Close Quarters

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mrahzzz : This is shockingly good choreography. I expected it to be just amusing, but it was surprisingly elaborate and satisfying.

coburnfilms : You guys. Seriously. Way to up the ante. Great work.

o a o : This is such a genius concept performed excellently, previously the business meeting/interview skit was my favourite. This one has definitely taken the #1 spot. Really well done, keep up the hilarious work!

Joey G : That silencer sound has to be from Goldeneye.

Masochistic Meese : Corridors in Dark Souls

Leah Rice : The sound that plays when he pulls out the dart is my favorite part

Tom Hopkins : You guys are insane. From the idea, to the acting and filming, followed by the editing - everything is brilliant.

nessx007 : The editor is displaying some early Edgar Wright editing chops! Very clever concept my dudes, good fun!

Tom Doden : Holy shit. God bless I discovered your channel. You guys are actaully so good x)

MusikManN01 : and 2:36 hahaha

SponkADonk : You guys are such dumbasses. Lol. But I love it. Every damn time. Thank you so much.

MusikManN01 : that look at 1:10 though haha

Girt : Fighting like an old married couple

cheef : first 30 seconds - actual Pavlov VR

Scott Rowe : You guys are dope keep it up!!

shodanxx : random freon or helium bottle, sure why not !

miget124jr : man you guys are SOOOO funny

Joseph Law : Absolutely hilarious, laughed even harder the second time round. Great work guys

Stein : you guys have some great ideas

Daniel Ramos : Quality

Charl Woods : That was hilarious, well done

Geraldo Erwin : I love the exaggeration!

Gifford Metz : 0:32 AAEUGH

MyNoveltyAccount : cameraman is the real mvp

Manuel Bolanos : genius

Rey : you guys should do porn!

photomorti : a joy to watch

BlaizeFalconburger : Good work lads

exosfear512 : INVEST

JindoUK : Snipin's a good job mate.

PlayDuhFish : genius.

Blahcub : Camera man was having a seizure while recording it’s legit vomit inducing.