Honda The Cog HD

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uTubeNoITube : One of the *best* commercials I have EVER seen in my life. Was a Superbowl commercial many years ago if I'm not mistaken.

Pierre Schlutz : Longest room in the world

M67v : This commercial never gets old!

jotto : The best commercial ever IMO!!!

saintfunny : I have this car.. its still awesome.

samuli nykyri : Nice

Allen Ray : Years and years later, and I still love watching this gem of a commercial.

Роман Красавчиков : 2 момента: колеса не катились бы вверх и глушитель бы так далеко не укатился. так что это не чистая механика. было вмешательство левое

Snuffy Smif : COOL!! The Rube Goldberg sequence at it's finest... My only question is how did they stop the car at the end?... By remote? Or, was there someone ducked down in the driver's seat, who hit the brake?

AggyPlays : I find it hard to believe. The physics don't add up. And the lighting suggests cgi. Some parts are real some seem fake. It's like they made the making of video just to make the commercial relevant. Because If it was "fake" the commercial is kinda empty.

Botond Csáji : Well, it's amazing but am i the only one who thinks it is a lilbit weird that wheels are going upward at 0:25 ? :DD

NachoPlayz : we watched this in engineering class

Priya Bhootra : superb

Apirasak Sungwisad : very good and amazing

Nhat N : super unreal. lol. 0:21 if the wire had that much potential energy, no way could a nail release that potential energy. So many other instances where a tiny force trigger much stronger forces. 0:27 The wheels shouldn't have climb the incline plane.

Zach Kingsley : @walindhe this ad was not CGI, it was shot over 600 takes over four days. There are two camera shots 60 seconds a piece that splice at the rolling muffler.

master power : would of been more impress if it was real and they put a v8 in it, other than that...................... boring.

Anubis Solvang : Why is this popping up in my feed? I knew this whole commercial was cgi when I was a kid...

An Jaehan : I understand everything is possible, except one thing, that I don't understand, how come the wheel turned to the right from pointing center at the last moment? Can anyone explain for me?

Kevin Pembroke : Wow.

Sleepyhead : The counterweights in the wheels- why do they not let the wheels roll back down the slope once they reach the top? That doesn't add up.

최태림 : 혼다의 광고 담당자를 만나고 싶네

Rhys Jdm : I have the same car but saloon model and in the rare GT spec love this car will never sell it and everything still works :)

Richard Albert : they lost me at the tires magically going uphill

Виталий Савенок : Лажа с колесами, против силы притяжения...Ещё, непонятно как замкнув клеммы аккумулятора трубой, можно заставить что либо електрическое заработать.

Ava Ritter : Hey so I am doing a science project on this how many contraptions are in this

Keszthelyi Krisztina : Nagyon szuper!

Goomy Goodra : this was my childhood

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus : Has any Rube Goldberg been impressive since they stopped actually building them, and started making them entirely out of CGI?

Nerketur Kamachi : This is still my favorite car commercial.  I rediscovered it today, just now and...  Just amazing.

abdullah nasher forEVER : an experimental way__risky while memorable!

OngoingTech : Song at the end is chic- good times

R Mark Shefmire : Always lived this commercial.....

Switchtrees : This simply Amazing. Great ad by Wieden+Kennedy.

YouTube Guy : How many events happened in the commercial? I'm too lazy to count.

Mr.Fancypants : Pretty awesome animation

Corex : That contraption...

Raphael Gomi : Great ad

Sakthivel Duraisamy : Awesome

Ben Ward : Then they had to do this all over again for the sedan. About 166 times, I think this one was...

Alfa Romeo : Heh, I got CL7 accord. Nice car !

Edgar Franco : How much did it take to do it

DIYと将棋ちゃん : 壮絶なコマーシャルですな(笑)

Nathan Fleurisme : name of song @ 1:37?

Sohail Ansari : is this video real?

Даниил Долуденко : it work when you tern off gravity, but only in fotoshop

Farid Ghawi : how come the wheel climbed up so high starting from 0:25? it looks to me that the video is manipulated!

wANi : The awesome CG really is wasted on this ugly ass car.

thedanclanable : Der lauf de dinge should be credited.

WTE Media : so perfect...