Close Quarters
Close Quarters

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Intro Song: Movement Proposition - Kevin Macleod Fight Song: Volatile Reaction - Kevin Macleod Outro Song: Lord of the Land - Kevin Macleod


David Andersson : 1:09 that is some next level Jeremy Clarkson smug face

22burnsie : Just saw this on reddit, Iā€™m crying tears of laughter. Thank you for this

o a o : This is such a genius concept performed excellently, previously the business meeting/interview skit was my favourite. This one has definitely taken the #1 spot. Really well done, keep up the hilarious work!

Tom Hopkins : You guys are insane. From the idea, to the acting and filming, followed by the editing - everything is brilliant.

coburnfilms : You guys. Seriously. Way to up the ante. Great work.

Jersey Representing : That was the most gaddamned dumbest shit I've seen in ages. I need much, much more please. Stoner dude's facial expressions are fantastic. Loved the rocket launcher sequence and the pan fluted blow dart. Bravo, many lols in 4 mins. Keep producing.

Joseph Law : Absolutely hilarious, laughed even harder the second time round. Great work guys

nessx007 : The editor is displaying some early Edgar Wright editing chops! Very clever concept my dudes, good fun!

Scott Rowe : You guys are dope keep it up!!

Tom Doden : Holy shit. God bless I discovered your channel. You guys are actaully so good x)

Leah Rice : The sound that plays when he pulls out the dart is my favorite part

Gifford Metz : 0:32 AAEUGH

shodanxx : random freon or helium bottle, sure why not !

Joey G : That silencer sound has to be from Goldeneye.

Quincy Kane Morris : I've just recently watched all your videos and subscribed; I think this one and "A Game of Wits" are my favorite, but the majority of your content is fantastic! Keep up the great work and best of luck to you and your battle against Algorithmius! P.S. - Nice Statham impression, haha

DeltaTwoZero : Yo, no one used pineapple as a blunt weapon? I'm disappointed.

Daniel Ramos : Quality

Troy Cummings : Reddit post brought me here. Love the camera work and just silly expressions. Great comedic timing as well. Very well done! Had me genuinely laughing out loud!

DeltaTwoZero : The less subscribers channel have the better video quality is. I'm looking at you, Node.

Gwentel Lark : When you drop into a house on fortnite with nothing but silenced snipers and grenades.

Hauwnted : came from Reddit this is gold.

Tino Bacela : This just kept getting better and better. Awesome job guys!

Madelyne Vankirk : Amazing work :)

Stein : you guys have some great ideas

MyNoveltyAccount : cameraman is the real mvp

Charl Woods : That was hilarious, well done

Fangerang : lmao, that giant pistol silencer...

justAguyDs : This was amazing.

Adlin Ling : It's for real this time.

Geraldo Erwin : I love the exaggeration!

miget124jr : man you guys are SOOOO funny

Yoshi : Oh my god amazing

Masochistic Meese : Corridors in Dark Souls

TheSleepyGiant : Are one of you the creators of merchantrpg that music at the end sounds so familiar!

BlaizeFalconburger : Good work lads

Caleb Destefano : Awesome! Super funny. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

photomorti : a joy to watch

exosfear512 : INVEST

Manuel Bolanos : genius

MusikManN01 : that look at 1:10 though haha

Nla Eid : Reddit brought me here

Nardo : Great

JindoUK : Snipin's a good job mate.

cheef : first 30 seconds - actual Pavlov VR

Girt : Fighting like an old married couple

Ola Hedberg : It feels like my brain is about to come out of my neck?

SponkADonk : You guys are such dumbasses. Lol. But I love it. Every damn time. Thank you so much.

MusikManN01 : and 2:36 hahaha

PlayDuhFish : genius.