Beavis and Butthead Watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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JMB : I was skeptical about this video, but oh my god it is funny.

The Outlander 14 : "This sucks, Change it"

Metalman200xdamnit : Beavis and Butthead are desperate for any whack material.

booboy123 : Whacking off in mah toolshed

BNuts : How'd they get HD on their @#$%& TV? That's what 'd like to know.

Daniel Mayobre : Butthead: "Ponies are cool. Uh huh huh huh, uh huh huh huh." Beavis: "Ponies rule! Meh heh heh, meh heh heh."

Logan Harris : how long till something goods on tv heh

Bobman9420 : Who knew BnB were bronies.

Nick Shepherd : Oh my two favorite shows lol

Kitty Cat Sweetheart : This is pretty funny! xD My mom's, actually, the one who told me about this. x3 She loves Beavis and Butthead, too. :)

Spider Man : Thanks for ruining a great show.

King The Son : In all seriously attention, End your life, burn your Corpse and Never Let your Soul Return to earth

vaderboy121 : beavis you butt monky

YOYA : I was disappointed that they didn’t mention that flutter shy was naked

Hailey Shannon : They should watch The Loud House

Mariedel Udan : o my god that is so imposible how?

EthelredFlametail : That was cool

Africa by Toto 2 : What is this doing in a playlist about Beavis and Butthead full episodes

X3S : beavis and butthead are bronies now?

Godzukidan : Yea. Woah yea. Woah. Yea. Woah. Yea. Woah. Yea.

Kevin Johnson : Beavis, you butt-munch!

Prince Coda Leviathan : XD This is beautiful!

Brian Stripling : danm

sloth : Not my proudest clop.

Aaron Bradley : Failure

rachmat kurnia : rachmatkurnia18mei1994

Daniel Zuk : You had better pony up boys

Emily Reda : Do Beavis and Butthead watch Hellsing Ultimate.

Shonny jr Powless : Zombies are cool hahah

Auntie Creeps : As the boys would say, what the hell is this crap? 😂

aztecmixtli : She said she is expecting some MALE. It must be some male.

John Hicks : this is john. yes 👍 these are the best . butt head.

John Bartus : Not gonna lie, pretty good for fan-made 😂

Vid's Videos : ponies are for wussies


Stacy Hirsh : they think a pony is hot? lOL

Woody Hodge : someone out there has entirely too much time on their hands.

Robert Kidd Carl Cornell : I always had a feeling they’d be bronies!😝

Jabraskittle : everyday we stray further from god

Victor101 network : How did you make the title card can you send me the link

Matt Jenkins : lol the reaction is priceless lol

Not Ben Stiller : You should have had them riff a song from the show, or find some way to put in DUN DUN DAA DAA DAA DANANANANANA DUN DUN DAA

fred fish :  Best living communication (of me)(for all).

Chaotic Simon : i remember this

Logan. : LMAOOO

slayerdearly : Awesome XD

Ranma Tsukino : cool

Brett Segmento : Ponies will never be cool. Sorry.

Kevin Johnson : What the hell is this crap?

dec 28th : Ahhhh what the hell is this crap?