

Silviu Gherman : Fă-mi şi mie rost de un link cu cei de la Mythbusters demostând treaba asta şi îmi dau jos pălăria în faţa username-ului tău.You got my curiosity...

Silviu Gherman : All in all e mişto. Doar că au cam tras-o un pic de păr acolo. Părerea mea.

Wu-Tang Man : Be , nu stiu de voi , da pă mine m-o adus MiEZ-u.

saintfunny : I have this car.. its still awesome.

Adrian Ploaie : Tu esti cel cu recomandarea! :D

Dany Yo Xoden : adevarat

Silviu Gherman : 0:24 fuck physics!

Silas S : Nu stiu cine ti-a vandut Limba Romana, dar te-a fraierit... :))))) AHAHAHAHAA

Роман Красавчиков : 2 момента: колеса не катились бы вверх и глушитель бы так далеко не укатился. так что это не чистая механика. было вмешательство левое

nikee rulz : Da :)

DARKJoKeR1121 : Care-va de la Miez?

mophoplz : There are counterweights attached to the inside of the tire towards the upper end of the ramp.

Devin Gallagher : I believe most of the set was also on an angle with the camera pitched to make it look level. Thats how most of the rolling went exactly as they intended.

Snuffy Smif : COOL!! The Rube Goldberg sequence at it's finest... My only question is how did they stop the car at the end?... By remote? Or, was there someone ducked down in the driver's seat, who hit the brake?

nagisa_kaworu : if you look closely, there's actually a break in the wooden plank.

tarun sareen : and how do you explain 1:12 , the wooden plank ghost effect through the window glass ?? lol

Howie Stephens : Probably a weight in the inside, towards the top-front.

Radu Marian : the floor was inclined (sloping)

Chai tzi wei : How can the wheels roll up?

Lee Crt : No CGI. None. It was done with parts from an actual prototype of a Honda Accord, and they did 618 takes before they got everything to work as it did. Truly inspiring.

Lee Crt : One of the best commercials, ever. Rapper's Delight is the song, I believe.

TrainMasterMan : whats the tune at the end?

Tzekkie : Simply the best commercial ever

Marty Swartz : Totally awesome.

Zebastian : They have placed weights inside the wheels on the ramp.

Timmy Ray : great commercial

Farah Marah : الله اكبر