Octopus Jig Tipperary style

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Sheronn Williams : Daily dose of internet brought me here this is cool and interesting, must take skill.

Lewie : Sent by Daily Dose of Internet

JC0307 : 90% of these comments are gonna be about Daily Dose of Internet I'm one of them

Painty Wig : Daily Dose of Internet sent me here

TheBrigadeloco : but where is the beer;D

Abdoollah saiyan : Here by daily dose of internet

Cyc Lone : Daily dose!

Ben A : Daily Dose of internet gang where ya at 🙋🙋🙋

Bambooandme OFFICIAL : Lucky i am married to an irish woman ;-)

Luca Shi : Anyone from Daily Dose Of Internet?

Sowbi : Glue for your bald hair ;)

Daddy Pobbin : G'wan ye gurls ye! Bravo

Yumiko Rin Nikomedes : It hurt my brain to try and figure out who was doing what for a minute

mash candy : Are they irish ?

C W : Phenomenal! Awesome jam, and great tunes.... also, those pants are badass!

Mathew the Bastard : *H E L L O E V E R Y O N E , T H I S I S Y O O O U U U U R R R D A I L Y D O S E O F I N T E R N E T*

Olivia Davey : daily dose of internet

Crazy Donut : Ahah that's cool

Kibble : This comment section: 99% Daily Dose of Internet 1% Other stuff

L a n g o : 0:48 nice beat

Afro Lord : and my teacher said that no one can multi-task

Dion JR. : daily dose of internet brought me here, its akward to watch that girl in pink (specetator)

Unai Santolaya : Is this Galway?

Count Vlad : 😻