Faerie Tale Theatre 16 The Three Little Pigs

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Faerie Tale Theatre


Marissa Flores-Ada : 28:01 The lady screams

Robert Croxton Jr. : they should do a behind the scenes look at the making of this story.

dbag0584 : Used to rent this from the Arbutus Library twice a month!

STEVE P : Saw this on Disney Channel.

Vindicator : A masterpiece

Stephen Coelho : A classic. Me and my daughter love Fairy tale theater THX

Matthew McGowan : 18:20

Tod The Fox : The Three Little Pigs.. yet there are Four.

Caesar Retamal : One more thing, how could the Third Little Pig have gotten up on the roof and into the brick house? I also know he was a hard worker, but I never thought he would be a great artist or play the oboe so well.

VGL Studios : So one of the pigs went north, the other went south, and the third just kind of stood around for a while, yet they all wound up at the same little shop to buy their housing supplies?

Caesar Retamal : You might want to make the screen frame a little bigger. Besides, I can't believe that one of the Pigs found a love interest and the Wolf had a family. Why couldn't all the Pigs be the same height? I can't believe the Wolf was smoking. And none of the Pigs visited each other at the straw or stick houses in the original version, especially not for a family reunion.